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  1. Of course for France to UK it is only 18 litres of still wine per person, although you can add the 9 litres of other alcoholic drinks under 22% in lieu of the spirits allowance. Spirits in Frace tend to be cheaper in ASDA, although 2 bottles of Bombay Saphire for £29 on the boat was a good deal.
  2. I called in to the, now open, Reception at Plymouth on Friday 17th prior to our first trip to Chez Breton since October 2020 in order to get some euros at the CV rate of plus €0.02, only to be told that the Bureau de Change facility was no longer available. I’ve just checked the "new" website on my return to find the following conflicting info in two different places via the Menu. Club Voyage – The Club for anyone travelling with perks Preferential exchange rate options: Receive an extra €0.02 on top of the advertised Euro exchange rate at our Bureau de Change desks in Plymouth and Poole, Also available with 'ring and reserve' service for collection at all of our ports. Foreign Exchange: We are sorry but we no longer offer a foreign exchange service. We have closed our bureaux de change in Poole and Plymouth and no longer offer our call and reserve. This is an unadvised erosion of the CV benefits. I wonder how many others will be slipped in, post the now “magic” 30tht November 2021 expiry date that most of us now have
  3. We are due to depart roscoff on Sunday. Our good French friends neighbours tried for 2 hours to book us a pre return antigen test. It seems that now the infection rate on France has nosedived (according to pre election Macron) the pharmacies etc have stopped offering tests! Fortunately they eventually found one for this afternoon
  4. Never travelled on her myself but from some of the comments posted here re dining, an arrow on the door pointing aft saying "This way to the Fast Track Restaurant Booking Desk" should keep the steerage passengers moving!
  5. How do they flag a delayed arrival post departure, say due to weather, medical emergency or "technical issues" which could even possibly entail a diversion to Brest? "Cancelled" could imply a subsequent follow on effect with the scheduled return sailing. Seems almost as confusing a message as the old "Sailing full" Why can't it be truly live like the airlines - Departed xx.xxhrs "on time" or delayed xx mins, Arrival now xx.xx hrs. Even First Great Western can manage this if I am due to pick up Mrs C from Bodmin Parkway. I guess they will just have to rely on Plymouth Live giving the news first 😁
  6. You mean a bit like people who put traffic cones on the public highway outside their house because the consider it their own free personal parking space. Public is public whether it is a road or a public access deck area. Do Stena use these deck areas any differently?
  7. The door blew shut and self locked and your cabin keys were in the cabin!
  8. Reminds me of the old days on the Val de Loire 20 yearw ago . The on board BF staff phoogaraher took a photo of each of the cars boarding, all full of smiling waving passengers. The prints were then dosplayed in the window of the decicated photographic and camers shop which could then be bought by the happy punters, The photogpher also took pics of the smiling passengers during the voyaage.
  9. My orignal renewal date had been 31st December ever since joining the Property Owners Club in 2000. If I had inadvertantly missed the 3st Decr renwwal ,when trying to book early in the year, a mesage popped up "your membership has expired". I would then renew, but the expiry date remained at 31sd Dec. The 3 month period of grace does not give you extra free months, it only saves you having to pay a new joining fee. I guess now, if I renew in Jan 2022, to keep the cash in my bank account over Christmas thus spoling BF's cashflow, my renewal date with the recent extensions wiil 31st Nov 2022. As explained above - It is
  10. Just spent 20 mins or so playing with the new site. Yes its different so takes a bit of getting used to. However unlike earlier "updates", for once it actually seems an imprpovement, much better with the menu button. The red COVID button on the right takes you straight to the important info, which on a quick look seems to be up to date. Time will tell. I then tried a test booking for my next weeks already booked PA trip. This seemed much easier than before. Logging in with my email address recognised me as a CV member. The timetable search function worked very well unlike the previous version. I was pleased to see the Armorique sailings showing more honestly as "cancelled" rather than "sailing full". The cabin choice list showing the CV discount is a great improvement but BF may have shot themselves in the foot because it shows something, what I sussed out many years ago but not all members may have been aware of. The fact that 2 paxs can book a free inside 4 berth day cabin not just a free inside 2 berth, and not only that for a trifling £5 you can upgrade to a standard outside 4 berth as we always do. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY - the crossing now came up at £255 as opposed to the £190 which I paid when I booked on August 14th!! 😁. Thank you David W, when i was then not sure whether or not to risk booking, you advised "go for it becasuse BF will now be moving over the cancelled Armorique bookings and the price will probably increase". Wise words indeed.
  11. I wonder if BF will be changing the free GB sticker that you can ask for at check-in, to a UK sticker.
  12. Many thanks, we go out on 17th September and back on 26th so can't see much changing before then, unles it gets worse! I guess that I'm safe tol send of for the Day2 tests this week.
  13. How soon before you travel can you order the 2 day test pack? Reading some of the posts here it's also quoted as a 0-2 day test. We would pass the nearest dropbox at Saltash on the way home from the ferry. Could we test ourselves in Plymouth and drop the test off then rather than driving the 30 miles back to Saltash on day 1 or 2? Any advice please
  14. Don't tell everone, we've got to catch the PA on 17th September. This was the route which I always took when I worked in Plymouh during my 19 years commuting from Cornwall. A great timesaver whenever they resurfaced, replaced the mastic in the joints, checked the hangers etc and when they added to two outrigger lanes. However just as then, I am told that the tailback can start well before the B2371 junction. There is another rat run you can take before the B2371 but that will stay my secret until after we get back on the 26th!! I've just looked at Waze and that is diverting everyone via the Torpoint Ferry hence the delay there now being in excess of the Bridge!
  15. I coud not agree more, this is deviod of all logic, when we have a world class NHS. What incentive did the "Appoval Authoritiy" have when restricting tests to specific testing companies? Especially when a number have now been found to be fakes, rogues and scams.
  16. Like elderly relatives, she will be looked after at home for the winter and not have to go out in the cold, wet and windy weather. 👵🌩️🛏️
  17. I could never find it using my default MS Edge browser but it appeared whenever I used Chrome. When I "live chatted" in in July ref my 31 August expiry and wanting to book for September, I was told just book it and everthing will be OK. It was. because shortly after that I got an extension to end November and booked getting the full CV discounts. Does this mean that there is someone in BF manually updating the extensions one by one?
  18. That's what we called French polish when I studied GCE O level Woodwork many years ago. Perhaps they call it "English Polish" in France 😀
  19. Soon to be UKM. UKZ. UKJ and UKG etc ???
  20. Give us a clue. Which side was which? Green. Amber and Red members - or Blue? lol Sorry possible political post but with no comment.
  21. He most probably thought the photo would be OaKay
  22. Thanks David. Both my own and Mrs C's passports were issued well before 2018 so we are both affected, as I would imagine are many others who may not be aware I certainly wasn't . So as you say worth checking.
  23. Sorry, just checked and the passport in question was issued on 31 July 2011 with a 30 April 2022 expiry date (exactly 9 months early) - BUT for the trip in question was deemed invalid from 01 August 2021.
  24. She already has Chris on the "sailing full" thread. She also mentioned her other favouite, the one which once upon a time used to sail from Poole!
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