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  1. Without Fanfare or announcement, or even a courteous email gone... obviously the funds it provided are not needed anymore.
  2. I (we) Agree with, Gareth, Penlan and Rileyman. Most times BF CS sort problems out pretty swiftly.
  3. Surely the best solution IF YOU really don’t know how to disable your alarm, - don’t lock your car. Nobodies is going to Knick it and drive it away are they? The car decks themselves are secured and are under video surveillance. If you put your car in your garage, do you lock it? Dog owners have to leave windows open. Our 5 year old dog has travelled so often she is on her 4th EU passport, Brexit dependant she may yet get to her 5th, nothing has ever been taken from our car through the open windows. That’s why I cannot understand why BF do not have a name and shame policy re car alarms, where offenders are announced and taken to the car deck to unlock offending cars. They should do this “pour le confort de tous” Dogs are fare paying too! But most of all for the canines (and felines) who are assaulted by the sounds of the car alarms for hours on end bouncing off the walls of the car deck, we know when there has been a car alarm problem, our pet is agitated Usially not eating the day after. Dog hearing is not only more sensitive than humans it is more directional, the sound of the alarms and the echos they produce is akin to torture for the animals.
  4. July? Fete Nationale, Party party party Party! French Children with backpacks full of fireworks, nothing to be apprehensive about. I agree MSM desperately needs some TLC. it really isn't the way to treat a cash cow.
  5. Do you really think that the French would go for limitless Yorkshire tea? Surely it would need to be Lemon Flavoured and that would be “ never Appen in Arrogate” the local council would never allow it. The 47th Royal Marines secured Port en Bessin as it was envisaged an Pipeline Under the Ocean “ PLUTO” would terminate there, this never ever happened, Fuel was bought ashore but but only from tankers anchored outside the port. Thus driving the war effort and advancing the front forward, and keeping, for obvious reasons munitions bought ashore through the Mulberry’s and fuel apart. i’m in favour of a WPLUTO Wine Pipeline Under the Ocean idea, it could be a great success, even Boris might approve, if only to make a mess on somebody else’s sofa , Not quite sure what WTO tariff it would come under though! The farmers of St Pol might not be so keen. As it would badly damage one of there bottom lines. But then again that’s nothing a spot of fire 🔥and direct action could not fix. 😅😂😂
  6. I dunno fresh scallops seem to travel well in a cool box with plenty of cool blocks around them, not sure I would try it on a day like today though, but then again it’s not the Scallop season. In the early days of BF it was customary to see fridge lorries leaking water on leaving the ship or on the road out of St Male towards Rennes. when fridges had failed on the crossings for whatever reason. And AFAIK no body died because of it. Could be a nice little earner, much more lucrative than club voyage 2019. A version Blah Blah car for Ferries.
  7. The French love a good sticker.... For the 75th D-Day, Calvados invented a system of stickers needed to travel in and out of a secured secured zone bounded by the RN13, (see seperate post on this site) As they had done for the 70th where I understand the system worked very well. However nobody briefed the Gendarmerie re the modus Operandi of the sticker system. Chaos ensued as the Young Flic(s) on duty at closed road crossing points within the secured zone would not let you passed unless you had a sticker. Needless to say the locals all blamed Macron. And when the Gendarmes said non went home instead of to work. even though the a sticker was not needed, and difficult to get, our local Mairie refusing to issue unless you said you needed to travel into and out of the secured zone.which is what the published rules said. We walked with 300 others in the footsteps of 47th Royal Marines Commando who Liberated Port En Bessin, Walking from Asnelles to the port, the official coach carrying a large amount of walkers from P en B to asnelles was late for the start of the walk but those aboard did eventually catch up. Great system Not.!
  8. Jonno What work do you see being needed at Ouistreham?
  9. Don’t Forget Guilvenec’s original idea was to get the produce from his co operative(s) to a wider market, The new “common market” not to transport Holiday makers from the U.K., that was just a secondary thing. Just a ridiculous as fruit passing the CI by sea only to end up there is, As has been pointed out by detective work on this forum. Fish, Scallops caught in the bay of the Seine, by a Scottish Trawler, landed in Shoreham, finding there way to SuperU in France where they are sold as Scottish, even though the EU required labelling states they were caught in the BDS. Thats what happens when politicians get involved, the worlds has gone mad. And then they prove how stupid they really are by saying they did not realise how important Dover Calais is to our economy. If you look currently on AIS you can see that in the BDS lots of small ships on IFA guard duty, they are guarding works being carried out on IFA2 a DC sub sea cable from Merville, just to the east of Ouistreham to Daedalus ( Lee on Solent) which will provide a second means of France supplying the U.K. with electricity and vice versa. i’m not Sure how the the CI get electricity but I do know it’s not far from the huge Flamanville power station in Manche. We are all inter-dependant on each other in our own way.
  10. We have experienced this on the Caen boats, In our case it was cause by non BF engineers travelling on the ship, to save having to move them every time the ship docked. So maybe in view of the new parts/systems fitted this could have been the case?. You would have thought the ship spent that much time alongside in Brest that any minor defects were fixed then.
  11. Lait Cru ( ie straight from the cow) is available to buy most Saturday Mornings on Bayeux market. indeed in the days of Pen ar bed, Cornuailies et al we used to spend 2 weeks en Famille with ex wife’s pen friend, her daily task was to fetch the milk from the local farm in the countryside outside Chateabriant the milk was fetched in a jug for the next day, this was done in the evening.. We still discuss this and many other stories when we get together. The large Grey building at Isigny is the building where Normandie milk is dried for export to China, the plant was built a few years back with apparently a 10 year pay back. The creamery at Isigny is owned by a cooperative of Farmers from Normandie, I suppose in a similar way to BF. Strangely the butter served on the Normandie and MSM which used to be Isigny, and also used to have serving dishes especially sized for Isigny butter portions. is now Breton, But that’s probably another pun filled story!.
  12. The Maire of Ouistreham is being taken to court by a group of Townsfolk for being abusive towards them and abusing his power by parking on forbidden ground to distributing aid to people trying to board the Ferries. In one of the streets next to the camping municipal adjacent to the island after the Carrefour and fuel station on the way into the town. See Here ( in French) if found guilty he could face a prison term. The article also says that there are only about 50 such “Migrants” still in the town.
  13. Best do any testing off French coast then. The RNLI maybe allegedly is a little better funded than the SNSM The UK has no equivalent of the Abeille ocean going tugs, the UK Anglian tugs having been deleted as no longer required by Cameron’s HMG long ago.☹️
  14. At the risk of bringing this Thread away from humour. And back onto track.... We are currently on MSM for the D-Day celebrations, and Triangular Rolls are very much in evidence.
  15. Fuller details on what appears to be the French language version of pages of my post here No flights from Caen Carpiquet ,AND an Air exclusion zone to includes Drones. Fortress Calvados!, must be some important bods in town! For us there is a certain Irony in the fact that our current prime minister's apparent last act in office will be to open a memorial at Ver sur mer, and go on to remember publicly, the sacrifice made to secure freedom and peace in Europe and the wider world, Particularly as, to the detriment of everything else, she has spent the whole of her premiership trying to escape the terrible place called Europe! But the subtlety of all that is probably lost on all of them.☺️
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