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  1. That's good going. I've been on her a few dozen times now and she is surprisingly fast and manouverable for such a big ship (although she does heel over a bit when turning sometimes, or so it seems to me). I do remember going on one of the W-class not long after they entered service, 2010-ish - that one boat left very late for some reason and we were informed over the tannoy by the captain that he would "start the extra engines and try to catch up". I think they have four engines but normally only use two. Full marks for trying and fair play to Wightlink for permitting such a thing despit
  2. I think somebody confirmed that they do not, although as far as I can see from photos St Catherine/GB Conte and St Cecilia/Nando Murrau still have them fitted. St Helen/Anna Mur had hers removed whilst still in service with Wightlink and as far as I can see Delcomar haven't reinstated them. Would be interested if someone knows for definite that they are not being used, I would assume they are required to be kept in serviceable condition if fitted so perhaps they may be brought back into service in Italy if the extra capacity is needed. Otherwise you would have thought they would all have
  3. Ah, I see, thanks - yes, that makes sense. Presumably also why the VoW doesn't have them fitted either, which surprised me when I travelled on her the first time. Just think of the capacity if she did! Poor old Faith probably starting to look a bit odd now, with mezz deck doors welded up and windows plated over for the mooring system!
  4. How come, I wonder? They add so much to the capacity. Are they still nervous after the incident with St Helen (which must have been, what, 6 years ago now?) They were still using the mezz deck on the St Clare when I travelled back to the mainland a couple of weeks ago so presumably not a company-wide policy. I know Wightlink are in a bit of financial trouble at the moment apparently but surely the scrap value of a mezzanine deck won't keep them afloat, if you'll pardon the pun!
  5. Yes, forgot about the bridge being different. It was the funnels that gave it away for me!
  6. That's an easy one, it's Cenwulf. Or it could be Cenred. Or maybe it's Caedmon. It's not Cuthred, that I do know!
  7. This is a question I've thought about before, when they got rid of Cecilia - what are Wightlink going to do as and when they decide to sell Faith? I've not yet been on the VoW on a windy day to see how she copes, I would hope better than the Clare or W-Class but I still wonder if the island could get cut off on a day like this. Are the Raptors still running today?
  8. Quite. The Fishbourne route thrived throughout the last century compared to Southampton mainly because of its speed and regularity, two things which have been on the decline since the mid-2000s. Touch wood I have only ever had one ferry cancelled on the Eastern route (ex-Fishbourne about 3 years back, apparently due to fog - whatever happened to radar? - but I went and sat in the pub for two hours and had an early meal), but I often get the late ferry as a rule. If, as in the case of that midnight one, it was cancelled, I'm not sure what I would do? If I was on the island I'd go back
  9. To be fair, I'm a regular user and generally Wightlink serve my needs perfectly well (although I use Portsmouth rather than Lymington now as the service and tonnage on the Western route is poor). I also prefer the A3 to the M3, so am likely to stick with WL where possible. But yes, if they keep cancelling sailings (and if I'm unlucky enough to get caught up in it more than a couple of times), they will undo the 30 years custom and goodwill I have had with them rather quickly I am afraid. Fingers crossed they sort things out soon.
  10. They really need to bin off the W-Class, they were crap when they were new and are falling apart already judging by all the issues they have had over the last few years. It's such a shame as with all the upheaval of replacing the C-Class after nearly 40 years good service, the opportunity was there for a genuine step forward (which Wightlink are quite capable of, as seen with the original Saints and most recently the VoW), and yet they've ended up with three expensive ships which seem unsatisfactory in pretty much every way. A shame, but I fear better ships will be a harder thing to imple
  11. Yes, this is the problem. Both Wightlink and RF seem to be in a race to the bottom when it comes to customer service sadly, which is a shame as the VoW is a real step forwards. What I find odd is that both companies seem increasingly disinterested in providing a reliable and regular service to their customers. The thing is, what to do? If one company really got their act together (in terms of service, price or both) the other would have to respond, but there seems little sign of this happening and the island's tourist industry in particular seems to be suffering. Really a third operator
  12. What sort of general mechanical condition is Faith in, I wonder? I know she is the newest of the four, but as a regular traveller St Cecilia - some four years older, dating from 1986 - seemed more reliable and less prone to vibration right until the end. As far as I was aware Cecilia was the "highest-mileage" of all four of the Saints as well, surprisingly.
  13. Good pics! Hopefully she'll be getting a full repaint this time...
  14. Poor old Wightlink, that's like Thomas the Tank with Annie and Clarabel trying to cover for a Eurostar! Good luck to them, but I can't help but think Faith might make a better job of covering it, even minus a mezz deck.
