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  1. Can't see the point. Aside from not getting a window seat I've never had a problem getting a booking in the restaurant on Bretagne or Pont Avon
  2. Last UK bound crossing for Barfy this year and she's packed. Car deck is full.
  3. My concern is how much this will affect the existing timetable. I commute France to UK to fit in with my shift pattern. Crossing to Poole is a regular run for me, if the timetables are going to be messed around I need to know now so I can make other arrangements if necessary. Bl*** brexit. Isnt time to just stop this nonsense?
  4. Will they be freight only or will they carry car passengers as well?
  5. I had to visit Romania in 1999. Back then a visa was required to enter so I had to send off the passport to the Romanian embassy with some extra pictures and a bunch of other stuff. Should have taken the Romanian embassy two weeks to return it took a considerable while longer so much so I had to delay a booked trip to France. Thankfully BF were very understanding and rearranged my trip without additional costs. Whilst to some it may have seemed "glamorous" for those of us that need to travel regularly for both personal and business reasons the EU removal of "red tape" has been a godsend.
  6. I saw the interview, he most certainly was .
  7. I don't understand the 13% discount part. Is there a magic UK card that gives you this? Back to the topic of BF and Brexit,. Whilst this site was down a few days ago, this chap from Brittany Ferries did an item on BBC news about how bookings are down 5% for next year from what he described as "our regular customers" He was fair and squarely blaming it on the Brexit affect.
  8. Getting turfed out 30 minutes before arrival on Barfy I find most annoying considering they've got all afternoon to get the cabins ready for the return..
  9. I've always enjoyed the Plymouth - St Malo sailings on the couple of occasions I've managed to grab one. Once on Bretagne so would always be amazing (!) And pretty sure the other was on Pont Avon . From what I remember both were moderately well loaded. My normal commute route is Poole Cherbourg and I've noticed out of season when plym-ros is closed an increase in the number of Bretagne transport firms using pool-cher. Perhaps this extra traffic from the west is enough to keep Barfy sailing over winter? I'd have thought that a winter only Poole - St Malo route would help address the needs of Bretagne transport firms and cut down the number of road miles traveled.
  10. This is kind of an academic discussion for me as I am always late and always the last on. So if you've been on Barfy wondering why it hasn't sailed yet as all the car appear to be loaded that'll be down to me and I apologise now. The exception to this rule is when I'm travelling as a foot passenger when I make sure I am usually first on and first off.
  11. I'd have thought that ignoring instructions from lane marshalls and behaving like that would have been sufficient grounds to deny them travel really. On two occasions in the last 18 months after having a gear box problem and on a other occasipn having the side of the car stoved in by a Stag I've requested to be stowed on a lower deck which meant being transferred to a different lane. BF staff were as ever very understanding and helpful with a legitimate problem.
  12. Bretagne does indeed have a bit more class than Pont Aven. Les Abers feels far more intimate than La Flora , the entertainment area on Bretagne has a good atmosphere where as the one on PA is ruined by having that stupid staircase running through the middle of it and I agree the paddling pool area would be better as a lounge. Really all that's missing from Pont Avon is a Gregg's and some hoodies on skateboards out on the poop deck. When comrade Corbyn is elected he can nationalise it and turn the. Commodore Cabins in to council flats. Joking aside, assuming a direct replacement for Bretagne is intended, what sort of passenger capacity should it be built for if the Pont is considered too large?
  13. Sounds like the place tired old has been railway "journalists" go to die. Shame about the inaccuracies as some of the front page headlines looked interesting.
  14. I shall investigate further when I return on MSM later today wax coated or not. Not that anybody really cares but at least some plastic reduction is a step in the right direction.
  15. Pah. It will never happen. It's just a clickbait article to get the Bretagne fans frothing. Leaving the EU is bad enough, taking my Bretagne away is just the limit. More seriously I think the St Malo route deserves some purpose built dedicated vessel rather than dumping second hand tonnage in the form of that not up to par Pont Aven. I say this as a frothing Bretagne fan who hasn't actually travelled on her since last November..
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