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  1. Any sign of a trolley token?
  2. Don't they have a Haynes Manual?? R
  3. One would hope so, but my source is a frequent flyer who commutes between by here and by there weekly. I just hope he stays a frequent flyer and not one time submariner... R
  4. This seems a good site for people in the know. I heard a tale that, fresh back from her chaotic rebuild the Europa was entering Rosslare and somehow managed to pile into the linkspan at 7 knts. This is alleged to have done a bit of damage including making a hole under the waterline meaning she is now permanently taking water and the pumps are running continuously. She has been running sporadically the last few days but the rather draughty weather and choppy seas could well account for that. The grapevine suggests this is going to need an out of the water type repair and cost a fair old wad of money. Anyone know anything? R
  5. She did get her confirmation email and new ticket today, after the third phone call to BF and speaking to someone who wasn't as plus positive and empathetic as BF staff normally are. BUT, she has her ticket and all she needs now is confirmation that the sailing is good to go., Like a lot of you we don't live next door to the terminal, so if she rocked up in Pompey to find it was a no show, she would have a four hour drive home. More to the point when she arrived with all the good humour of a bull with a sore head, the fall out would be mine to deal with. Rhys
  6. It's good someone is keeping us posted - the management was due to go on a day trip to St Malo last week. It was cancelled after she left here (West Wales), fortunately before she reached Portsmouth. Theoretically she is sailing Monday overnight. She has had no communication from BF to say she is or isn't going, phoning them up yesterday produced a promise of an email with her new ticket within the hour, which didn't arrive. BF are slipping, I feel a rude email to customer services coming on, Rhys
  7. If Stena had not spent beyond stupid money on the Europa which has barely passed safety tests for hull integrity for a few years now. Would be wild to have Barfleur up in Fishguard but would she get onto the linkspan? Rhys
  8. Some observations on the new booking system. Not sure I would want to pay the extra for full flexibility, I would rather risk having to pay £20 occasionally when plans change. We are in a position to book a while ahead and build our activities around dates booked. It's nice to get a bit of reward for being able to give BF more certainty over crossing occupation. It would be almost unthinkable that we cancel a crossing so losing the full amount would not really be an issue for us. HOWEVER, there has been a major backwards step in that you can only see the crossings on the date you choose, we like to be able to see the days when there are afternoon crossings Ply Ros, saves a fortune on cabins. Obviously you can still book afternoons but you can't chose your crossing time at a glance. Would be nice if the crossing times on each day was visible again. The system used last year was the best ever for us! I know BF read this forum so I hope they will take this as a positive suggestion. Rhys
  9. The Olympics was a mess but, with two weeks notice the Police and military had a viable operation up and running, just like that. In Wales G4S were left providing cover on two hotels in Cardiff, as it was,when the security was stress tested someone smuggled a viable bomb and an assault rifle into the Marriot. Not when my team was on, we nailed him as he came through the door. Rhys
  10. Proper training,state run, the logical group to oversee this are the old bill. We saw the private sector give a job it's best shot at the Olympics. G4S had two years to set it up and we know how that panned out. Their shambles extended to having as one of my collegues the guy who ran the operations room of Hms Invincible during the Falklands who was employed as a guard while they had selected a school leaver who had just finished his A levels and a retired school teacher to be team leaders. And please don't tell me G4S didn't coin it on the project - they billed the government for all the people they trained and did not use and charged a fortune for the uniform they supplied but did not issue. Rhys
  11. As a comparison, I've just run security for a small festival and had people working for 15 pounds an hour with their food included. Last time I checked port security locally were on in the region of 8 pounds an hour, they have terrible trouble recruiting staff as the hours are long and pretty anti social. Added to that, a few years back the dole would fund training for door supervision and guarding licenses. Now, these were people who had very little choice over attending the course and would then be shoved in the general direction of whatever work was going. This is probably where a lot of Portsmouths unemployed are shoved, because the proper security work on doors and clubs simply would not employ them, for their own safety as much as anything!! Not sure what scanner they have in Portsmouth now but when I came through there last it was one of our old ones from the Olympics.
  12. You should not really blame the staff for this, these services are put out to private tender and getting the contract after that is based on how low the price is not how well you can do the job. I work in the security industry and I've seen from the frontline. If you will not pay realistic rates for staff, fund their training properly and look after them. Then you get what you pay for, staff who are shirt fillers and non existent security. The companies of course make a million, look at G4S and the Olympics, they coined in a huge pile and didn't even end up doing the job. Rhys
  13. The thing is a museum piece, why they spent 50p on it I have no idea. Apparently they sawed it in half length wise, jacked it up and put a metre of extra height on the car deck. Why you would do that I can't understand.. The linkspan here was due a serious upgrade which was to be paid for by the assembly, Irish Ferries (who are desperate to get out of PD) and Stena. The project has stalled because Stena won't shell out their share of the dosh. Still we have Brexit to come and Stena will probably just walk away at that point. Rhys
  14. Whilst evveryone is worrying about the PA being stuck somewhere with the bonnet up, spare a thought for us in Fishguard whose ferry Europa went off to be refitted ages ago. First of all the Turkish yard reworked the bow thrusters but did not put in new seals so she was leaking when she went to sea. Latest is that she is on her way to Liverpool as one of the props is out of alignment and keeps smashing bearings, that will be the whole season she has missed. Rhys
  15. The website is still up and gives the address as St Pol Rhys
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