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  1. alleeganger10

    Immigrants at Ouistreham

    IMHO its best to “go see for yourself”. Like the reporter did,? Albeit he was reporting on a much more important event, the D day celebrations, than spread 3rd hand opinion and from the comfort of wherever you happen to live, As Neil has done, Such things are obviously not good for BF, Ouistreham, Caen France or Europe or even the U.K. I’m not sure the person posting did not have agenda, otherwise why post? I will state again our experience is, and we are on our 6/7th trip this year, ( I lose count) the “Immigrants” pose no danger. It’s not BF fault they are there, nor is it the Ouistreham’s save for the fact that it’s elus, 30 years ago, along with the CCI of Caen had the vision to build a Gare Maritime and help finance the boats that use it. Improving tourism and job prospects in this area beyond imagination.
  2. alleeganger10

    Immigrants at Ouistreham

    Ahh the Daily Mail not like them to over dramatise something and stoke racial hatred. Pot and kettle?
  3. alleeganger10

    Immigrants at Ouistreham

    We traveled back on MSM in the morning of Monday the 11th of June from our D-Day celebration trip, plenty of "Immigrants" were in evidence, as is normal these day, but so too is the heavy Mobile Gendarmerie presence and a squad of French soldiers carrying machine guns patrolling the port and it perimeter. We took our customary dog walk to the beach after check in, passing en route groups and sole "immigrants". as is also customary they did not engage with us or we them. Juliadream I would not let them deter you, we even make the same routine in the dead of winter when it is dark, and feel completely safe. The walk is a signal to our dog who is nearly four and carries her 3 rd passport that we are taking yet another ferry trip (BF does not carry as many dogs as it says, its just the same dog (s) making the same trip). I note with interest that the row of quite old trees planted between the two security fences have recently been cut down, I am amused that the Ville de Ouistreham Riva Bella use this fence to espouse its green credentials of Zero Phyto, while in fact all the vegetation between the fences has be killed with something also. It looks as though yet again changes are being made to the Port as, the yellow line to the Ferry has now been removed and to the landside of the Paul Spriet loading bridge used by Duc De Normandie and Normandie in the early days. New lanes , with hard standings for cabins (douane or check in?) has been constructed. we shall see . At least at Ouistreham dog walking is allowed dog are not banished to hot cars, and facilities though not up to the standard of Coquelles or Folkestone are provided, At Pompey the only facility aimed at dogs is the big black dog bowl full of stale water and covered in moss adjacent to the human toilets which are usually closed out of season to the right of the BF checkin cabins Portsmouth City Council and BF should hang heads in shame at this. Dogs pay too.
  4. alleeganger10

    Ouisttreham Gare Maritime Express.

    The tourist information counter.
  5. alleeganger10

    The Cabs

    Thanks Crechbleiz The Renault Blainville sur Orne entry on Wikepedia also confirms what I have said. its in French but a link is attached https://fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usine_Renault_Trucks_de_Blainville
  6. alleeganger10

    The Cabs

    We wondered the same thing VOB, after some research we found the truck cabs are made just up the road from Ouistreham at the Renault Truck plant at Blainville sur Orne, from where they are transported to the Daf (Leyland /Paccar) plant in Leyland in the UK. If you have ever noticed the Cabs are transported by the van Rooyen transport company from the Netherlands (Original home of Daf) however many of the vehicles used are registered in Eastern Europe, with presumably drivers from the same. I can't prove with links what I have stated above but i think i found it out when i saw that the x thousandth truck DAF truck cab had been produced at Blainville, or that the contract to do so had been extended,in the local French Press Probably La Manche Libre or Ouest France Caen. Confirming this when passing the plant I have seen the loaded Vanrooyen trucks leaving. It ALWAYS amazes us that this transport link must be part of the DAF Just In Time assembly process at Leyalnd as they always arrive in Ouistreham after us and our dog, but ALWAYS we pass them in the UK on the way north usually on the A34 but sometimes even on the M40!. I hope whoever rewards/pays BF for the service the truck bodies receive pays a premium for this queue busting facility, note to BF if you have been a customer for 40 years, what rewards do you receive/give ? answer Sweet FA, apart from insult and contempt. VOB sometimes at Portsmouth you see the same vehicles going the other way, but this time instead of cabs they carry another cab transporter(s) ready to do the same queue jumping trick again. All this is an illustration of True International trade , and why Brexit is so bad for the UK, Paccar is a USA company, with an assembly plant in the UK, owning a European Brand, DAF who use/assemble parts from all over the world to produce a Truck used all over the world.
  7. alleeganger10

