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  1. Continuing to dabble. I was able to access the ap via the browser on my Desktop PC running on Windows 10, download the PDF certificate and saved it to my "Desktop", so will now be able to print off a copy at any time, Now going to copy it onto the 128Gb micro USB drive which contains a copy of all my "User" files and always goes with me and my 12 inch laptop when I am on my travels. Just in case my phone!!😬. But the cerftificate will need to be updated monthly. i realise that in many cases, I may be trying to teach grandma to suck eggs, but my labours may be of help to some of our me
  2. Out of interest, I "googled" IMO 9221358 and there were numerous results, some showing as NEX and some as CV. The ones that had been updated to Condor Voyager, registered in Nassau were sites which you had to be a subscriber to find Owner and Manager. The free sites were all out of date for name, registration, and were showing BF as owner and manager. Note: I am a total novice in these matters!!!
  3. The visiting media, support teams, drafted in police and specialist military personnel were all being tested. Any positive tests would have been recorded as "Cornwall". The numerous "Protest" grroups, most ignoring masks and social distancing, were not being tested but almost certainly contributed to the spread. Now that all have returned from whence they came the numbers will hopefully fall. BUT only if the local hospitality staff and students who also tested positive now isolate until a negative re test. Fortunately up here on Bodmin Moor (St Breward area) we were still showing zero infectio
  4. Yes you need to set up your acess to the ap using a different email addres for each adult family member. You can than access the ap on any suitable device and download a PDF of each persons certificate and save them all on one device
  5. Also due to the increases in younger age group at the University campus at Penryn
  6. As the app asks you to login with your email address, possibly if you login with a different email address and then enter your partners name. personal details and NHS number etc, I would imagine that you would have access to both Certificates etc on any smart phone tablet etc., worth a try. We both have smart phones albeit mine's Android and Mrs C's is apple, we have our own email addresses but I can login on her phone using my email address. I will try if I can access my NHS details on her phone and let you know.
  7. I am sure we all sympathise with this extract from today's update from the CEO. On this theme, changes to paperwork, testing arrangements, quarantine and who can travel where (and when) are becoming unmanageable. We’re doing our best to stay on top of all arrangements for all four countries but it is imperative you check your own national advice and that of the country you wish to visit to ensure you have the correct documentation for each stage of the journey. I’m sorry I can’t offer simpler guidance on these pages but the changes to arrangements are swift and there is a limit to what we
  8. Unfortunately we have family and some volurntary sector commitments in the UK. As by road, Chez Cornwall and Chez Breton are only 45 miles apart, even the 29hrs in France "day trips" are also viable to atterd a social event and Red Bus shoping defrays the cost!😁
  9. Both of us are retired and fully vacinated (as shown on our NHA ap) and with a house in France would have no problems if we had to quarantine.There are low infection rates in our rural areas both in Brittany and Cornwall (although a recent spike in urban Cornwall). So why should we not now be booking some trips to Roscoff on the PA this summer? Two reasons, one is the cost of tests but more criticially, the fact that the UK or French covid traffic lights could change on any day that we were away creating an unknown effect that could mean changes in quarrantine and an additional number, th
  10. Just tried some trial bookings for Ply-Rosc mid August. All scheduled Armorique crossings "Sailing full". However all Pont Aven crossings have full cabin availability including Commodore which would normally have been snapped up by January at the very latest. This says it all - he who must be obeyed will shortly be making an announcement for certain.
  11. We are now seeing this very same thing in hospitality. Many skilled chef's and other staff who were either furloughed or laid off have now found patures new and hotels and restaurants are struuging to recruit suitable replacements, especially down here in Cornwall.
  12. Corporate Jet - "Sailing full" 😁
  13. I think it is more likely another case of BF speak when "Sailing full" means sailing cancelled.
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