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  1. Can you elaborate on which company has bought her and intended route. thanks. Den
  2. It's OK - you're normally spot on with your comments
  3. Sister is Solent Cat. Whilst on the subject of ships' names - didn't they also have a Top Cat at one point?
  4. Shouldn't that be nautical mile
  5. I left my current job as a Trainee Optical Consultant with Boots Opticians in favour of an Operations Assistant role (within the same store) beginning on Tuesday. Looking forward to a challenging and rewarding future.
  6. Have a look at the Wightlink home page. Click on the MultiLink Pass icon and you'll find a range of options available to Mainland based footies. Den
  7. 1kerbut1, capt jack which ships were you in ?
  8. "I make no apology for my quoted post" Being reported to MODS for being offensive
  9. Sorry to disappoint you - but some of us do have full time jobs and can't sit round all day answering posts In the heart of every member of the Tactical Radio specialisation - now subsumed into the Seaman Specialist branch - is a passion for the correct use of terminology and etiquette regarding Flags, Ensigns, Standards et al. The Union Flag is only referred to as the Union Jack when it is flying from the Jack Staff of one of Her Majestys' Warships or maritime craft of the British Army/Royal Air Force. Therefore the designs adorning the bows of P&O vessels should be referred to as Union Flag in these cases - this being the pieces of text annoying me. I make no apology for my "nit-picking" . It is something that matters to me and, as far as I was aware, this forum enables members to have open discussions regarding maritime matters,.Having read some of the comments that followed I'm quite pleased that I've generated a bit of a debate for a change! Can someone please advise me where I can find the guidelines regarding response times to posts??????? Finally - I find your comment quoted above condescending and very distasteful. Thankfully this situation will not occur again as, no matter how interested I am in a topic, your comments will not be read
  10. As an ex Royal Navy Tactical Communications Rating can anyone tell me why I find this topic annoying? (I know.....tell me!)
  11. sailor_boy37 Many thanks for the explanation. That seems logical now. Good to see a little bit of tradition being kept Den
  12. Had a very pleasant crossing today to East Cowes on board the Red Falcon which raises the following question:- I know most of us are well seasoned travellers and possibly recite the "General Emergency alarm signal consists of seven short blasts ........." mantra along with the broadcast (and perhaps in our sleep ) - so why do the Raptors deviate from this by using a "continuous ringing of the alarm bells".? Yours Aye Den
  13. Re: Today I... Waaaaaaaaay down the back in 35K Skip. Outbound I was in 10A - bulkhead seat in the WT+ mini cabin. It might have a bit to do with there being no window as it's in line with the leading edge of the engine and the tray table being housed in the armrest - but being an OpUp I shouldn't really complain. Does make you realise that you have to carefully choose your seat if you're paying to fly long haul in this cabin :-/ Den
  14. Re: Today I... Today I .....took a very short jaunt to Madrid using BA's new weekend day trip fares Both ways on 767's :Long haul config outbound; European config back - pleasantly surprised when presenting myself to the Lounge Guardian at Heathrow Galleries South that I had been upgraded to Club Europe ! Downside - it was in the World Traveller Plus mini cabin which felt more cramped than my return in Euro Traveller. Never mind - two champagnes consumed outbound; four cavas in the Sala Verasquez (no Gin available :'( ) and three G+T's on the way back made for an enjoyable - but tiring - day out Den
  15. Re: Today I... Had the same problem a few weeks ago - however my Business Class A340 flight from Madrid was surprisingly good! Back on thread Today was my day off .... so I went to Cowes - outbound on RJ4 back on the new (neo?) Red Falcon. Fairly impressed with the 'new car' smell - but there were little things like the trimming on the bulkhead above the foot pax staircase hanging loose, apparent leak in the Gents' toilets, lack of payment facilities at the 'Ship Stores' facility (shouldn't it be Ship's Store?) which took the shine off the experience. Den
  16. Re: Who are you?... (Introduce yourself) The 'Silver Lining' to your cloudy, rainy day was travelling on Normandy Ferries/P&O ferries finest vessel Den
  17. Re: A Day in Ouistreham As requested
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