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  1. Will these be freight only sailings?
  2. This gives the clearest explanation I have seen. https://www.moneysupermarket.com/pet-insurance/future-pet-travel-EU/?cicp1=&source=GOO-0X0000034BF3C5C0C2&mckv=sIH4S8r1U|dc_pcrid_289446326050_mtype_b_kword__2764ri918980_slid__pgrid_57324587974_ptaid_aud-454381113556:dsa-491163017509&uuid=11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111&Device=c&engine=google&ptaid=aud-454381113556:dsa-491163017509&gclid=CjwKCAjw1ej5BRBhEiwAfHyh1Msmeu-5u4TUY34bbcaM1o6_wDLsG4bu_By1Y9tOkR_1zzCmHzQsUhoCEgcQAvD_BwE&adloc=1006790&pgrid=57324587974 The main costin a no deal situation

    2021 Timetables

    The other factor to bear in mind with Le Havre is the possibility/need to reintroduce a reinforced emergency service, post Brexit, once again subsidised by the UK Government. That could kick in 1st January once the location of the Portsmouth lorry park has been finalised.
  4. And in normal years the price does creep up, the closer you get to the holiday season.
  5. The dockers may be in a bit of a quandry as to where to direct their ire, bankrupt employer or the shipping companies? Why? Their employer is jointly owned by 5 other businesses, 2 of whom are Brittany Ferries and Condor.....................
  6. Is it public knowledge know how much Brittany Ferries et al have already paid in stage payments for the missing Honfleur.? It must makes the amounts people are whinging about re cancelled crossings look like a drop in La Manche One suspects its all part of a slate wiping exercise. If you cancel your over-hanging right to compensation for late delivery, we will be in a better position to refinance, and then negotiate a sum to complete the contract. BF must be in pole position to negotiate some completion deal for a ship that is almost completed, and custom built for one of their rout
  7. Cheeks are dirt cheap, even pence from the butcher as generally get chucked away. Not any more. They are still a cheaper cut, but since the trendy chefs started using them, they are £8 a kilo in Waitrose!
  8. It's a slight change to the Le Havre departure , making a "normal" afternoon exit rather than the timetabled Friday evening departure. 25/03/16 Le Havre to Portsmouth 22h00 (Baie de Seine) - We are sorry to advise that forecasted heavy seas have disrupted our timetables this weekend. This sailing from LE HAVRE on Friday will now leave at the earlier time of 17h15, with latest check-in 16h30. The ship will arrive in PORTSMOUTH at 21h45.
  9. Re The TV News report mentioned earlier. In effect the report says that wef !st January Brittany Ferries are imposing new work rotas that require the engineering / technical staff to work an extra 4 hours per week, which they say is equivalent to 9/10 days extra work per year, with only a small offset of 4 extra days holiday. The unions are going to court to delay the introduction pending further talks. Negotiations have been going on for 6 months. I hope this doesn't mean a new round of strikes is on the horizon.
  10. Couldn't put it better myself [h=3]What to expect on board a Brittany Ferries économie service[/h] Customers familiar with our cruise ferries will find that both Etretat and the latest addition to our fleet, Baie de Seine, have smaller public areas and generally less space onboard. Both ships have self-service restaurants offering limited but tasty French cuisine. Baie de Seine also has a café. Both ships have shops selling a range of tobacco, spirits (at French prices), confectionery and gifts but these are limited when compared to our cruise ferries. The cabins on both are comfortable y
  11. Apart from Etretat's dubious reliability record I too cannot understand why so many people prefer the Baie de Seine. We came back from Le Havre on Saturday 17th October on the Baie de Seine and found it to be a thoroughly unpleasant experience. Even though the sea was very calm there was a continuous vibration which was particularly evident in Deck 10 reading lounge. it was so annoying that we rapidly returned to our cabin, where it was still noticeable. It reminded me of our early crossings to St Malo, back in the 80's, when every panel in the cabin seemed to vibrate. Suffice
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