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  1. The UK customs were trying that nonsense at one stage and, as said here in the Free Market in the EU they had not a leg to stand on. I seem to recall someone took it to court HMRC lost and next thing you know the customs checks stopped. They have mounted some pretty aggressive campaigns tracking those selling into the trade since then though, which is as it should be. Rhys
  2. Funny you should say that, on one of our shopping trips, one of the rear springs went ping on my T4 transporter VAN. I blamed the poor quality springs myself, replaced them with Einbach heavy duty rears (rated 1500kg axle load) not had a problem since. Rhys
  3. Was this the purrfect crime? Were the owners left feline sad? Rhys
  4. We came home out of Dieppe during the strike. "Never again" pretty much sums it up. That was a trip and a half!! One of this groups 24H specials, got into Plymouth quite knackered so made straight for the cain and kip. Vaguely aware of announcements,not really listening, drove off the ramps to find we were somewhere that was not Roscoff. Police and Press everywhere! Thank goodness for GPS, typed in "take us to the house" and off we went. 24h crossing? Like hell!! Everyday it looked like a settlement was imminent so we hung on. Our visit coincided with a sale on log stoves in bricom
  5. Crashed like a drunk driving the wrong way up the M4 at 90 mph... I nearly amended my reservation too. Rhys
  6. Tried to pay EDF - card is invalid so it says. Rhys
  7. Trying to change a reservation today. Denies any of the sailings I have chosen off the menu exist, just after it offered them to me. Then immediately decides to lock me out altogether I'll try again tomorrow - might have more joy when everyone is in work. Oh hang on, are people going to work these days?? Rhys
  8. Mont St Michel is at sea heading for Portsmouth. Rhys
  9. I tried to check my account a few weeks ago and it was locked, would not tell me anything. I might try and pay EDF to see if the card is still valid. Rhys
  10. The camping les Castels (under new ownership) sent out a promo today - they are taking reservations for camping holidays from July. Pretty cheap too Rhys
  11. IQ of a plastic duck..... Looks like it's just as well we booked two weeks in September, thats two weeks quarantine in our house then home for two weeks quarantine here.... Whats not to like? R
  12. Perhaps a reservation in Sept was not a good idea. Feels like we may never see our house in Plouerdut again. Rhys
  13. Reserved for mid September, everything crossed. Overnight on bretagne - home daytine on PA. Tried to raise a query after the reservation, phones all out and online query form would not work. Rhys
  14. The management has written a shopping list, not sure a transporter will carry it all!! Payload is only 1400kg. Rhys
  15. There's the real issue, Red Cash has already gone (other issues at play there since Jean retired mind). Post the Great Retreat which is still rumbling in the background will allowances go right down? Will I end up trading my transporter for a microcar as I don't need the space any more. Rhys
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