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  1. I works both ways. On one occasion, having booked the ferry, weather conditions caused Dover port to be closed for all shipping movements. We were then given free transfers to the tunnel.
  2. I did one return trip back from Roscoff on her, it was quite a shock to see her as I approached the port. It was a most uncomfortable crossing. For the short period BF were selling "there and back" day trip offers, (booze/tobacco cruises?)
  3. This also happened to some of PA's Ply-Rosc-Ply final sailings in October 2020
  4. I guess we will just have to wait until Francois the patron of "Charcuterie des Entrailles" develops a vegan version - about as much chance as IanN being able to buy and get his vegan black pudding past the douanes!
  5. It's the smell that makes it difficult for me to eat it. Very reminiscent to walking into one of the rural "footprint" toilets!
  6. Poor you, andouillette is certainly an acquired taste (or rather smell!), I can eat most things but I find them difficult .I think someone who ordered andouillette and ended up with escargot would have been far happier. You must try them Gareth, next time you are in France buy some from the frozen food section of Super U.
  7. Many of us, especially our French (now alien 🤣) neighbours enjoy eating snails!
  8. Nice photos. But even Armorique's funnel wasn't the far offset before scubberising which centered her up. My recollection from many trips may be wrong, starting after Arm's maiden passenger voyage from Plymouth, having had to run empty from Roscoff. Had a chance to meet some of the BFE "top men" and a BF free glass of champers on the way back, her first actual passenger voyage from Roscoff.
  9. Will ! have to remove my BZH and KERNOW stickers which complement my BF GB one?!😀 My son has the same set on his ride-on mower in Connecticut.!!
  10. Tier 3 or 4 here we are! Following the influx of Tier 4 bandits for Christmas, in 1 week Cornwall has moved from Tier 1 to Tier 3. And ASDA Bodmin do check you are wearing face mask and sanitise the trolleys.
  11. The web site did ask me to enter the PIN number on my expired card. BUT I think it would have allowed me to apply for a new one?
  12. Many thanks for the advice Bob. Just renewed my expired card, dead easy on the website. Mrs C's expires in august 2022, so will try to renew now to get an extension until end 2022
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