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  1. I’m disappointed - this is in poor taste. Not only trashy but I find the knife-wielding in particular and the video as a whole insensitive. Not what I would have expected from Brittany Ferries.
  2. You've been asking for tips about your impending trip on CF to Bilbao. One of my tips would be to wake up relatively early to see CF dock at Roscoff on day 2 of your trip and then stay on the sundecks as she follows the Brittany coast before hopefully traversing the Chenal du Four and passing close to Le Conquet and then the Raz de Sein off Plogoff. Looking at Marine Traffic she is doing this right now on her return to Portsmouth. There was an interesting feature on this inside passage and the CF and Pont Aven in the latest edition of Ferry & Cruise Review, although a chart / map with the article would have been helpful. And - if you are awake around 1am / 2am (first few hours of the journey from Portsmouth) you will find the Cap passing between Jersey and Guernsey - she virtually always does this on her Sunday departure to Bilbao as it seems to be a slightly more direct route to Roscoff, as usually she goes down the English Channel. When passing the Brittany coast you will see one of the reasons BF have named her Cap Finistere (Penn ar Bed in Breton). Finally a stop for provisions at Sainsburys /M&S Hedge End or Tesco North Harbour might be wise as you are going on CF unless you like pizza, hot dogs and salads!
  3. How about booking a cruise to Bruges then taking a train to Ghent/Antwerp/Brussels or even Lille. I'm booked to go on a mini cruise on the Pride of Bruges in August to Bruges, but I'll just be taking the coach to Bruges as a stepping stone to go somewhere else - haven't yet decided. Brugge (Bruges) is pleasant enough but more of a place to go from cafe to cafe and sit and watch - so I'll be passing through to somewhere else for the day. Incidentally there has been much hype recently about the refurbished Yorkie and Bruges - and that was the impetus for me to book my mini cruise in August - to experience the changes made. Having done some research however the refurbishment of the passenger areas doesn't seem to be that extensive- enlarged shop, yes, wood flooring in the Brasserie, some club cabins updated. Otherwise I can't see that much else has changed (not in terms of passenger facilities at least). I understand that the Bruges is also currently out of action and has been for around two weeks due to engine problems, but hopefully this will be rectified soon. If someone else knows more about the recent refurb of the Yorkie/Bruges information would be appreciate. Incidentally do they still use keys for the cabins or has the system been updated to key cards?
  4. Does anyone know whether the latest Edition of Ferry & Cruise review has been published (the one with Armorique on the cover)? According to ferry Publications it was due for publication on 28 April, but despite visiting one of the few stockists in Wales in Holyhead twice recently they only had the previous edition. I know that Ferry Publications have always been notorious for not publishing on time - but grateful for any information anyone may have. Thanks, Pride of Portsmouth
  5. I'll be going on her in two weeks time having got a Mini Cruise for £50 with an outside cabin both ways - thanks to the DFDS offer at Christmas (mind you the game you had to play was quite challenging to get the offer!). Have dilly-dallied about going on her or her sister the Princess for quite a while but found the normal mini cruise for around £170 quite expensive especially if the ship was busy with boisterous mini cruisers as I think she can be at times. Having travelled the on her as the Val from Portsmouth-Caen, Portsmouth - St Malo, and Plymouth to Santander I have many happy memories of a great ship which outshone her competitors like the Pride of Bilbao, because BF had the know-how and finesse that P&O lacked, despite P&O arguably having the better vessel on paper in the Billy. The viewing deck above the bow on the Val was much appreciated although this means that two decks of forward facing outside cabins were plated over and are now inside cabins. Talking about cabins, my cabin in two weeks' time is a 2 berth outside - does anyone know where would be the best location for this type of cabin on the King? Is there a detailed cabin plan available somewhere? Also are the forward facing cabins (on deck 9 I think) all 4 berths, or are some 2 berth as I would be very happy if I could opt for a two berth at this location on the vessel. I think King Seawys and her sister show that "old" tonnage can prove very attractive to passengers even nearly 3 decades onwards. Moby have used the former Prince/Princess of Scandinavia (the former Tor sisters) very successfully from Genoa to Corsica in recent years and the former Queen of Scandinavia will shortly be in their hands. Also the former Tallink Superstar (although not old, but second hand) will shortly be introduced by Corsica ferries. But we in the UK seem very slow in taking advantage of such tonnage which come available from time to time and could be very successful on U.K. routes, appropriately modified if required. Many years ago Sealink / Stena Line spent £8m refurbishing the St Columba/Stena Adventurer on the Holyhead -Dun Laoghaire. Following refurbishment the vessel was completely transformed and in my mind was one of the best transformations of a ferry for a long time. I understand that P&O 's Pride of Bruges / York on the Hull - Zeebrugge are also being refurbished to prolong their service for a few years - it would be interesting to hear comments about them once refurbished, or a view as to whether P&O or DFDS offer the best service to those travelling from the north to mainland Europe. My guess is that DFDS (price aside) have the edge but I'll reserve judgment until two weeks time when I'll have the opportunity to travel on the Newcastle-Amsterdam route for the first time, albeit the sixth time on the former Val de Loire. Please excuse any ramblings but I'm currently in land-locked Moldova and looking forward to see the sea again and visit the north of England where although it can still be cold at this time of the year it won't be as cold as here where the temperature is currently -12 and likely to reach -16 before dawn! Talking of the Val and St Malo you may find the following pictures from early December interesting when the Armorique visited St Malo for the very first time.
