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  1. Stena Line Freight website is showing 1 round trip on a Sunday and Monday.
  2. 14 sailings a week translates as 1 sailing each way per day. They have upped this to 24 sailings a week, 2 round trips a day apart from a Sunday and Monday which the Stene Europe will cover just the 1 round trip.
  3. I think Stena had reduced the amount of sailings with the Stena Europe to 1 round trip a day. It appears for most days now its back to 2 round trips a day.
  4. According to Stena Line on Twitter Stena Estrid will be moving to the Rosslare - Cherbourg service with Stena Horizon moving to Dublin - Holyhead. This is only whilst the traffic levels are still high on the French service. Also says that Stena Horizon could continue the Dublin to Cherbourg service at the weekends from after the last Stena Estrid service next weekend.
  5. Stena Estrid is scheduled to do a Dublin to Cherbourg on the 23rd of January returning on the 24th. This is as well as having the sailing from Rosslare to Cherbourg which is scheduled to be the Stena Horizon.
  6. The finish in them is excellent. Travelled on Estrid when she was covering Belfast - Cairnryan and was thoroughly impressed. Wonder if Stena would look at putting another Visentini opposite the Horizon. As much as the Foreteller can carry more freight the lack of drivers must be costing them. Also wonder where the 240m E Flexes will end up. Only time will tell.
  7. Great pics Chris. Must say I find these vessels very attractive looking.
  8. Just seen a post on Twitter that Stena Embla is going into service between Rosslare and Cherbourg from tomorrow.
  9. I'm pretty sure that's a mistake. If you read it, it says "400 freight or 250 cars". By P&O's wording cars have suddenly become bigger than freight. Also what are they designating freight as? Is it just trailers? Is it truck and trailer?
  10. I think your figures are wrong regarding this. Pride of Rotterdam has 3300 lanemetres and then the dedicated car deck for 250 cars. The Ulysses has 4076 lane metres and can only carry 240 trucks. Where you get your 400 HGV's for the Pride of Rotterdam from I don't know.
  11. https://www.faktaomfartyg.se/european_ambassador_2000.htm Stena Nordica appears to have this extra ramp as well so she can fit certain berths. I wonder if this will disappear when she replaces Stena Baltica.
  12. https://www.niferry.co.uk/stena-vinga-to-replace-stena-nordica-as-irish-sea-relief-vessel/ Yet again the excellent NI Ferry site providing information on a rather unusual vessel coming to the Rosslare to Cherbourg service from next week.
  13. After watching the excellent Norland video I found this on the same channel.
  14. The long corridor is where the Dover gangway attached to the ship for foot passengers.
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