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  1. eBay is where I sell my bits and pieces as I don't know anywhere more suitable! I'm having a huge clear out and have a number of ferry related items on eBay with some more to come if anyone is interested. https://ebay.us/VTRLxK https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/mesniil/m.html?_trksid=p3692
  2. Yip,I did it once when the fast craft was diverted. I think it was the return journey from Dieppe when I witnessed the chaos of the Fast Craft and the Yellow twins all waiting to dock at the same time. Thankfully I was on the service back to Newhaven that was already docked so wasn't delayed for very long. I dread to think how long passengers on the Normandy Rapide or whatever it was called, were stuck in Dieppe bay bouncing around. Dover - Dieppe, whIch I also did once, was more like a positioning move mainly to appease the local authority funding the service. If I rememb
  3. The chunnell already has some free fast charging points on either side in the waiting area, in addition to the Tesla ones. As for actually on board the trains, unless they offered supercharger speeds, perhaps as their premium package, I can't see it would be worth the hassle. Health and safety might have a field.day about charging cables everywhere!
  4. As it stands at the moment I have less than 3 months to live and seemingly with little hope of ever getting my funds back from BF. So yeah, I feel for your £50k loss. Whatever struggles and financial issues Brittany-ferries are facing, some of that down to their own poor decision making, that is really not my concern. They are a commercial company, not a charity and it is not the role of their passengers to bankroll them through their troubles by providing interest free loans. We paid for a service. We didn't get a service. Whatever the cause. They should
  5. Well if they p*** off enough of their customers they'll go broke anyway. And if that were to happen, by the laws of Capitalism, tough.
  6. Yeah funny that about them treating the tickets as two singles when it suits them. Whenever I've had to amend the return portion of my "two single tickets" journey I've been very quickly slapped with a 25 quid amendment fee as the outward portion had already been used...
  7. It is entirely worthless. Could I pay my rent with it yesterday? Nope. The landlord wanted cash funnily enough because he, like me, has bills to pay as well. Would Tesco allow me to buy up their entire supply of toilet paper with it, all 1 pack. Nope. They wanted a nice debit card attached to a bank account with cash in it. Can I use it to travel on a ferry anytime soon? Nope, for some strange reason. Will I be in a position to use it after after June? Unlikely in the current climate unless an organ transplant donor miraculously appears. So y
  8. The "aid" came from a state, The British State. I was being sarcastic, the clue was in the ' ' . Still it was easy money for BF, being pAID by the British State to not really do anything in the end. Bit like the 535 quid of mine I've paid to the them they've done nothing with except turn it in to a very expense but otherwise worthless voucher.
  9. Lest we forget Brittany-ferries has already been backed British State "Aid" to the tune of quite a lot of millions for cancelled Brexit ferries...
  10. Due to a bit of a health scare,  I'm having a sell off of all my ferry memorabilia, amongst other items.

    There are listings for items from  Norfolkline , Sea France  LD Lines, POSL , MV Pride of Hampshire and some more bits to follow.

    You find them here.


    Hope no one objects to me posting this.  I'd rather the items went to people who would appreciate them rather than them being binned which would be the outcome when I'm no longer here.






  11. Can't see the point. Aside from not getting a window seat I've never had a problem getting a booking in the restaurant on Bretagne or Pont Avon
  12. Last UK bound crossing for Barfy this year and she's packed. Car deck is full.
  13. My concern is how much this will affect the existing timetable. I commute France to UK to fit in with my shift pattern. Crossing to Poole is a regular run for me, if the timetables are going to be messed around I need to know now so I can make other arrangements if necessary. Bl*** brexit. Isnt time to just stop this nonsense?
  14. Will they be freight only or will they carry car passengers as well?
  15. I had to visit Romania in 1999. Back then a visa was required to enter so I had to send off the passport to the Romanian embassy with some extra pictures and a bunch of other stuff. Should have taken the Romanian embassy two weeks to return it took a considerable while longer so much so I had to delay a booked trip to France. Thankfully BF were very understanding and rearranged my trip without additional costs. Whilst to some it may have seemed "glamorous" for those of us that need to travel regularly for both personal and business reasons the EU removal of "red tape" has been a go
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