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  1. It is a shame that there is no direct railway connection to the port unlike Cherbourg. There would then be a great opportunity for a new venture to transfer BF trailer mounted containers from SNCF to BR and viz versa
  2. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/868898/2020_Jan_UK_Alc_Stat_Comm.pdf Could the £14 billion received by the exchequer in excise duty in the last financial year be the reason why this would be unlikely to happen?
  3. With the amount of Le Peras Merlot that Mrs C and myself have consumed we should be Red!😋🥵🍷🍷
  4. Any idea what colour Briittany (Roscoff/Morlaix) is Ed. I guess Brest might be higher or don't they that go that Local. Here in Cornwall and Devon for example mostly green but with new local clusters now appearing at Exeter, Plymouth and Falmouth caused by incoming and partying new University students plus a meat factory in Redruth.
  5. So will we. Worst case is that they won't allow us to go back to UK during their quarantine. We could delay to last PA of the year on the 28th but that's only 13 days, it would than be MA or NO on the 30th from Caen BUT a road journey of 414 miles instead of 48! Chris seems to think that we might be able to get away with it as a French Property owner and registered for Taxe Fonciere and Taxe Habitation. Certainly need to do some shopping for wine and food - in that order!
  6. Stena site quotes Galacia as having two types of cabins -Economy with shared bathroom and Comfort Class with en-suite but no breakdown viz a viz
  7. I would think absolutely zero. We are planning a 9 day trip to put our house into hibernation until March (hopefully!), out Friday 16th back Sunday 25th and my big concern is that France may have brought in a quarantine on arrival by then. If i were you i would book your trip at the last minute and take the risk, I am sure that there will be availability but limited choice of cabins which are mandatory. Reserved seats are showing as "Sold Out" on the website, BF speak for "not an option". The Tuesday rotation would give you 12hrs in France. It is even possible of course that the UK c
  8. A 2 metre long cattle prod might be more effective though might be frowned upon.
  9. Their Website designers obviously googled the wrong Baltica picture from on-line library resources. Not the only Ferry company with website issues then!
  10. Strangely if you go to https://www.stenalinetravel.com/ferries/stena-baltica she appears to have a full set of cabins in top picture but in the lower picture she looks like the Cotentin as I remember her.
  11. Could have been a disaster, instead of shooting a "Mallard" with their cameras, a they could have used their guns ! LoL
  12. Certainly was the case when i worked in Plymouth
  13. Still 6000 deaths a month though this winter
  14. Surely controlled queuing, face mask instance. controlled spacing etc is a small price to pay to protect us older population from the the young generation who quote themselves on TV interviews as saying "Well if i catch it it won't be a problem" and so ignore the rules as a unacceptable prohibition on their freedom to do as they like.
  15. Morrisons do appear to have a much tighter grip on distancing than some of our other supermarkets in Bodmin. Well controlled access and a controlled queuing system at check-out on my last couple of visits, they seemed to have taken on extra staff for the purpose. ALDI is the worst.
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