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  1. You don't remember the original Armorique then, boarding her once my partner was seasick getting out of the car on the car deck in Plymouth - not a terribly good seakeeping ship that one..... Rhys
  2. https://beta.brittany-ferries.co.uk/?utm_campaign=UK_DD_A1_CV&utm_source=emailCampaign&utm_content=&utm_medium=email&state=c407bbeb-0281-435b-9f33-8efc93c93788&session_state=6cd39aee-fbe9-4fc3-88fd-6ec1a831d54f&code=db5d0353-bd18-4c97-ad17-964852358f25.6cd39aee-fbe9-4fc3-88fd-6ec1a831d54f.eac706a5-a02b-4b40-8bcd-4e8a94d48b90
  3. Has anyone else been invited to the test the new look website. Change will normally trigger a tidal wave of comment on here. I have to say the site is absolutely different.... A change for those of us who don't drive the standard Uncle Henry Escort is putting in vehicle dimensions which the site does not do automatically even though the first thing it asks is your reg no. The cabin option is now called "on board discomfort" and now requires you to scroll through all options before you chose one or more. Has anyone else been selected for this? Rhys
  4. The announcement yesterday was Boris speaking about England only, it remains to be seen how Drakeford and Sturgeon will decide to go. It might be a little too early to get the bunting out. Rhys
  5. I agree there Colin, living in West Wales with some quite narrow lanes you quickly realise: Truckers tend to be drivers not wheel turners. Milk tanker drivers put their brain in a bucket every morning, there is no throttle on their vehicles, just a switch. Most tourists have no idea what that "R" setting is for on the gearstick. You can usually reverse 100 m quicker than they can reverse 10 feet. There was however the occasion above where tourists default was to hang out of the window screaming at me for daring to be in the road at all. I was in the Green Goddess Pump
  6. Irish sea crossings seem to cancel more frequently than the crossings out of Ply and Port. For us in Fishguard it seems Stena will cancel at the first hint of a breeze, though there was the epic a few years back where the Europa was caught mid channel and had to run North to hide under the Lleyn peninsula for hours. A trip from the Emerald Isle that left a lot of Emerald passengers.... Rhys
  7. I just checked - the early itineraries for crossings in March April on my saved voyage slot have dissapeared. But it will is still offering me the chance to book into St M on 5th May. I might skip that one.... Rhys
  8. Cutting across all the vaccine stuff (we were both vaccinated dose one a few weeks back). I had thought of booking something early on - late March when Plymouth is supposed to re start. I don't feel confident in that now. As it turns out, we got offered a block of work that runs till May, possibly longer, I would need a greater level of certainty to book anything even after that. We might not go till September at this rate. On the plus side, some of the UK festivals that I work are looking more likely to run this year, so we might be able to afford a bottle of wine when we even
  9. We had the Pfizer 3 weeks ago - I am not even thinking of booking a ferry. I think this could be another write off year. Rhys
  10. I was always pretty dubious about this three level fare system, I remain unconvinced that leaving the booking to the day before you leave will save you a lot either. Rhys
  11. I just paid my EDF bill with my BF card. Rhys
  12. Time to get the fleet roughian back on this run, the ship that can handle a spot of choppy water. Bring back Bretagne..... Rhys
  13. Stena just announced cutbacks on the schedule out of Rosslare to Fishguard due to a drop in freight volume. Rhys
  14. The original Armorique was something else. On one of out trips the management went green really early on, and I mean REALLY early on. We were still tied up in Plymouth!!! She is still not a brilliant sailor. Rhys
  15. It was an epic trip. Back in the day when I was too tight to pay for cabins so the then girlfriend an I wandered the ship till we found the pivot point, this was a stairwell slightly aft on deck 5 or 6 as i recall. So, while people elsewhere were enjoying the funfair ride we slept in our relatively stable bit of deck in our 57 pattern dos bags (certain age required for that too). My 57 pattern is still my faithfull companion when I work festivals - like the Bretagne, stick with something that works. Rhys
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