    Noise Deck 7 MSM

    WE too are regulars Portsmouth Caen, has it not always been the case that the cabins to the rear of deck 7 suffer vibration issues? , we have not noted any change post scrubbers, and always prefer the Deck 9 cabins, preferable not the ones which back onto the bar which are always noisy for other reasons. oR better still The Normandie. The summer is here and the the prices are high, Brittany ferries are charging premium prices for Inferior service. All Normal. we have voted with our feet and chosen Le shuttle recently cheaper even including tolls and faster, the day after Assomption last week we managed to depart Aunay sur Odon at 6:45 AM arrive Walsall 14:30 afternoon, had we chosen BF we would still be in the queue for Customs, and less chance of a dinked door, The week before mrs A was rammed onto deck 5 in our Mondeo, it was only possible to enter and exit vehicle via 1 front door, with not even a handbag width between car doors, being a regular with experience, she popped onto deck 6 on arrival a huge space between the end of the vehicle load and only 3 lane parking!, when you pay the current prices you do not expect that your vehicle should be routinely damaged, and a quiet cabin too. One must remember its a highly skilled job top arrange parking on a ferry, A premium service indeed.
  8. alleeganger10

    Security delays at French Ports

    We traveled back from Ouisterham last monday (22nd May), Port checks were less than the previous time 3 weeks ago, when our passports were inspected by a Gendarmerie officer immediately after the check in booths. A very friendly and jovial chap he first wanted me to open my boot but once he realised it contained a dog, he decided to just look through the windows. it seems its not just BF personnel who are dog phobic. On our previous trip we noted that the observation deck overlooking the quayside, a wooded structure has been removed, this time where it had been had a Gendarmerie transit with one officer inside who was observing the arrival and port proceedings. The crossing was fairly empty, no mezz decks in use and no lorries on the "car" decks, but had a high proportion of Motorcyclists presumably returning from LeMans where the french motorcycle GP had been held the previous day. We travelled with passenger with reduced mobility who did not come a walk to the beach with us, but did observe 2 possible immigrants who seemed to be turfed off a school trip bus by the douaniers, they could possibly have been hiding in the suitcase area of the coach. The Bus in question was parked to our left in the garage, we saw the children reboard but not the ones taken away. I expected something in the French press but have not seen anything.
  9. Last week we spent some time with French friends who happen to live in Guerande a wonderful walled town adjacent to La Baule and the Parc of the Grand Briere. Our friends planned for us a packed program of visits to local attractions which other forum members or readers may find interesting. The first visit was to the machines en l'ille attraction in Nantes Link we have seen this featured in the BF voyage magazine. For nigh on 40 years we have travelled o or through Nantes and never visited the city. This attraction in based on the previous site of the Dubigeon shipyard, where the SNCF Ferries Champs Elysees and Chartres were originally built, (among other vessels). Still using the skills of the chantiers i.e. Woodworking and Metalworking, giant machines have been made which resemble nature, a giant elephant takes people on rides around the site, 50 people at a time. Made from wood, metal and leather for ears it's certainly a very impressive piece of kit. Giant caterpillars, a giant spider, which are destined for another nearby attraction due for opening in 2021 called The Heron Tree, can also be seen. A triple deck manège (roundabout) has also been built which features animals found in the sea. The rest of the fascinating day was spent seeing the sights of Nantes. Possibly even more interesting to anyone interested in ships and shipping is the visit we took the day after, which was to STX France shipyard, Chantiers d'Atlantique. Which is currently building the Symphony of the Seas for Royal Caribbean and the Merevagilia for MSC. The Merevagilia will be taken to Le Havre to be named soon and was in the finishing off berth. This yard is the one which built the Bretagne for BF. The visits follows the process of building a ship from flat plate to "Block" and then final build in the famous dry dock where we saw the soon to be floated out Symphony of the seas, whose final assembly was being finished off. Meanwhile we saw blocks for the forthcoming MSC Bellissima in production. The trip lasted 2 hours, and we understand in available in English in the "season". On a previous visit to St Nazaire, while stopping near our friends in Batz sur Mer, when QM2 was under final fitting out, we do not recall this trip to the shipyard being on offer. At that time we took the the Escale en Atlantique based in the German submarine pens and recalling the history of the great French liners of the CGT company. Trips are offered by the tourism office of the town of St Nazaire, See link our hosts wanted to reserve a trip to the close by Airbus factory at Montoir, next to the the ferry terminal, but that trip had a 2 week waiting list. That is a must for our next visit!.
  10. alleeganger10

    Dog welfare on board Brittany Ferries (April Fool)

    More concern to us as regular dog travellers is the visible distress caused to our pet by the wall of noise from car alarms on "bad crossings days" dogs have sensitive and directional hearing, in the pet friendly cabins on Baie de Seine she was unable to settle as she could hear the dogs in the adjoining cabin. We can pinpoint the times when she has not travelled well down to those crossings where she has been assaulted with a wall of noise caused by irresponsible drivers not disabling car alarms. It's akin to torture, being subjected to 6hrs of noise bouncing in all directions of solid walls and through necessarily open windows. There is only one solution for us that is to name and shame those drivers who cannot be bothered to find out how the vehicles they drive operate. And frog marching them into the car deck to disable said alarms. The challenge for BF is turning that ( naming and shaming) into yet another revenue stream as they appear to have done with this.
  11. alleeganger10

