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  1. We tend to go for overnights outwards. From Fishguard it's a 4 hour blast to either Plymouth or Portsmouth with not much to chose between them. The timings mean you usually hit congestion coming into Portsmouth, the M5 can be like a car park at times too. The St M crossing is more expensive but you do usually get the Bretagne which makes up for it. Also 20.30 sailing is just right to catch a meal on board and 08.30 not a bad time to arrive. The run down to Guemene is a bit more fiddly with GPS insisting we go via St Brieuc - which is a good reason to ignore it's squaking and get a proper
  2. To throw even more into the pot.... We live in Fishguard, for us, there is not a lot to chose between Portsmouth and Plymouth, are about 4 hours away, the A350 rules Poole out. We are heading for Guemene Sur Scorff so Roscoff and St Malo are a couple of hours away. Caen is a drag Cherbourg a mega drag and Le Havre not even on the map. In an ideal world we like overnight out of Portsmouth with an early evening sailing meal on the Bretagne and a civilised(ish) arrival in spectacular St Malo in the morning. In reality overnight out of Plymouth is great if we arrive early, hav
  3. BF feels like an extension of the transporter owners club sometimes.... Rhys (2000 T4 AJT in blue)
  4. Sending a boat to do Bretagnes job. 10M, a mild choppiness.... Rhys
  5. Going to have to try that myself.... If enough of us do it, we could clog up their system.... Rhys
  6. If they are selling sailings knowing they will have to refund them, intending to refund them using fares from future reservations which might also themselves have to be re funded, thats not Ratner, thats a Ponzi scheme!!! I've got a voucher for 250 quid from last year, I'm getting worried it might turn out to be valueless. Rhys
  7. The estimated calculation always make me laugh. They seem pretty unchanged from month to month, then every couple of years we get an actual reading. Followed by a huge refund.... Rhys
  8. No one "needs to get back" to a holiday home. I assume ours is still there, we locked the door in October 2019. The community out there is still in lockdown and quite right too. We have no immediate plans to go out there because in the real world we don't need to go. I would not wish to place them at risk by going or risk moving the virus back here. Rhys
  9. What we are seeing is the marketising of the brand. When you boarded a ship the crew used to greet you because they loved their jobs and were happy to see you. Now they are "profit points" for the company and follow the company training manual - thats it. As a company they have gone from buying ships built to their specifications, to renting what ever is out there. Their ships used to be individual, not bought off the shelf to someone else's design. That feeling that BF was a little bit special is on it's way out. Their customer base has been incredibly loyal - le
  10. If BF are thinking of giving up on Plymouth there are now lots of spare sailing slots out of Fishguard. Of course none of BF's ships could make the antique linkspan here and it would need huge ammounts of dredging, but those are just minor details. Maybe this will be a story for me to leak one day next week before miday. Rhys
  11. i think this summer is another write off. As I said before, you might end having a right to do something, that does not make it the right thing to do. Rhys
  12. Nah, it would be Orange if it was.... Rhys
  13. Didn't see that on the side of any busses..... Getting back on subject, we should maybe remember, this is not about what we can do, but what we should do. The recent S4C documentary highlighted how, when travel for holidays from high infection areas to low infection areas was banned in England. Boris refused to extend the order to include travel to Wales. The Senedd in Cardiff did not have the power to ban this themselves. This was just before infection rates really took off in Wales. I had personal experience of this, sat in the "office" someone breezed in, declined to we
  14. I'm in the SJA as a trainer and qualified at the relevant levels. We have been increased our our ambulance cover, a lot of people were bounced up several grades so they could crew trucks. I've not seen so many of our trucks on the road since the ambulance strikes of the 1970's. The military have also been crewing trucks for the WAST. We were originally to be part of the vaccination programme but didn't end up doing anything here (Hywel Dda Health board) The programme is flying away here with 33% of the general population have had one jab with 41% of health and social care staff having ha
  15. You don't remember the original Armorique then, boarding her once my partner was seasick getting out of the car on the car deck in Plymouth - not a terribly good seakeeping ship that one..... Rhys
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