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  1. Does anyone know when the 2016 winter timetable to and from Spain is due out? If not, when was it released last year? TIA
  2. Funny thing weather. We were delayed boarding for 1 1/4 hours due to "inclement weather" . Turned out to be one of the smoothest crossings we have had.
  3. I am traveling from Portsmouth to Spain leaving on 28th Feb. I have seen that BF has cancelled some ferries to Spain recently because of bad weather. I am traveling to Portsmouth from an Island in Scotland and it takes me 2 days to get to Portsmouth so I want as much advance warning of cancellation as I can get. I know that nearer the time I can ring BF and get info but have the pundits on here have any knowledge of how bad the weather has to be before they cancel ferries?
  4. To join costs £220. I can a get a 10% discount at the moment so it just doesn't make sense to join myself. Anything more that £120 and I lose money
  5. I know so I am adding an incentive
  6. If there is a member of the Spanish Club Voyage who does not have an associate member I would gladly send the £120 if they named me as an associate. If this suggestion is against the rule my appologies and please remove it
  7. What is an advance registration?
  8. To be honest I don't really know the man who's code I use as he is a friend of a friend I have lost contact with. It is a great idea all the same and if there is a Spanish club voyage member who would care to let me be an associate member I would send them £20 per year so that we would both be paying £80. Any Takers who could perhaps private message me?
  9. I use a "friend of member" to get a 10% discount on the Spanish ferry but I cannot work out what the discount is on as it is not on the total price. I am thinking of joining Club Voyage myself and I want to be able to work out if it will be worth it. Any thoughts from current and past members?
  10. Thanks for your replies I think I'll get 2 singles
  11. Are there any advantages of buying a return ticket for more than 1 month? There appears to be a disadvantage in that once the outward journey is taken then it is not easy to change the return whereas 2 separate single booking gets round this.
  12. Can anyone tell me when the winter timetables to and from Spain are due out or, if unknown, when they came out last year? TIA
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