    ORCA Display at Portsmouth International Port

    As always Hawser I think you are probably right. And PIP Official's lack of comment on my post along with the communications I have, confirms your view. When Mr Bevens spouts forth in his monthly newsletter about how many pets have been carried, and how pet friendly BF are . The PIP management must cringe!.
  12. alleeganger10

    ORCA Display at Portsmouth International Port

    If PIP and Cllr Fuller really cared about our friends in the world animal kingdom they would be doing something about the lack of of humane facilities for pets at the PIP. I have it in writing that they have no such plans, even though one of my correspondents agreed with my point about facilities being required. Pet owners are forced to turn up early and then waved through to the quayside where dog walking is strictly prohibited with now multi language neon signs advising of this fact. Maybe Mr Sellers and Cllr Fuller, should take a visit to the Folkestone and Coquelles facilities of Eurotunnel, perhaps even Mr Bevens could tag along too, they cod then see how customers of the canine kind are provided for by a competitor organisation, Dog exercise facilities are provided landside and "tunnelside", and don't forget the trip is only 35mins. Dogs are customers too, owners have to pay a fee to travel with them both to and from the UK, well at least in the case of BF they do, when actually no formal customs formalities exist into Europe. I would like to know what the RSPCA would think of this.
  13. alleeganger10

    Armorique in Ouistreham today

    Cabin Boy, Armorique arrived as we departed early morning, not a night crossing.. Andy, Thanks , Makes more sense what we witnessed, Family departing Ouistreham on monday PM reported heavy Gendarmerie presence, which we have found has been in evident since the attack in Paris, What we saw were not Normandie based guys and girls , who drive around for the most part in !4 registered vehicles (we live next to the Local Gendarmerie) , these were strangers to the area. Ouistreham security can appear lax, as it is possible for for embarked Pax to walk the streets of the town, which we do regularly to give our dog her last exercise in France, we much prefer the French departure than the one ex Pompey,which is no way pet friendly, this week we were observed by the Gendarmes leaving and returning to the Gare maritime, only one gate being open ,but not challenged, though we did pass 2 plattoons of 6 squadies with night vision equipment on our walk to and from the Observation deck,from wher we had a good view of everything that was going on. Remember France is still in a state of emergency visits to the summer fireworks at Port en Bessin, or French Home town have, since the attack on the Bataclan, Required the passage over a securty cordon with bag and body searches. I find it so Ironic that the safety of marine Traffic in the chanell is in the hands solely of the Abeille Fleet in Brest, Cherbourg and Boulogne,only 2 weeks ago a boat in trouble off Dover was rescued by Abeille Lanquedoc,for this we have to thank the 2 C's, Dave and Nick , I just hope that with "our" brexit vote, we do not live to regret this senseless cut to maritime safety when our French neighbours say a loud NON to our request for assistance.
  14. alleeganger10

    Armorique in Ouistreham today

    While taking an afternoon walk yesterday near our French home, we spotted a White boat on the horizon. Consulting AIS found it was Armorique I thought at first it was due to a problem with the of the regular boats. We came back this morning we arrived at the port to find Gendarmerie everywhere and I mean everywhere. I ask the very friendly girl at check who told me it was an excercise. While waliking our dog prior to boarding we came across groups of squaddies with guns patrolling the very quiet streets of Ouistreham. We watched various gendarmerie units units arrive including criminal investigation arrive. Security was tighter than usual but access to the town via th embarkation area exits was still possible. As we left the Armorique arrived and tied up at Ouistreham. And Abeile liberte the Cherbourg based ocean going tug could be seen in the Baie de Seine. Can only assume the excercise was one involving Armorique. Anyone know or seen anymore. It's comforting in a way that threat of an attack is taken very seriously. We are just arriving into the Solent on Mont st Michel having spent two very pleasant crossings on it, in amongst all the bad weather of the last week, it our last trip of the year. Roll on 2017!
  15. alleeganger10

    Bretagne is serving crepes!

    As rileyman says buckwheat Flour makes galletes not crepes, Its not really a flour but a ground down seed of a plant which is not a grass, species of the similar plant are found in UK hedgerows. I have tried for a number of years to make acceptable Crepes (thin pankake) in the UK, but only found i was able to when i used French flour Type 49 eg Francine Fluide, British flours just don't seem to work. Crepe Profiterole is the family favorite - Nuts, Choc sauce, and Ice cream Yummmmmm. Hope that post Brexit UK does not tax my flour and wine Imports!