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  1. We shall be in Normandie fro the 75th D Day celebrations, For anyone else who may be travelling to Ouistreham/Caen, the D-Day coast at that time, or for the celebrations, as for the 70th, certain roads will be shut or restricted, and access to the Calvados coast will be restricted. Including the route from the Port to the city of Caen. I'm sure that nearer the time BF customer services will have advice for travellers. in the meantime for anyone interested Further Information in English is here
  2. If you tick the box for 9c ( so called assisted) it only preludes you from modifying that booking on line, As CS allocate 9c spaces, you can still modify the booking as you can online, the only difference is you have to make a phone call or calls to do it. The same rules apply. Once a booking has been changed manually for whatever reason, then it always has to be changed manually.
  3. Sad News https://www.lamanchelibre.fr/actualite-700285-normandie-bernard-dargols-le-gi-francais-debarque-a-omaha-beach-est-decede Another one gone.
  4. Which, as most motorway service stations now have dog exercise areas, is a dam site more than BF's UK ports! where dog walking, pooping and other doggie activities are strictly forbidden. once through "security". If you are a four legged passenger you can of course find a drink,(before security of course) that if its rained recently, thus filling the sole filthy doggy water bowl, located adjacent to the human toilets up. If not, then as the saying goes tough S%&T. Apparently dog travel is on the up! I read it in a club voyage newsletter or 2 ........at least until Brexit anyways. or was that just the prices?
  5. Sure this is Pont Aven? Abeille Bourbon and a Helico surely?
  6. Khaines FYI in order to get to Point du Hoc From Cherbourg one passes both Grandcamp Maisy and La Cambe maybe even leaving the RN13 at La Cambe. good luck with your Trip!
  7. Car parking and visitors centre is outside the cratered area, and a busy times can be difficult to find a space. it can be a bit of a walk to the cliffs The American Government funded the stabilization of the cliffs recently. it used to be possible to get a tour boat from Port en Bessin to see the Point Du Hoc from the sea, Safety regulation curtailed that, The boat is now a below average, expensive sea food restaurant in the harbour at P en B , at least til it sinks! Khaines IMHO while in the region a more interesting visit is the Batterie of Maisy, It rather chucks a spanner in the works of the whole glorious Omaha/Pointe du Hoc legend, and is owned I believe and by a UK based Archeologiist Gary Stern. a great Visit While you in the region the German cemetery at La Cambe is also worth a visit, Its about peace and reconciliation and not glorifying war. Unlike the Colleville American cemetery, La Cambe is supported by charities and tended by volunteers. a place for peace.
  8. Hope the TV’s last..... Remember MSM? When it was first launched flat screens everywhere, then one by one they were reduced, and replaced by nice wooden boards, some permanently shipboard vibrations taking their toll. Regular repair and replacement is the order of the day now both on MSM and on Normandie. Great for hotels and Homes, but not sure ruggedised ones are available for Ferries!
  9. Wow! Not sure about Paris, but I presume it’s the same, don't forget Sapeurs Pompiers are mostly volunteers, and not only do they put out fires but are also Ambulance men and women too. In Calvados for example 50 fire stations, 2200 firemen, 400 Full timers, the rest are volunteers. see https://www.calvados.fr/accueil/le-departement/routes-environnement--territoire/securite-publique/sdis-14.html Brave men and women one and all, giving back to the region/village/town/cities where they live. I have a nephew, he is the Fourth generation of the French side of his Family to serve his Village as a Sapeur Pompier. Tres Fiere! Come Christmas we always always buy the SDIS14 calendar, even if we are in the UK, great cause. Saw in the local French press concerns about similar event at the Abbaye at Mont St Michel and Cathedral at St Lo, Bayeux Cathedral, since we have had our place in France, (12 years) been in a constant state of restoration, so Macron’s plan for a five year rebuild of Notre Dame de Paris seems a bit hopeful to say the least. We shall see...
  10. For anyone who has ever visited Williams Castle at Falaise...... Hope they don't follow the same ideas./Architect 😓
  11. Our last passage through PIP on the 22nd March all border force booths were open with an excess of Border force personnel. We had heard through a family contact that all leave for for the months of March/April was cancelled. Credit where credit is due, well done Border Force. However the French Douaines were on a Pre original Brexit day go slow/Work to rule the other side in Ouistreham!.
  12. Vehiclule Banalises? Perhaps? http://www.securite-routiere.gouv.fr/connaitre-les-regles/les-radars/les-types-de-radars/voiture-radar Recaptcha maybe required I too have heard very very recently about this.... Like yesterday and enquiries with French Family and Friends have shown the following. Maybe the Data sharing which enables this is a very recent introduction, previously we believed this to be the case. As detailed on this website https://www.radars-auto.com/faq/contraventions-amendes-pv/etrangers-et-radars.php However the Relevant EU directive (EU) 2015/413 can be found read here... https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=CELEX%3A32015L0413 The letter template detailed on p17 of the English language version of the above contains the phrase “This letter as such does not lead to legal consequences”. It’s your choice, don’t blame or quote me, passing the information on!
  13. Hope this is maintained, But doubt it can be post the introduction of the new “clever” IT system viz. Whilst already onboard and mid crossing the 8:30 ex Portsmouth Ouistreham yesterday, I got an automated e mail timed at 11:30 quoting my booking ref and telling me, “We are sorry to advise you that due to the bad weather your sailing to Ouistreham/Caen this afternoon is running approximately 1 hour and 15 min behind schedule. Latest check-in is now 14:15 We are sorry for the inconvenience.” Most confusing?. Our crossing was actually delayed by one hour apparently due to “congestion portuaire” but to be honest I saw no evidence of that. The only thing that was congested was Breakfast in the Deauville restaurant, the crew seemed not to have been informed about the presence of 5 coachloads of people (Adults) all of whom seem to have been recomended to the Deauville by the guides accompanying them, For a while it was chaos, but extra waiting staff soon arrived. Needless to say certain items were not available, However as we were ahead of the rush, and clued up. It did not spoil our breakfast too much. The crew later regretted siting us as a couple at a table for 6. In one trip an example of BF customer service at its best and confusing worst. Obviously the Douanes in Ouistreham have taken lessons from HM Border force, and passport control delays were beyond a joke, but for lorries it was even worse, most being opened before leaving the port. I’m not sure why Ouistreham is not a PAF policed port ( as Roscoff is soon to be) in keeping with both Cherbourg and LeHavre, In many ways the French state changes very slowly. Such customs delays which have become prevalent at Ouistreham do not bode well for the upcoming Summer holiday season.
  14. Only in the UK, CVA Pompe a Chaleur, have been the defacto standard for new builds for in France for at least 4 years. From what I am told, they are very energy efficient too. Isn’t the real innovation with Honfleur its Electric drive system? Which of is missing from the E flexer concept.
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