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  1. Is there a process to pay the balance online by card .... is there an option to click "pay balance" somewhere ?
  2. Has anyone from Northern Ireland used either a Danske bank or Halifax debit card to make payment to the Cork office ? or does anyone happen to know if either of these card are acceptable, thanks.
  3. The ice cream place beside the casino is Bankiz ... he does the best crepes and gouffres in the town ... going back in 8 weeks ... can't wait.
  4. Great photos ... love Benodet .... We are going back again in July .... see a pic there of Concarneau .... I love the old town inside the walls .... weather looks nice for April ... is it warming up nicely ?
  5. As I have said before Gareth, (BF) always works out cheaper than (IF) for us .. family of 5, car/bikes/box all that stuff ... Cork is only another 55 miles or so further than Rosslare to drive .. I much prefer the Pont Aven over the Oscar Wilde anyway and as we usually go for a month i really don't mind the driving as i have plenty of time to relax once i arrive We overnight in Cork on the Friday for the Saturday sailing so i'ts a bit of a treat for the kids too.
  6. Dublin to Cherbourg on the EPSILON ... couldn't think of anything worse ... although Dublin would be good for me as I travel from Belfast, i'll gladly drive the extra miles to Cork and enjoy the comfort of the Pont Aven.
  7. Is this a brand new ship for IF ... and will it be servicing the France route ?
  8. Agree ... lets just keep the Cork/Roscoff sailing as the leisurely cruise that i have become accustomed to ... I like it just the way it is
  9. In relation to the Oscar Wilde vs Pont Aven ... I find that BF offer the best price for me every year, I sailed IF once just for the experience, I would say that the OW is a better sea keeper, But I much prefer the comfort of the PA ... all in all it's a much nicer ship ... OW getting rather dated .... much older ship I know but could do with some updating.
  10. I agree fully that another route into France other than Cherbourg or Roscoff, from Cork would be very appealing, and would also shave a few hours off the driving.
  11. I take you live on mainland UK ... don't worry about us in Ireland who rely on this route ... it's ok for those on the mainland who can pick and choose a sailing to France at the drop of a hat ... how many sailings per hour ? ... we have 1 sailing a week ... put yourself in our place and see just how easy it is .... NOT.
  12. Thanks Jim .. I should have said that it's the .ie site ... my cards are registered in Northern Ireland and 2 of them were not accepted in the South .. seems like a cheque is the only other option.
  13. Has anyone ever paid their balance by cheque ? I know it's a rarity these days but i'm having trouble getting a card to process ... do BF still accept cheques, I know most peolple don't use them anymore.
  14. Just be aware that when the 20% discount is offered on sailings it does not always apply ... last year my sailing to and from Roscoff from Cork were discounted .. this year my sailings do not quailify for any discount at all because of the dates in July !! .... although my mobile operator in France, and others claim that this is available ...... not always so.
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