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  1. According to the current Voyage magazine, Normandie will have so called Dog Friendly cabins in 2019 prior to arrival of Honfleur. We asked on board at the Information Desk, while the person manning the desk did not seem to know, her colleague told us that the cabins would be those located on the port side of Deck 6 adjacent to the car Deck, with access via the lift to an excercise area on Deck 9 Between the Bridge and the bar, near the crane which loads the mini containers onto the ship, an outside deck I did not know existed till yesteday. Obviously this addition is being paid for by the unheralded increase in Pet Travel fares recently introduced.
  2. alleeganger10

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Our trip back Yesteday on Normandie was delayed into Pompey because of “Technical Problems” so I am not sure that is true. Subsequent crossing speed have been slower than the norm.
  3. alleeganger10

    A weekend on the high seas...

    Don’t worry Paully it’s under consideration, These are simply the musings of a somewhat Autistic frequent Traveller! UK citizens have it seems 2 major pre occupations these days, “Our” NHS, and “Our” Border. I guess I am no different in that respect. IMHO the UK not as secure as Joe public would believe. I agree with Jim re the PIP queueing system, there are many things bad about PIP, not the least of which is it’s location. In Ouistreham yesterday it was Douanes ( Government Agents) who checked outgoing passports, but incidentally another Douane who kept the queue moving swiftly and fairly towards the boat and the UK. Gareth, i do not resent such checks, over the years it’s been our pleasure to welcolme and even bring Family members, from a very young age, to and from the UK, for holiday visits, or to see Pappy and Mammy, some even in the days of the Immigration officer on board. Baby passport can be a bit silly, but you have to start somewhere! One Anomoly though, at 16 years one can marry in the UK, and yet EU law requires the checks you describe for “children” till they are 18 and hence parental permission to travel, This is checked where? ..... Always on departure from France, by the Douaines who will willingly and politely explain the reasons. At Ouistreham there is a separate Queue for cars with such minors. Such checks are never ever made at Portsmouth ex the UK for Car passengers (in our experience) it’s obviously not written into BF service agreement with Border Force, For at Portsmouth it’s BF who check Car passenger Passports leaving the UK. Sorry to Jim for taking this thread off Topic.
  4. alleeganger10

    A weekend on the high seas...

    Immigration.... is (to me ) the checking of a persons eligibility to enter the UK.? Customs is (to me) the checking that a person or vehicle entering the uk is not carrying anything they should not, in those days ie too many spiriits, wine tobacco or other contraband. So so these were (as now) immigration checks? Immigration checks as are carried out at Portsmouth and elsewhere, customs checks are seldom carried out currently as most goods for personal use are in “free circulation” so I can take whatever I want between my French home and my UK home except of course for knives which are forbidden, as I might choose to use one to threaten the ship which is taking me where I want / need to go ( go figure) . Checks for such “dangerous” items, which are freely available on board the said ship and checked for by visiting a green shed in Portsmouth manned by employees of a NGO (ie a for profit non government organisation ISS?) where people travelling with dogs are not wanted./checked. (Again go figure). In my recollection, in those days customs checks were carried out but not on every vehicle. As they could be now, otherwise why have the “Inspection Area” after the affformention UK Border. The UK Border is that line you cross at the end of the huge queue which traverses, at Portsmouth anyway, the equally huge queue of people who are leaving the UK, at the end of which is a person who inspects your passport and requires you to open your only slightly tinted windows so that he or she might inspect your human cargo more closely and compare them to the photo in the passport they carry even if they are less than 6 months old, asleep and in a rearwards facing a baby seat. It is also highly recognisable by the place where ALL signage is in one language only .... English despiite the fact that it is the entry point to the United Kingdom, arrogant and unwelcoming in extremis.
  5. alleeganger10

    A weekend on the high seas...

    So .... everyone on board was required to present themselves to the British customs officer on board by queuing on the boat between certain hours, when you presented yourself on board and were then given an embarkation card which was then collected at the off ramp of the ferry. No embarkation card, No entry to the UK , simples .If something was not in order with your passport, as happened to me during the first use of my second or maybe first non family passport ( not sure which ) you were sent to the back of the queue to try again . in my case I had omitted to sign my Black ( note to all Brexiteers.... Not Blue) passport, all very embarrassing, and British Customs officers in that day were allowed sarcastic comments to ridicule little men like me . I still have the passport to this day. Opposite the information Desk on Normandie (my Favourite] are 2 desks one was the Calvados Tourist information desk the other I believe was for the UK customs officer on board. However this method of entering th3 UK was abolished before Normandie was put into service. But. I certainly remember this on Prince of Brittany, Cornouailes, and Penn ar Bed, my wife remembers this was the norm on Duc de Normandie too. So what is against Border force being on board complete with High speed Net connection provided by BF and the current passport checks being carried out on Board. As mentioned elsewhere, similar passport scanning is carried out in Ouistreham prior to entry into France and on leaving too. customs searches were still carried out if shore based personnel thought you were a bit dodgy.
  6. alleeganger10

    A weekend on the high seas...

