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  1. Thought it was just me!! Rhys
  2. Is it just me but trying to log on to BF from this site and it says the link is a dud. Rhys
  3. I like the idea of being able to guarantee a table but in reality it has rarely been an issue. We have also liked being able to decide what time we want to turn up at the restaurant when we arrive on the ship, not several days or weeks before. Of course if they offered an extra discount if we prepaid a deposit and committed to a time we might well want to go with that. You have to ask..... Rhys
  4. I should really read the tickets before posting, we are actually on the PA another BF ship we sailed on when she was in her first month of service. She's a decent enough ship but she's not the Bretagne - and the A'telier in Langoelan is fully booked for lunch Saturday too. The management does not do choppy seas so it could be a bit of a barfathon. So all in all I feel a bit cheated... Rhys
  5. Booked for a day trip to Brittany courtesy of the group this weekend, the weather has messed up the schedule for Armorique so we were forced kicking and screaming to swap to the Bretagne for the outbound leg. It was a tough decision but I think we might cope. Looking forward to it, and as a bonus the seas will be rough. The Bretagne still has be best sea manners of the fleet - well I think so. Rhys
  6. Ohhhh dear. I drive a VW T4 which comes in a variety of heights - worse still it's registered as a camper van which BF automatically assume is a high vehicle. This is all very well unless they expect me to go on deck 5 with all the cars Rhys
  7. I think there may be a flaw. Mind you most things involving May are flawed. This is a plan to alleviate the chaos which will follow a hard Brexit with the channel ports at a standstill. So extra traffic will be shoved on to other routes such as Ply Ros by increasing the number of sailings, which in return would require faster turn around in the ports. Has anyone just spotted a potential problem with this plan.... Rhys
  8. Could you make this up???? Rhys
  9. The effect of the likely collapse of sterling as the current gradual withdrawal of capital turns into a rout could hit us all very hard. That said, following a successful run through France and into Spain, next year we are planning a run from St Malo to Geneva, on to Venice, then back up to our little house in Guemene. Should keep us amused for a couple of weeks. We did run into the Gillets recently and while it was kicking off in Paris the demonstrations we saw were massive, effective and peaceful. The local people are showing, when you vote for something, your decision turns out to be wrong, the government says "stuff you we are doing it anyway" people can still come together and force a change of direction. There might be a message there somewhere. Rhys
  10. Penlan

    New Look Revealed

    I'm not sure that the new look is an improvement and haveing more of the ship in the same colour saves time when it comes to repainting. I would rather they spent a bit of time on the interior which is feeling quite tired. Last crossing we were in a cabin on deck 2 and it felt really neglected. Rhys
  11. Penlan

    New Look Revealed

    Rebirth of Truckline??? Rhys
  12. They are buying some carrier pigeons to speed things up next year.... Rhys
  13. Penlan

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Farewell tour maybe?? Rhys
  14. I hadn't really looked before but the revised PA is really butt ugly. Armorique looks good and is a great ship to cross on. Never feels crowded. The Bretagne is still a class ship, even if the state of the interior tells you they are not planning to keep her much longer. Rhys
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