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  1. I have my tickets for two return trips this year, all of them clearly state, "You have an allowance of £8.50 towards breakfast items only, this must be spent in a single transaction at any food outlet x 2". I would have thought such a change as you mention would have led to an amended ticket being issued.
  2. John M

    BF survey

    As soon as I saw that the survey was being conducted by a third party, I closed it down and deleted. In such cases your data ends up being shared with all sorts of weird sites. Surprised and disappointed at BF for using such a provider.
  3. You are correct Jonno, but with the excess and prospect of a higher premium next year it was not worth the trouble.
  4. And my reply was totally in jest. I am sorry if it seemed as though I was having a pop at you Ed, that was not my intent. 😃 John.
  5. Ha, ha, what a mixture of emotions your post brought me Cabin-boy. Flattery, hilarity and then wonder at how your mind works, lol. As it happens the picture is me, a 62 year old Scottish civil servant, six feet tall, 21 stone and heavily tattooed. Many of you will have seen me on BF journeys and not batted an eyelid but thank you for the laugh you gave me, I don't know how you knew about the apricot poodle though, lol. I will look at profile pictures in a different light now.
  6. Thank you all very much for your opinions and advice. As this is the first issue to speak of from using BF for twenty or so years, we decided to put it down to experience. Imagine my surprise when I received an email from Christophe Mathieu offering a full explanation of the situation and an apology for the disruption caused to my travel plans. In recognition of the inconvenience I have been offered a credit of 25% of my outward journey fare. As a result of this offer, ( which I will gladly and thankfully accept), I am of the view that the fact that he chose to contact me and make this offer is typical of the good service I have come to expect from BF and I consider the issue closed. Well done and thank you Christophe and BF.
  7. I used my Barclay credit card on the Armorique in June with no problems.
  8. We know the area very well and did try several alternatives. Sadly with it being a bank holiday week in France accommodation is at a premium. We did consider our travel insurance but each hotel would be a separate claim and with a £75 excess it would not be worth the hassle. Thank you for your reply.
  9. We are booked on the Thursday night sailing from Plymouth - Roscoff on the Pont Aven. I have been keeping an eye on the web site for any cancellation or change to my booking. We have booked a hotel in Plymouth for Wednesday night intending to have a leisurely day in Plymouth prior to the sailing. Something made me call BF last Thursday only to be told that our sailing was cancelled. Our options were to go out a day later or a day earlier. We now sail on Wednesday night on the Armorique. Sadly our campsite cannot fit us in a day early so we have had to book a hotel in France for one night. Long and short we lost £78 by cancelling the hotel in Plymouth, (booked with no cancellation clause), and have had to pay £100 pounds for the hotel in France. BF have told us that we are not entitled to any compensation. Am I being unreasonable in thinking that I should receive some compensation? Not trying to make money out of this and would have been happy with even 50% of my costs. What is your opinion please?
  10. With the greatest of respect, I think this is down to expectations.Lets face it, although BF has, through Club Voyage, had our loyalty and money through the years, we have had much more than our membership value back in discounted fares.I think what you describe is a nice gesture of thanks, after all, that is what it is meant to be, a gesture, not a prize. John
  11. Thank you for that insight into the BDS. I was quite surprised to see a dog being walked off the lead. If something scared a dog I can only imagine the situation that may develop. John
  12. in these days of doom and gloom I thought this might raise a smile. https://www.suffolkgazette.com/business/seaborne-freight/?fbclid=IwAR16A26OHrWHKy8DmRHtTClk2rEl-rKXKLqawzd-ENJR67l7otp3oW4K0GE John
  13. John M

    Club Voyage

    Just to clarify things, I fully understand the way I can use my Club Voyage to help a friend. A friend who we meet every year in France normally travels Cork - Roscoff with Ir ish Ferries. IF have now dropped that route and I said that if they ended up on BF then I would let them use my CV family and friends discount. I am in no way trying to use the system against the rules. Thanks for all the answers. John
  14. John M

    Club Voyage

    Good morning all. I have a France Club Voyage membership. If a friend is travelling Cork - Roscoff can I give them my code to get a discount and, if so, does anyone know what discount they would get. Many thanks in anticipation. John
  15. I recently travelled on the Thursday night Plymouth Roscoff crossing as we do twice a year. We had gone to the port earlier in the afternoon as we had seen on this site that things had changed at Plymouth. We came back later for the early boarding. We passed through the ticket booths and were given clear, simple instructions, i.e. move forward and go into lane 15. As we reached the car in front of us we stopped, switched off the engine and waited to move through the customs shed. A BF employee came and stood a few feet away from us and was telling the drivers which lane to go into. One driver followed the instruction but only after a short argument stating that he wanted to be in a different lane. The BF employee moved away and the aforementioned driver decided to reverse across four lanes and then drive into the lane of his choice. You can imagine the chaos as he reversed into oncoming traffic. At this point he parked across the zebra crossing and several cars parked behind him. He then became very agitated when a group of French teachers and school children following the crossing passed round him front and rear. In the space of twenty minutes we witnessed another three cars do the same thing. I have to ask myself why? As it happened, the three lanes these cars ended up in were the last to pass through the customs shed and were nearly last to embark. I did wonder if a BF employee had seen them and made sure this happened. I just do not know what the point of all this was. And breathe, rant over.
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