    Bring Back the British customs Officer (probably officers, required now) On board ?...... Am I the only one who can remember this?
  7. alleeganger10

    New Border control technology

    Hope the Schengen Fingerprint requirement/reading system works better than my I pad and I phone, my fingerprint seems to change depending on how much manual work (DIY) I have been doing, the remembered print never lasts longer than a week.
  8. alleeganger10

    Phone call about Club Voyager membership

    Allegedly because of GDPR !? Its announced Here , which is an online version of the club voyage newsletter for April 2018
  9. alleeganger10

    Poole and Brexit

    I like the way the “sir ” guy says he will ask the government about this when they resume sitting. Does he really think they will know? The people of Poole must be really proud the MP who represents them, he obviously upto speed on the important matters on his patch!
  10. Should no deal happen,The revenue stream currently generated for BF from the EU pet travel scheme, will have to be replaced from somewhere, I just hope that it is a ticket price increase/surcharge for those who think this is so funny. Pitty the accountant in Roscoff who is busily modelling the various what if scenarios, they (BF) must be concerned they have new ships to pay for.
  11. In Scallop dredging in France the crewmen of the boats have gauges if the shell of the Coquille is less that 10cm across the shoulders It is not allowed to be landed, and o is thrown back to be caught again. Unlike Pelagic and other trawling methods the fish survive this experience . We are always amused that UK sold coquille, for example in our local Sainsbury's, are always in shells which are smaller than could be landed in France , and always sold in shells, ie not just Noix. In France Noix or whole, tops bottoms and Noix. In January we walked Omaha Beach after the storms, lots of live Coquille were washed up on the beach we them back into the receding tide, so that they may be caught. As CVA says dredging is destructive BUT The French Government via IFREMER monitor the Biomass of Coquille in the bay of the Seine and other grounds and set catch limits accordingly. Anyone who has visited Port en Bessin Beach will have seen the mass of shells beneath the Tour Vauban, these are in fact Dechetts (waste) from the Marrayeur processing that goes on in the Port, thats why the majority of shells are tops and no shell of juveniles are found. Its illegal to dump the shell in the sea nowadfays, they have been there for a long time. The "Scottish" Noix in the posts above will never have been to Scotland even for processing, they would not stand the journey in a refrigerated truck all that way to be deshelled . In P en B there is a centre de marrayage where the noix are manually deshelled.
  12. Look closer......... The MACDUFF fish carton to the right States they are Scottish........see attached. The Coquille are allegedly Scottish (origine Ecosse) even though they are fished from Zone 27. Thats fair. is it?? The could well have been fished and landed by by the big blue Scottish boat, the Honeybourne 3 maybe, landed at Shoreham , Yes Shoreham,! and directly onto the BF ferry at Portsmouth for transfer to Rungis (big fish market and home of Super U) . Thats fair is it ???? Violent Protest wrong? Tell the Pankhurst Family and all UK women that . Would you drink a Bordeaux bottled in the Loire?
  13. alleeganger10

    New Procedure for checking in dogs

    Our dog who is 5 in September, and is now on her 3rd passport ( the last 2 French as they are 20 Euros vs 65 pounds) has never ever been scanned by a Brittany Ferries employee or representative, I believe someone in BF towers has risk assessed this and decided its better for owners to scan . As Jim says Eurotunnel ex France is different. But still the pet owner scans the animal but at least the eurotunnel rep witnesses this being carried out. with the BF method you could have a dog chip matching the passport in your pocket, boot or elsewhere. The recommendations of the drug companies who make vermifuge Drug is to treat once every 6 months,. Rabies vaccines are administered yearly in France, for exactly the same vaccine 3 yearly in the Uk. Because of the stupid vermifuge regs of DEFRA/APHA, Our dog Belle is treated sometime 4 or even 5 times when only one treatment is recommended, by the drug manufacturer. And we have to suffer the consequences eg vomit/Diarrhoea. i have an email from APHA which says that all pets must have been treated for rabies before they can travel to a European country, and yet as Jim says on Eurotunnel ex the UK no checks are made. The pet travel scheme is a complete but expensive farce, it is a flawed system policed by the same people who operate it on behalf of HM gov. So fed up am I with being told my dogs credentials are not in conformity, because this is not filled in, or this should be here and not there, or that should be laminated because thats a sticker and not hand written. I have downloaded the guidance to UK vets, I just wish that vets would read it. Travelling with a dog does have an advantage, since we have had ours, and taken her with us in the car, We have never ever been pulled over at Portsmouth for a security check, it might be that we are lucky, but we travel so often, that it appears to us it’s not just BF who have risk assessed dog carrying cars as a potential Health and Safety risk to employees. I’m not going to mention the absolutely disgusting non existent dog friendly facilities provided by Portsmouth city Council whose elected reps should hang there heads in shame, dogs pay fares too and BF should lobby PCC for more humane facilities at PIP, The gold standard for which must be those at Folkestone and Coquelles.
  14. We hope that someone in BF towers is lobbying the Government Francaise so that a Brexit deal is done. Because the scenario painted by This article in the Connexion newspaper. Would surely destroy BF business overnight. 60 euros visa plus an already expensive ferry crossing AND no return within 90 days of first travel. Oops we hope not. Good for UK holiday resorts mind. Boris and the 2 niges will be pleased, Well one will, as the Lawson variety of Nige has French residency anyway