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  1. Found it! https://iwradio.co.uk/2019/10/08/red-funnels-lost-anchor-recovered-from-seabed/
  2. I was wondering if that means just two extra round trips per day, that they perhaps just tack them on to the start and end of the day with a two vessel service.
  3. "Three ferries will be in operation between April and August." Does this actually mean a three-vessel service at peak times? If so, how will that work? Or does it just mean all three vessels will be stationed on that route, and used in rotation? More weekend sailings next summer on Lymington Route
  4. I guess it's because Faith is the better freight specialist, and still five years younger at the end of the day.
  5. She's on the run at the moment, just left Fishbourne but only achieving 10kts. Running on three engines?
  6. Only a guess, but as it's extremely early days these may still be trial runs with 'volunteer' trailer companies getting a freebie trip.
  7. Must be the same as the existing ferries, as it'll be using the same link spans.
  8. I didn't really understand this whole post to be honest. Adicat, could you clarify what you meant?
  9. A 'layover berth' is currently under construction in Cowes Harbour, by the union jack hangar. I don't know the precise operational details, but it seems the plan is for the Kestrel to tailgate a car ferry into the harbour, wait alongside, and nip into the link span the moment the car ferry departs. Plenty of time to then unload/load before the next car ferry arrives, even at peak times.
  10. It's even worse than that. They're operating a one craft service, and once the missing craft returns from its essential mods there'll be a brief period of overlap for a month or two, and then the second craft will disappear for something like 6-8 weeks. The MD himself has admitted there'll essentially be a one-craft, unreliable, service until both craft are fully back at the end of March. That'll be close to half a year of (recent) disruption during which time, presumably, half their season ticket holders will have been invited to renew. I wonder how many have switched to Wightlink?
  11. Last I saw of her was alongside at Wight Shipyard (the union jack hangar) during Cowes Week. Not been down that way since though.
  12. Pretty sure that’s just an urban myth, but I’d have to re-read the “Fishbourne Ferry” book to be certain.
  13. Anyone know why Wight Sun's been stationary in the Solent for the last four hours or so? I assume it some kind of exercise, as it looks like she left straight from the hulk soon after 11am (i.e. she didn't load up at Gunwharf).
  14. If they're going down to 2, this is not good news.
  15. It's an interesting conjecture, but here's my 2 or 3 cents (from the IW)... Obviously you could fit pretty much any ferry anywhere if you carried out major engineering work and got rid of existing infrastructure, but Yarmouth is never the place for that any more than somewhere like Lymington would be. Yarmouth's a heavily protected ancient town in the sparsely populated West Wight. The majority of arriving traffic already has to traverse most of the Island, and the current infrastructure isn't up to handling any more traffic. There's no demand for a Poole route anyway, even if it was to
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