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  1. In Scallop dredging in France the crewmen of the boats have gauges if the shell of the Coquille is less that 10cm across the shoulders It is not allowed to be landed, and o is thrown back to be caught again. Unlike Pelagic and other trawling methods the fish survive this experience . We are always amused that UK sold coquille, for example in our local Sainsbury's, are always in shells which are smaller than could be landed in France , and always sold in shells, ie not just Noix. In France Noix or whole, tops bottoms and Noix. In January we walked Omaha Beach after the storms, lots of live Coquille were washed up on the beach we them back into the receding tide, so that they may be caught. As CVA says dredging is destructive BUT The French Government via IFREMER monitor the Biomass of Coquille in the bay of the Seine and other grounds and set catch limits accordingly. Anyone who has visited Port en Bessin Beach will have seen the mass of shells beneath the Tour Vauban, these are in fact Dechetts (waste) from the Marrayeur processing that goes on in the Port, thats why the majority of shells are tops and no shell of juveniles are found. Its illegal to dump the shell in the sea nowadfays, they have been there for a long time. The "Scottish" Noix in the posts above will never have been to Scotland even for processing, they would not stand the journey in a refrigerated truck all that way to be deshelled . In P en B there is a centre de marrayage where the noix are manually deshelled.
  2. Look closer......... The MACDUFF fish carton to the right States they are Scottish........see attached. The Coquille are allegedly Scottish (origine Ecosse) even though they are fished from Zone 27. Thats fair. is it?? The could well have been fished and landed by by the big blue Scottish boat, the Honeybourne 3 maybe, landed at Shoreham , Yes Shoreham,! and directly onto the BF ferry at Portsmouth for transfer to Rungis (big fish market and home of Super U) . Thats fair is it ???? Violent Protest wrong? Tell the Pankhurst Family and all UK women that . Would you drink a Bordeaux bottled in the Loire?
  3. alleeganger10

    New Procedure for checking in dogs

    Our dog who is 5 in September, and is now on her 3rd passport ( the last 2 French as they are 20 Euros vs 65 pounds) has never ever been scanned by a Brittany Ferries employee or representative, I believe someone in BF towers has risk assessed this and decided its better for owners to scan . As Jim says Eurotunnel ex France is different. But still the pet owner scans the animal but at least the eurotunnel rep witnesses this being carried out. with the BF method you could have a dog chip matching the passport in your pocket, boot or elsewhere. The recommendations of the drug companies who make vermifuge Drug is to treat once every 6 months,. Rabies vaccines are administered yearly in France, for exactly the same vaccine 3 yearly in the Uk. Because of the stupid vermifuge regs of DEFRA/APHA, Our dog Belle is treated sometime 4 or even 5 times when only one treatment is recommended, by the drug manufacturer. And we have to suffer the consequences eg vomit/Diarrhoea. i have an email from APHA which says that all pets must have been treated for rabies before they can travel to a European country, and yet as Jim says on Eurotunnel ex the UK no checks are made. The pet travel scheme is a complete but expensive farce, it is a flawed system policed by the same people who operate it on behalf of HM gov. So fed up am I with being told my dogs credentials are not in conformity, because this is not filled in, or this should be here and not there, or that should be laminated because thats a sticker and not hand written. I have downloaded the guidance to UK vets, I just wish that vets would read it. Travelling with a dog does have an advantage, since we have had ours, and taken her with us in the car, We have never ever been pulled over at Portsmouth for a security check, it might be that we are lucky, but we travel so often, that it appears to us it’s not just BF who have risk assessed dog carrying cars as a potential Health and Safety risk to employees. I’m not going to mention the absolutely disgusting non existent dog friendly facilities provided by Portsmouth city Council whose elected reps should hang there heads in shame, dogs pay fares too and BF should lobby PCC for more humane facilities at PIP, The gold standard for which must be those at Folkestone and Coquelles.
  4. alleeganger10

    General Discussions on Brexit

    We hope that someone in BF towers is lobbying the Government Francaise so that a Brexit deal is done. Because the scenario painted by This article in the Connexion newspaper. Would surely destroy BF business overnight. 60 euros visa plus an already expensive ferry crossing AND no return within 90 days of first travel. Oops we hope not. Good for UK holiday resorts mind. Boris and the 2 niges will be pleased, Well one will, as the Lawson variety of Nige has French residency anyway
  5. alleeganger10

    Migrant Issues at BF Ports

    My Neighbours and friends, Portais one and all say "weestreeom", they should know as they work in the fishing industry. Certain crew call it "weestreeham Riva Bella", which I thinks sounds all together better. Riva Bella being the beach, Ouistreham the port area.
  6. alleeganger10

    Cabin Cleaning

    Yes that's right, my memory is that its always beenthe case , it used to be Elior in Caen and Mitie in Pompy. A French author/Journalist Florence Aubenais who had been held hostage in Iraq once took a job cleaning the Ferries at Caen and wrote about her experience in a book its called "le Quai de Ouisterham.". From what i understand, she found the life difficult. See Here (in French) I found this out when i saw an ad for her book signing tour.
  7. alleeganger10

    Normandie & MSM - August

    Jim, We cannot remember the last time we passed through Ouistreham, with all the traffic lights working normally, ie not flashing amber. That’s a normal situation now. IMHO it’s an improvement, except of course when Mr & Mrs BF novice lead the queue out of the port, and have no clue what such a light means, I recall the same happened in St Malo, 35 plus years ago.! The Gendarmerie use the lights like that to keep lorry traffic moving.
  8. alleeganger10

