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  1. Thanks for message.  Have problems with my eyes.  Don't think outlook at Poole is too optimistic e.g. no "Open Meeting" for 2018 yet, PELICAN possibly going with no replacement, not as many small cruise ships as expected -- but we shall just have to see.

  2. So long as the weather behaves itself. BF don't want too many passengers saying, "Never again!"
  3. Curious then they went to Visentinis in the first place. It was thought they wanted two ropax in a hurry. Hence the yard and the design. But this doesn't seem to have worked out. However they do have other Visentinis they could use if they still see possibilities in the idea.
  4. Thanks for the foregoing. PHC would, I believe, like to have containers arriving and departing by rail, as would HM Government apparently. However I don't know how they would propose to move the containers between the ship on presumably South Quay and the railway line. They are not next door. I suppose a path would have to be developed between the berth and the railway line for the terminal container transporters. But I am not sure where they would find space to load and unload the container trains. While Poole Port has plenty of space it's not alongside the present railway line and
  5. How extraordinary! I wonder what has prompted this. The railway line into the docks area has been there for years with no barrier and now this appears. Is it movable? It seems it's designed to prevent something going up the railway line into the port area. But what? Especially when the railway line was supposed to have come back into use because the Government wanted it apparently. It's sometimes difficult to figure out what gives at Poole.
  6. I believe the yellow boxy things are body heat detectors designed to detect unauthorised persons in vehicles leaving the ship, obviously illegal immigrants. They have them at Portsmouth as well. The cab is where the linkspan is driven from I.e. where the controls are located. The lower element of the linkspan especially has to be adjusted to take account of the characteristics of ships and of the tides. Currently there are just the two using it, Barfleur and MN Pelican, though Armorique will take the place of the former for a few weeks next month. If you take a good look at linkspans
  7. I thought the first two E-Flexers were taking the place of Stena Lagan and Stena Mersey on Belfast-Birkenhead. E-flexer 3 was to be the BF ship. Has there been a change of plan? And anyway aren't we talking two or three years into the future not next week or next month even?
  8. PHC did have plans along these lines for a cruise ship anchorage off the ferry terminal within the Harbour utilising two bouys. It was envisaged such a ship, maybe 35,000 GT, could be there to act as a hotel for the 2012 Olympic sailing regatta at Portland. But the whole idea foundered on objections from the Poole Yacht Club because the anchorage would be right in the way of their own yacht races!
  9. Indeed it will! Obviously it will eventually be finished and then Poole Harbour will see the larger ships. It's just it won't be happening quite as soon as was planned -- just in case someone, e.g. me, was thinking of visiting in the hope of seeing one!
  10. Rumours go on to suggest they are the very small ones that Poole has easily accommodated in the past because South Quay isn't finished and so not available for the larger ones they were hoping for.
  11. Another serious difficulty which has been pointed out by "ShippaxInfo" is that Gijon has had a reputation of being an expensive port to use. One presumes they've done something about this because if they haven't I don't see them getting a ferry operator anytime soon to have a go at a route the commercial viability of which may be seen as questionable and where they have serious competitors in Santander and Bilbao.
  12. I hear rumours that South Quay is not finished and won't be for some months. Thus no bigger ships for some months either!
  13. Difficult to say but one would think the expectation is the service will be resumed by this date. I suppose if it isn't they'll have to start all over again, if that's possible. I actually thought the Port of Gijon had built a new ferry terminal complete with a new Ravestein linkspan so that part of the plan has been implemented I thought. The problem seems to be persuading a ferry operator that there's a business opportunity here in re-establishing the Gijon-Montoir link or even the Atlantic Arc services with Gijon as their hub.
  14. Not surprising really. I thought there was a dearth of news on this topic. Hopefully there will be plenty of publicity when the new facility eventually does arrive.
  15. Seems to have been a surprising dearth of news concerning what is happening to the the linkspan at the PIP's Berth 4. Can one assume the replacement installation has arrived from Holland if it's to come back into use between now and Sunday lunchtime?
  16. I don't recall any reliability problems with Norman Asturias either! It's just I seem to think I've seen mention of such on this website -- maybe from people whose knowledge I am disposed to think is superior to my own. Perhaps some lengthy research is required to establish how I got hold of this idea. Hopefully it wasn't disinformation directed against a commercial rival, especially as now this very same ship will be going into service with BF as Connemara on what may prove to be an important route.
  17. Let's hope some sorcery has occurred and the unreliable Norman Asturias has been changed into a reliable Connemara!
  18. I suppose the obvious comment would be that if Balearia were fully convinced that reviving Gijon-Montoir or even the Atlantic Arc routes was a sound business proposition they would find the ships to do it. They do have some Visentinis dating from 2002, for example, which could be converted to burn LNG apparently. However while they have a policy of "internationalisation" one does wonder if they see better prospects for this in the Caribbean, for example, rather than with services from northern Spanish ports. As I say all very disappointing for the Port of Gijon especially with the rival por
  19. Historically there was a huge variation in the tonnage measurement of ships depending on how it was worked out. American passenger liners were a good example. The United States for example varied between 38,000 and 56,000 tons I believe and the present day Japanese Government way of working out ferries' tonnage makes Japanese ferries appear a lot smaller than they really are by European standards. That's all I was meaning.
  20. Which makes her Poole Harbour's largest ship in point of GRT thus far.
  21. Thanks. I've not seen any report of a collapsing crane. Balearia don't seem to be having much luck with their newbuilds, do they? Hasn't the LaNaval yard at Bilbao which was supposed to be building a superferry to Balearia account gone bust? I think it was reported in these Forums Balearia were having to look for an alternative yard.
  22. Surprised to learn the LNG Visentinis are not now due until next year. I thought I'd read Balearia had gone to this yard for two vessels of established design because the shipowner wanted them in a hurry and that currently construction is well advanced, the orders having been placed early last year. I'm not surprised Balearia may have doubts about the commercial viability of the Gijon-Montoir route. Signior Emanuele Grimaldi (I think it was) was quoted as saying on behalf of his company they just didn't see it when partnering Louis Dreyfus Armateurs in the venture was a possibility. Di
  23. Let's hope so! I look forward to seeing this facility when finished. I think you will find the final decisions concerning the operations of BF are taken by the company's supervisory board in Paris presided over M. Jean-Michel Roue. I don't know what input, if any, executives on this side of the Channel have into this. It's right to say one of Mr Napton's predecessors, Ian Carruthers, was a member of the subordinate management board so one would suppose he had some input into corporate strategy.
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