  6. In my recent 20 sailings in Europe over the last 2 years, only two have not been smooth (Fishguard - Rosslare and back early April on the Stena Europe), so I won't complain if conditions are blustery.
  7. Yes - you need line 61 - reasonably frequent bus services from Caen - Ouistreham. The shopping centre by the gare in Caen is nothing spectacular - modern but you won't want to spend more than 20 minutes there and it doesn't contain that many shops. If you have time go to the Centre Commerical Mondial on bus no 1 - a large hypermarket and other basic shops on the city's outskirts - a 15 / 20 minute bus journey.. There are frequent trams from the station to Caen city centre (download the Twisto app for more info). Remember that you don't have to cach the bus to Ouistreham from the train station as it does stop reasonably close to the city center, after leaving the gare, so if in a hurry you won't have to go back to the gare. Hope you enjoy your crossing on the Bretagne - the upper deck where the tea shop was has been destoryed in character when refurbished in 2009, but rest of the ship is still quite stylish and comfortable. Pride of Portsmouth
  8. Thanks very much for both comments. I think the forward facing cabins on deck 8 of Pontaven must be accessed from another area, as if you go to the forward end of deck 8 there is nothing to indicate that there are any forward facing cabins there. Absolutely take the point about closing blinds, worth remembering. Also with some of the forward facing cabins the forward outer bulkhead of the ship slopes away so there tends to be a wider gap between window and cabin, i.e. window not completely flush,and a few centimetres further away, so views can be a bit tricky (this is especially true of the forward facing cabins on deck 6 of the Bretagne).
  9. Just a few questions which I would be grateful for an answer to. I will be travelling on a day trip from Plymouth - St Malo and St Malo - Portsmouth in early December. I have booked an outside club cabin outward (Armorique) and a large 4 berth cabin inward (Bretagne). The Armorique cabin is on deck 9 starboard and the Bretagne cabin on deck 6 port. My question is are the cabins at the front of deck 8 on Armorique club cabins, and if so as they are front facing, would it be worth phoning BF to see if they could change my cabin to one of these (i.e. do you get a good view across the bow and are the cabins the same as the other club cabins in terms of layout and size). Secondly, on the Bretagne, do you know if the cabins on deck 8 overlooking the bow are standard 4 berth outsides or have they been upgraded to club class? FInally are there front facing cabins on deck 8 of Pontaven - there are windows at the front of deck 8 but I haven't noticed that there are passenger cabins here? Many thanks, Pride of Portsmouth
  10. Perhaps not - but all you need is a supply of underwear and socks, two trousers and two shirts, one pair of shoes, one jumper and one anorak max. Remember you will be wearing some of this clothing simultaneously anyway and you can throw away dirty underwear / socks quite easily. (Oh and a toothbrush / toothpaste - but anything else I would argue is surplus to requirement). Remember you can use your coat / trouser pockets to carry things as well. It never stops amusing me to see people checking in a multitude of heavy bags at airports when I sail through saving money, inconvenience and also helping the environment as the aircraft burns less fuel with less weight.
  11. Console yourself - at least you will hopefully have a pax gang away to board the ships - the Stena Line foot pax gangway at Harwich has been out of action for 18 months and counting. Utter disgrace!
  12. Firstly can I remind you to switch of caps lock when posting - it detracts from your post. If you have a case you don't need then what is the problem - you don't need it so throw it away in a sensible manner, relax and enjoy your trip on Etretat and Normandie. Seriously though I think that left luggage facilities in the Portsmouth area are virtually non existent for understandable security issues. Perhaps you can pack lighter? Hope you enjoy your trips on Bretagne et al - I would appreciate a trip report especially on the Etretat.
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