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  1. Re: Cuthred (Mira Praia) Lots of photos This old ferry's are a small part of Setubal memories. The place they are now alongside is not a ordinary area for navigation. We have less than 20 vessels a year crossing that small channel only used to load heavy peaces from a factory. Now is not so easy to take new photos of them. There is another photographer arround that takes photos of all the navigation on the harbour. The link for these ferry's - http://ships-boats-craft.blogspot.com/search/label/Mira%20Praia.
  2. Re: Cuthred (Mira Praia) Lots of photos Hello Often, I check the visitors list to see who is visiting my photoblog and I also try to understand the purpose of that visit. That's why I found this Forum and I just become a member. About 'Mira Praia', she stays alongside for almost one year at the some pier that was showed at photo. So far there is anybody interested to buy any of those old ferry's. I´m a Harbor Pilot at Setubal and as hobby I try to have nice photos from the surroundings of the beautiful bay. Robin
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