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  1. According to Ouest -France newspaper, Normandie had an electrical problem on board during Caen Ouistreham to Portsmouth yesterday and diverted to Cherbourg, as the nearest port, for safety reasons. It appears that two crew members were taken to hospital while 600 people stayed on board overnight. Alternative arrangements are being made for passengers' onward journeys. http://www.ouest-france.fr/societe/faits-divers/avarie-bord-un-ferry-deroute-vers-cherbourg-avec-600-personnes-4157722
  2. The usual ferry smells are fine. My post #21 refers to something entirely different, related to a specific problem which made the journey unusually uncomfortable. Thankfully, the situation appears now to have been resolved.
  3. It was very 'fumey' on board Barfleur, including inside some of the cabins, during Poole to Cherbourg crossing on 13th March. When I mentioned it to the BF staff member at Information, she replied that they were aware of it, due to the use of temporary generators with an unfortunate wind direction.
  4. I wonder for how long she is going to be reliant on a supplementary generator and why?
  5. If that's the reason for potential Sunday delays, I wonder why don't they do that work on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening when already timetabled for later departure?
  6. BF sailing updates have reported in recent weeks that Sunday evening sailings from Cherbourg to Poole have been subject to possible delays as maintenance work is carried out while Barfleur is alongside. Does anyone here know what this is all about?
  7. Hooray! Today's news- game over! http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/13714430.Navitus_Bay_wind_farm_plans_rejected_by_government/
  8. I've just read the comment you added to the report. Well said!
  9. Flossie

    Today I...

    Re: Today I... Enjoyed the spectacle of a heavy thunderstorm with lightning and hailstones while waiting to board Barfleur at Cherbourg this evening. The billowing, black cloud formations were quite startling. Nevertheless. a calm crossing ensued.
  10. Flossie

    Today I...

    Re: Today I... Enjoying this thread. Khaines, hope you're not suffering too much.
  11. Flossie

    Today I...

    Re: Today I... Booked my next two return ferry crossings on Barfleur; did some Spring cleaning; went for a walk in the sunshine; relaxed for an hour on my balcony with a glass of wine; now cooking a roast dinner. La vie est belle!
  12. Re: Navitus Offshore Windfarm Project Regarding this issue, I've been accused of NIMBY-ism. As my outstandingly beautiful 'Back Yard' is part of the Jurassic Coast, a recognised World Heritage Site, then I am definitely a NIMBY and proud to be so.
  13. Re: Navitus Offshore Windfarm Project A remark made to me by a Navitus representative implied that the windfarm in question would only operate for 25 years anyway. Doesn't exactly offer a long term solution to energy supply problems does it ? What will they do with hundreds of redundant turbines after that ? Given that we are living on a small island surrounded by vast areas of water, does it not make more sense for power companies/government/entrepreneurs to more fully explore the possibilities for harnessing tidal power? Lots of questions. I don't know the answers
  14. Re: Navitus Offshore Windfarm Project It's not just about the visual impact on a World Heritage Site. How confident can we be about efficiency and cost-effectiveness? www.challengenavitus.org.uk Worth a look.
  15. Yesterday I attended one of the so-called 'public consultations' about this. This turned out to be merely a biased presentation by Navitus of their horrendous proposals. Navitus representatives were patronising in their replies to queries and totally dismissive of objections raised.
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