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  1. I see the Pont Aven is back at Portsmouth at 8am this morning (Sunday) so hoping the crossing to Saint-Malo tonight will go ahead. Just got to get to Portsmouth through all the snow. Nothing from Brittany Ferries so we will be on our way in the next hour.
  2. Re: ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries to operate former Norman Voyager to Le Havre & Santande Having travelled from Rosyth to Zeebrugge on Superfast X, I think it was, I can vouch for the comfort in rough weather. Whilst I'm on about Rosyth to Zeebrugge, Norfolk Line fell into the "economie" trap. We tried it once, but metal floors and dubious catering did for it as a passenger service. I believe it still operates as a freight service. Not sure how it has gone down with the truckers, but if the food and accommodation aren't up to snuff I can't see it catching on. Will this be the fate of the BF Economie service? Like "crechbleiz" the extra mileage from Saint-Brieuc has to make it more than worthwhile. Not for us I'm afraid. We're looking for more not less.
  3. Re: Brittany Ferries to operate the Norman Voyager to Le Havre & Santander Or maybe "MV Le Moins Chère".
  4. Re: Restaurant recommendations, Saint-Malo The only places that I've eaten at in Saint-Malo are Brasserie du Sillon, which is east of Intra-Muros but right on the beachfront; great views but rather expensive, mind you we had an enormous Plateau de fruits de mer. Inside Intra-Muros we've been to Restaurant des Remparts and a few creperies but Saint-Servan is now definitely on the must visit area, away from the menus touristique. Carog, still hungry!
  5. Re: Restaurant recommendations, Saint-Malo Hi Colin, Just found it on Google maps, it looks tiny compared to the Droguerie opposite. Will definitely be paying a visit there. Thanks for the tips. I don't know how many times I've driven to/from Saint-Malo but never taken the time to take a small deviation to Saint-Servan. That will be corrected on 24th. September. Getting hungry, already! Thanks again, Carog
  6. Re: Restaurant recommendations, Saint-Malo Brilliant, thanks for the suggestions, guys. They should keep me occupied for the next few visits.
  7. Any recommendations for lunch in Saint-Malo, either Intra-muros or outside? Carog
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