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  1. I see Wight Sun had a little trip to Portland.... I spotted her leaving on Tuesday , did a double take and nearly face planted into a street lamp!
  2. https://onthewight.com/fastcat-service-to-be-suspended-redjet-to-be-cut-to-the-bone/
  3. Maybe they could all do with a thorough read of 'designing ships for Sealink', Rogan & Ripley knew what they were doing!!
  4. its about now ish they announce her as sold to Delcomar......
  5. This is the biggest problem.... took them too long to replace the C Class, with lots of bad publicity with the LRA ( rememeber them 😂 !) and at the end of it the vessels are just not up to the job... Bad design, rubbish engines, awkward layout that is difficult to load and the handling on anything other that a millpond flat solent is up there with the best from Alton towers.
  6. Don’t believe all you hear ! Staff sickness is an easy button to push on a PA system, when the train or ferry is in such a bad state that it struggles to get off its depot it’s nothing to do with staff sickness ! I have heard it before , when stood on a platform with my driver next to me !
  7. Indeed.... and can be seen driving under the west quay passage way ( in front of Asda) as well!
  8. If they re opened platform 2 at Ryde esplanade they could also ( in theory) run a 15 min service, run more trains and people will use it! You only have to look at the growth in numbers on other small lines when capacity & frequency are increased to see this. Also, if I was working them I would be greeting the passengers at the pier head onto the train and checking the tickets at the same time.... then it’s just checking and selling to those joining at each station .....
  9. Ah , but then you could always turn up at Lymington, grab a county press , voucher was always on page 2, car + 4 pax day return, £20 ! Before I had kids the wife and I were over there at the least very 3 weeks!
  10. Travelled over on the 10th and back on the 17th, sadly I have to say that’s the last time I will be travelling via Lymington. Ferries are slow, uncomfortable and look awful already.... I was always a massive fan of the c class but these things are just too high and two narrow to cope in high winds, coupled with the fact they break down ( or burst into flames) it looks like a very poor investment and the route is suffering... it either needs new tonnage or it won’t be economically viable for much longer.
  11. would rather have this one... http://www.alanpease.co.uk/boats/chainferry.html
  12. Its the same on the railways..... I cannot go into specifics but a new train class was launched in the Uk and then suffered from a series of internal fires. Manufacturers staff came to see what was happening and found all the heat reflecting lagging had been removed and were found in a skip at the maintenance depot. When questioned about the engineering team said it took them longer to check the trains so they threw it away! It was then all replaced and the train now runs fairly well and reliably, so it's not just ferries, i think the lack of available spare transport type for any company means service time get squeezed and the lack of experienced engineers means that a lot of things get skipped until something major occurs...
  13. Whenever I think about this, the only thing I see in my mind's eye is this...
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