  15. Definitely good news. However, as you say, it used to be 30 minutes, which was excellent and very convenient. I remember it only in the days of the C-class however, as far as I was aware the W-class have never run a 30 minute interval. I might be wrong...are they even quick enough to run the old 30min service or is it just too uneconomical?
  16. I actually quite like that! Continues the tradition of the model of Cenred too. I don't find the VoW especially offensive aesthetically, I think she looks better than the jumboised Raptors and certainly better than the Clare or the W-Class (which can't even manage a funnel...) As I feared though, it seems the service may be being reduced further because of the VoW. The other week the 9pm sailing was packed, as well it might be given that there wasn't another until midnight. Three hours between sailings of an evening, really?? Thank God I didn't get stuck in traffic!
  17. Well, there's progress! Unless it had an outboard motor hanging off the back...
  18. Yes, that was back in the 1990s when you could turn up and just do it over the counter as you say, you certainly couldn't get away with it nowadays! I think they were well aware of what was happening, I didn't do it as often as some others I knew as I preferred to book a specific time in advance - but on one occasion I took a late evening sailing from Lymington and for whatever reason the period return was far more expensive than usual. No reason for this was given so I seem to recall buying the day return for 10.30pm or something outbound and back on the 11.30, so officially half an hour on t
  19. Yes, Lymington definitely used to be half an hour on the C-class, I think they were somewhat easier and more manoeuvrable on the river! I vaguely remember the vouchers, but the other good one was to buy a day return special for twenty quid or whatever, and "forget" to make the return journey! Then do the same on the way back a few weeks later...it was cheaper than a period return I think...
  20. Fair enough - I cheerfully stand corrected, I've only used the Wight Riders about half a dozen times so perhaps that's my mistake. I was just sure that they took comfortably over 20mins to do the crossing whereas the Tasmanian cats and the waterjets managed to get the crossing under 20mins, perhaps I am mis-remembering. Or perhaps they felt like they had greater acceleration than the current ones so felt faster! I do agree they are the smoothest-riding of the cats and the upper deck is nice, certainly.
  21. I can't say I disagree. I was a regular on the western route in the days of the C-class but after about a year of the W-Class being in service I switched to Portsmouth-Fishbourne and have rarely gone back. Even before the latest issues the Lymington service was becoming quite poor, with a limited timetable and slow unreliable ferries with "basic" accomodation, to be polite. The most frustrating thing about the W-Class (seemingly shared by several islanders I talk to) is they seem to have pleased nobody...the customer is disappointed in their reliability, speed and accomodation, the harbou
  22. Quite, I was due to return to the mainland on the 17.30 today. Fair play to Wightlink, they sent me a text about midday apologising for the delay and rebooking me on the 19.00, even reminding me I may be entitled to compensation (not that I'd bother TBH). As it happens there was no point getting home that late so I just amended it to tomorrow early evening, no charge and I get another day on the Island. Was not at all surprised to see it was the Clare that broke down, it usually is. They should scrap the bloody thing (mind you, I've been saying that since 2001 LOL) and build another VoW.
  23. Depends really. I'm on the Essex/London borders with a static caravan at Whitecliff Bay, so it's about the same to take the anticlockwise M25 to the M3 as it is the clockwise M25 to the A3. But the A3 is the better road in my view, the M275 quicker than the M27/M271, and Fishbourne more convenient for me than East Cowes. Plus my park offers reduced ferry rates for holiday home owners, but only via Wightlink. I have to say that Red Funnel have their own issues too. Whilst P-F is not as quick as it used to be (and nor are Wightlink's other two routes either), that run down Southampton Water
  24. As stated above, I like the VoW and I congratulate Wightlink on getting the formula (mostly) right this time. But I do think they might have over-egged the pudding somewhat. It's all well and good building such a large and capacious ship, and presumably another will follow to replace Faith, but if the terminals cannot handle it, does it really help? Portsmouth has been double-decked, but the slow road access and tight entrance remains the same. Fishbourne is worse in this respect, and cannot be double-decked without the neighbours (rightly, to be fair) complaining. In the past, the company has
  25. The sheer size of her does mean it takes a long time to load and unload I find. There is also the problem highlighted earlier in that the traffic queues at the Portsmouth terminal exit if they are unloading both decks, and also at Fishbourne where the traffic from each deck crosses over shortly after leaving the ship, followed by the slow joining of Fishbourne Lane, itself hardly a major road. Each deck having a direct connection to a) an extended M275 and b) a Newport DC-style road at Fishbourne would solve it, heh heh!
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