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  1. Since my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer I have not posted on the forum, with news like that BFE and even the French home we made and love seem somehow less important. However moved by this post and encouraged by Mrs Allee I would like to say this. As a constituent of this MP, it’s nice to see her getting involved with local issues from her Yorkshire home, the tweet is made in her capacity Secretary of State for European Neighbourhood, A fact that we find Hilarious as it’s quite clear from every piece of correspondence between Mrs A and Ms Morton, she wants nothing at all
  2. Cabin-boy that’s really good coming from you.🤣😂 Never realised Anjou days were so busy!
  3. Apologies for taking this off the original topic .... Actually over time club voyage benefits are/have been reducing, it used to be that an acte de vente copy was required to join, ( then the property owners club). When we actually got ours we found that it wasn’t needed after all, even though it was still called the property owners club. That had not been the case for some time, No CV discount is offered on a dog cabin for instance. The actual real cost of membership will soon double as those who were associate members now have to pay the full price. Apparently due European data protec
  4. When in France, we live less than 30 miles from Ouistreham, in the UK not far from Brum, In high summer taking into consideration The Use of Toll motorways and the inevitable Pont de Normandie, petrol bought in France. It’s cheaper and certainly more cost effective time wise to use the Tunnel, and it’s impossible to be jammed in, even if we are parked near the toilet it’s better than having car alarms going off less than 20ft away from your ear. And our dog enjoys the people who come to see us, that is if we can get her out of her boot prison , but having been caught by 5his once, we now ensur
  5. Surely it depends where the “officer loading” the ship puts you, it’s a lottery! The advantage is that on the so described “narrow” side lanes of Normandie it is only ever actually possible to fit 2 widths of cars, 1 in some places whereas on the MSM, particularly on a Friday night ex Portsmouth you are really lucky to be able to leave your vehicle, and lane spacing that pedestrians with bags full of sleeping devices can scratch a clean car, whereas if it’s dirty they will be more careful. The pertinent standard excuse is that ENCAP standards have led to wider door cross sections, 2 door
  6. Well... Our experience is the lead passenger name is fine, except when Pierre Edant is on check in , when of course even your mothers maiden name, your blood group, and your inside leg measurement would not be enough I was once told by a member of Normandies crew, the guy on the who makes the announcements at reception (most are ladies) that "we (BF) should treat all customers equally" and i always remember that, its a great ideal but not always the case, in many ways.
  7. Thanks Ed, You spend too much time on here! ... must be in between jobs. Logically I thought it would be in the Galicia thread!.
  8. According to the pictures from China on the latest Club Voyage email, Galicia’s home port is Portsmouth. Surely that’s a first for a BF ship? (Truckline fleet excepted) British crew? Strange though, to have a port “d’attache Anglais” with a “nom Espagnol”, how very European, interesting times we live in. Hope the French unions have been consulted.
  9. If the website can’t cope with the current 1 level of ticket. How the hell is it going to cope when, for each prospective booking there are three level of tickets? BF better get recruiting CS staff, they are going to need them.
  10. Fares are always cheaper outside school holidays and summer. Service is also reduced, the staff even use “c’est l’Hiver “ as an excuse. But when has BF ever reduced it prices? The poor Farmers of St Pol need to make a profit after all. Anyway time will tell.
  11. I wish I shared Mr Wonnacott's trust in HMG. Are you serious Straightfeed?
  12. Ed you could be correct, We traveled back from the bubble yesterday (Fri 27th AM on Normandie) there is a dredger Christohorus, working in Ouisterham, that's not unusual in itself as it is quite often seen in the channel but it seemed to have a flotilla of support vessel around it and was working very close to quays/ dock wall, on the sea side of the ramp. I would guess its carrying out Pre Honfleur works. it made for an interesting departure. there is also a crane working on the Quayside not far from the Paul Spriet Quay, which may have been working on removing that (the old original
  13. You have to feel sorry for the BF team in Germany, who believed it was going to be a short assignment!. Hope they get home often.
  14. To stop any arguments I shall call it an It, ships in France are male. Just like the big Lizzie If it spends anymore time idling in the Flensburg Fiord it will need a dry dock and clean during its first year in service😂.
