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  1. We have had a few issues over the years (not many) Each time an email to customer services produced a response that more than met our expectations. On one occasion we made it very clear that we were not actually complaining but making a suggestion of how they might do things better. They sent us a 50 pound voucher for the restaurant, which we definitely were not expecting. Rhys
  2. My all time favorite - just like all the other ships. Sailed on Bretagne when she was about a month into service, 30 years ago, has been a favorite ever since. Actually I like the current Armorique, (the first was just awful in any sort of sea) never feels crowded. The Trecastel was also pretty grim. I can cope with the PA, not a huge fan but worth doing the Thursday out of Plymouth to get the restaurant. Never been on the Barf, thought the MSM was huge and a bit souless. Normandie felt second hand about 2 years ago. Must book another crossing on the Bretagne before she goes, it's worth is just to be up forard as she comes into St Malo!! Rhys
  3. We have gone the Barbican route for a few years now, glad this was highlighted as we are on a 3PM crossing later this month and could do without chaos at the end of what will probably be a long day. Leaving Fishguard with two infants (not us) in the back, never done a long car trip before, picking up daughter on the way (who is so organised she will probably wait for us to arrive before she starts packing). Would have been a lovely end to the day..... That said, my new Garmin would probably have picked this up and offered a diversion. Rhys
  4. After a series of Xantia we moved on to Citroen C5 Estates but now have a little Vw transporter day van which just about passes as an MPV and holds 1500 kg of: coffee, veg, oils, fruit, power tools and other essentials. Rhys
  5. One of the good things about the old Xantia Estate, it could hold 1100Kg - that's a bottle or two of Merlot. Rhys
  6. There must have been someone on there who loved "Milk tray" Rhys
  7. A bit like Wales used to be then, it was free to leave but you had to pay to come back in. Rhys
  8. Anything less than 500L is hand baggage...... We had some issues a few years back when the crews went on strike and BF "arranged" for us to come by via Calais. Now, we use BF precisely because our home is in Fishguard and house in Guemene Sur Scorff which makes Dover Calais a total non choice for us. BF seemed incapable of grasping this at all at the time. Rhys
  9. Thought it was just me!! Rhys
  10. Is it just me but trying to log on to BF from this site and it says the link is a dud. Rhys
  11. I like the idea of being able to guarantee a table but in reality it has rarely been an issue. We have also liked being able to decide what time we want to turn up at the restaurant when we arrive on the ship, not several days or weeks before. Of course if they offered an extra discount if we prepaid a deposit and committed to a time we might well want to go with that. You have to ask..... Rhys
  12. I should really read the tickets before posting, we are actually on the PA another BF ship we sailed on when she was in her first month of service. She's a decent enough ship but she's not the Bretagne - and the A'telier in Langoelan is fully booked for lunch Saturday too. The management does not do choppy seas so it could be a bit of a barfathon. So all in all I feel a bit cheated... Rhys
  13. Booked for a day trip to Brittany courtesy of the group this weekend, the weather has messed up the schedule for Armorique so we were forced kicking and screaming to swap to the Bretagne for the outbound leg. It was a tough decision but I think we might cope. Looking forward to it, and as a bonus the seas will be rough. The Bretagne still has be best sea manners of the fleet - well I think so. Rhys
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