    Immigrants at Ouistreham

    IMHO its best to “go see for yourself”. Like the reporter did,? Albeit he was reporting on a much more important event, the D day celebrations, than spread 3rd hand opinion and from the comfort of wherever you happen to live, As Neil has done, Such things are obviously not good for BF, Ouistreham, Caen France or Europe or even the U.K. I’m not sure the person posting did not have agenda, otherwise why post? I will state again our experience is, and we are on our 6/7th trip this year, ( I lose count) the “Immigrants” pose no danger. It’s not BF fault they are there, nor is it the Ouistreham’s save for the fact that it’s elus, 30 years ago, along with the CCI of Caen had the vision to build a Gare Maritime and help finance the boats that use it. Improving tourism and job prospects in this area beyond imagination.
  9. alleeganger10

    Immigrants at Ouistreham

    Ahh the Daily Mail not like them to over dramatise something and stoke racial hatred. Pot and kettle?
  10. alleeganger10

    Immigrants at Ouistreham

    We traveled back on MSM in the morning of Monday the 11th of June from our D-Day celebration trip, plenty of "Immigrants" were in evidence, as is normal these day, but so too is the heavy Mobile Gendarmerie presence and a squad of French soldiers carrying machine guns patrolling the port and it perimeter. We took our customary dog walk to the beach after check in, passing en route groups and sole "immigrants". as is also customary they did not engage with us or we them. Juliadream I would not let them deter you, we even make the same routine in the dead of winter when it is dark, and feel completely safe. The walk is a signal to our dog who is nearly four and carries her 3 rd passport that we are taking yet another ferry trip (BF does not carry as many dogs as it says, its just the same dog (s) making the same trip). I note with interest that the row of quite old trees planted between the two security fences have recently been cut down, I am amused that the Ville de Ouistreham Riva Bella use this fence to espouse its green credentials of Zero Phyto, while in fact all the vegetation between the fences has be killed with something also. It looks as though yet again changes are being made to the Port as, the yellow line to the Ferry has now been removed and to the landside of the Paul Spriet loading bridge used by Duc De Normandie and Normandie in the early days. New lanes , with hard standings for cabins (douane or check in?) has been constructed. we shall see . At least at Ouistreham dog walking is allowed dog are not banished to hot cars, and facilities though not up to the standard of Coquelles or Folkestone are provided, At Pompey the only facility aimed at dogs is the big black dog bowl full of stale water and covered in moss adjacent to the human toilets which are usually closed out of season to the right of the BF checkin cabins Portsmouth City Council and BF should hang heads in shame at this. Dogs pay too.
  11. alleeganger10

    Ouisttreham Gare Maritime Express.

    The tourist information counter.
  12. alleeganger10

    The Cabs

    Thanks Crechbleiz The Renault Blainville sur Orne entry on Wikepedia also confirms what I have said. its in French but a link is attached https://fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usine_Renault_Trucks_de_Blainville
  13. alleeganger10

    The Cabs

    We wondered the same thing VOB, after some research we found the truck cabs are made just up the road from Ouistreham at the Renault Truck plant at Blainville sur Orne, from where they are transported to the Daf (Leyland /Paccar) plant in Leyland in the UK. If you have ever noticed the Cabs are transported by the van Rooyen transport company from the Netherlands (Original home of Daf) however many of the vehicles used are registered in Eastern Europe, with presumably drivers from the same. I can't prove with links what I have stated above but i think i found it out when i saw that the x thousandth truck DAF truck cab had been produced at Blainville, or that the contract to do so had been extended,in the local French Press Probably La Manche Libre or Ouest France Caen. Confirming this when passing the plant I have seen the loaded Vanrooyen trucks leaving. It ALWAYS amazes us that this transport link must be part of the DAF Just In Time assembly process at Leyalnd as they always arrive in Ouistreham after us and our dog, but ALWAYS we pass them in the UK on the way north usually on the A34 but sometimes even on the M40!. I hope whoever rewards/pays BF for the service the truck bodies receive pays a premium for this queue busting facility, note to BF if you have been a customer for 40 years, what rewards do you receive/give ? answer Sweet FA, apart from insult and contempt. VOB sometimes at Portsmouth you see the same vehicles going the other way, but this time instead of cabs they carry another cab transporter(s) ready to do the same queue jumping trick again. All this is an illustration of True International trade , and why Brexit is so bad for the UK, Paccar is a USA company, with an assembly plant in the UK, owning a European Brand, DAF who use/assemble parts from all over the world to produce a Truck used all over the world.
  14. alleeganger10

    Noise Deck 7 MSM

    WE too are regulars Portsmouth Caen, has it not always been the case that the cabins to the rear of deck 7 suffer vibration issues? , we have not noted any change post scrubbers, and always prefer the Deck 9 cabins, preferable not the ones which back onto the bar which are always noisy for other reasons. oR better still The Normandie. The summer is here and the the prices are high, Brittany ferries are charging premium prices for Inferior service. All Normal. we have voted with our feet and chosen Le shuttle recently cheaper even including tolls and faster, the day after Assomption last week we managed to depart Aunay sur Odon at 6:45 AM arrive Walsall 14:30 afternoon, had we chosen BF we would still be in the queue for Customs, and less chance of a dinked door, The week before mrs A was rammed onto deck 5 in our Mondeo, it was only possible to enter and exit vehicle via 1 front door, with not even a handbag width between car doors, being a regular with experience, she popped onto deck 6 on arrival a huge space between the end of the vehicle load and only 3 lane parking!, when you pay the current prices you do not expect that your vehicle should be routinely damaged, and a quiet cabin too. One must remember its a highly skilled job top arrange parking on a ferry, A premium service indeed.