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  1. My daughter is joining us mid way through our holiday and returning with us. Parking her car at Plymouth port is going to cost £12 per 24 hours. Can anyone suggest a tried and tested alternative please. Thank you. John
  2. We are booked to travel Portsmouth - St Malo on 2nd September returning Roscoff - Plymouth on 18th September. Due to the new rules which mean we would have to quarantine for 10 days on return to UK, we have decided to cancel. I have just spoken to BF who have informed me that as they have not cancelled the sailing, they will not be offering any type of refunds. They suggested I move the booking to next year but I have already booked our two sailings for next year. In addition, this years booking is an Economy booking. Am I being unreasonable in asking for a voucher? John
  3. Finally had the email today we had been hoping would not come but were also expecting. Our sailing Ply - Ros on 24th June is cancelled. Armorique will not return to service till 28th June. At least all options are offered regarding amending, cancelling or postponing the booking. Ah well, just have to hope that things change before our next booking in September. John
  4. Of course, my apologies if I upset any Irish people, or Northern Irish for that matter..
  5. A Google search would seem to prove that statement to be incorrect. England is a Country which is part of the United Kingdom, a Union of four Countries. If each Country were a Nation, then travel between Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales would be International travel with everything that brings.
  6. Thank you Angel, but that site is only for Scotland.
  7. I have been following the 'What are the options' thread and today read about the updated regulations for France. I went off in search of the NHS App thinking that was the best way to prove my vaccination status. I am somewhat disgusted to find that a NATIONAL Health Service app only covers those who are registered with a GP in England. I understand that Covid rules are different for each country of the UK, but surely this should be covered by a National app. Rant over! John
  8. Happy New Year Gareth, and a massive thanks to all the BFE Staff who work so hard to make this site what it is. John
  9. They have a stream on Soundcloud but no track called Adventure or anything similar. The stream can be found here: Mathew and Me Soundcloud Stream . John
  10. Today , I received, as I assume everyone did, an email with the latest information regarding the resumption of sailings. A very pleasant email which included a link to the 12 point guide. I read the guide and I felt it all made sense and, if we all adhere to the 12 points, I am sure we will have an uneventful, safe crossing. One thing, however, has made me question what is going on in BF at the moment. Whilst the email came to my correct email address which I have had registered with BF for many years, the greeting which started the email was " Dear Siobhan". Siobhan is my adult daughter. She travelled with us to France twice about ten years ago but not again since then. Now don't get me wrong, I have no intention of creating a fuss about this, but it does make me curious as to how my daughters name would suddenly become associated with my account again after all these years. It does make me begin to understand, however, why people have become disillusioned with BF through this time. All these little mistakes do begin to make BF look unprofessional in the way they are dealing with the issues created by the pandemic. Ah well, lets hope I have a good chance of my sailing going ahead on the 27th August. After self-isolating for 21 weeks I will certainly look forward to a holiday, lol. John
  11. I believe it applied to requests for RCN's submitted prior to 31st May. Today's message said is that if they cancel your sailing they will email you with your options. John.
  12. We were due to travel Plymouth - Roscoff on 25th June, returning 12th July. I had booked an economy ticket so paid the full amount. I submitted a form to request a RCN on 27/05/2020. Today I received an email with a single RCN for the full cost, valid for two years. Perhaps this is an indication that they are starting to up their game on the customer service front. John
  13. A friend of mine was notified by phone on Monday that the camp site we are both booked on will open on 16th June yet there is no announcement on their web page or their Facebook page. I wonder where we stand if they open but BF do not start running again. I am due to travel Ply - Ros night ferry 25th June. John
  14. Thank you for your answers, some interesting points. My wife and I go to France twice a year, end of June into July and end of August into September. This year we took advantage of the new booking system and chose the cheapest (but non-amendable) price. As a result we have paid the total for both trips. We have pretty much accepted that we will not see France this year but, looking on the bright side, we do not have to find the money next year as we will have vouchers. As I say you have to look on the bright side. Take care everyone and be safe. John
  15. It may be the case that normal service does not resume until after September 2020. When this does resume do you think that those people who have had sailings cancelled for 2020 should be given priority booking for 2021. Perhaps we could have the opportunity to book one week prior to the opening of bookings for everyone else. I am just interested in peoples opinions. John
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