  15. Sorry Neil but Mr BF, aka Andy announced this a long time ago Here
  16. Thanks Penlan I’m very sad to say, your post explains, .... no confirms a lot..
  17. We travel through Ouistreham regularly and we can confirm the “Immigrants” are less of a problem than they used to be, not that we have ever experienced any problems with them, they can still be seen in the camp outside the Camping, there is still Gendarmerie presence but these seem to be the local ones and not the mobile ( go anywhere ones) . The Lorry checking area is now segregated from the car queue area by a security fence. You will probably find much longer queues, so not a smooth port Transit, but better than PIP, all passport are now checked In and out of France by the Douanes,
  18. Yes that’s correct for dogs with Passports issued in the U.K. but it isn’t as simple as that. if your Dog has a passport issued in the EU prior to Brexit, ( French EU passports are 20 ish Euros vs 60+ GBP for a U.K. issued passport) And you have a Titration test taken and certified by an EU certified lab prior to Brexit, then the 3 calendar months are waived... checked with APHA. And they confirm to us this is the case , BF say that as APHA make the rules they must be correct, even if an individual check in person does not agree.... So not so simple after all. We shall see,
  19. As an aside, I am somewhat amused by this..... BF may not be vets, they are however the policemen of the pet passport scheme, as the The douanes and border force have no interest in it at all, they have enough problems with humans. In our own experience there are huge inconsistencies in the way they and other organisation police the vet passport scheme, an example is that if we come to France via Eurotunnel no checks are carried out on our dog at all. if we come to France by BF I have to scan my dog. The same happens when we come back to the UK Referring the French BF site certain
  20. Yes they could, but don’t forget at Ouistreham it’s the Douanes they do have dogs, at Pompey it’s ISS or some such company, a contractor, not even on behalf of Border Force, but PIP or BF . They have a contract to inspect so many vehicles a certain percentage based on a clicker pinging. Or the whim of they guy with the clicker. ( look in his right hand if you don’t believe me) Unlike Ouistreham (where to be clear third parties ie Securitas are used) Pompey security is a complete shambles. Ex the UK. Into the UK it’s a a complete shambles too but for other reasons ie PIP is too small fo
  21. I just remembered the name ... Mobi SDEC See here Like the BF cash cow route, to Ouistreham, it would appear to be a Calvados Department initiative. And not France wide. I obviously spend too much time in the Calvados Bubble!
  22. Don’t most town and villages in France have charging points? I think maybe it’s the Law? An example we know well is St Honorine des Pertes, which in the last census results, (according to Wikipedia) has a population of just over 500 souls, so similar to Arromanches, it has 2 recharging points. Accessed and paid for by a credit type club card like a fuel card in the UK. The same is true of our village, Port en Bessin where the same company has the same 2 place charging point on a parking opposite the supermarket, with a further 2 places on the supermarket car park which were installe
  23. According to the very latest (August 2019) list of pet travel approved routes. See here we can bring our dog back from Caen to Portsmouth via P&O Ferries.. But if she comes back Via Le Havre she must travel in a vehicle, by implication this suggests that on all routes she can come back as a footie or a pawie.? Oh if only dear Boris/ Micheal (Gove), It would be great to have some competition, at least the price might start to go down then. It warms the cockles of my Heart , to know that Her Majesty’s Government, have a collective finger on the pulse of what really goes on, and wh
  24. You gotta love this Forum, From a voyage report via stugeron and Train Ferries to Cabin boys miss spent youth in Hampshire where next? 😅
  25. Sure? Thats just a BF CS excuse, Tony do you have access to the BF excuse list?. Thats the one they use, if they park you in the bow section of N Ex. And you can’t get out of the drivers door, Or in the summer peak when 4 lane loading for cars , and the little blue cushions are in use for caravans. One would think the essential health and safety consideration of ferry loading was the ability of the passengers to alight the vehicle safely, without damaging someone else’s “Luggage” but no, it’s a completion among the crew to see who can make a customer park his car in the most ridicul
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