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  1. Wow - also shows how smalle the Newhaven Dieppe ferries are - the former Dieppe (to starboard of the Stena Line vessel Mecklenburg-Vorpmmern) looks tiny cmpared to everything else!
  2. I assume Condor know the difference between Arrow (which is designed for unaccompanied freight,) and the Liberation (which isn't.)...
  3. You'd have thought though that they would have been tried out before she entered service, not now - seems a strange time to randomly decide "ooh, let's put her in Portsmouth". Is Portsmouth that much more sheltered than Poole?
  4. (Sticking this in here as not worth a thread by itself) Just looking on AIS - Commodore Clipper is showing on Berth 1 (the high-speed one normally used by NEx), I didn't realise the berth could handle other vessels!
  5. Pretty sure she's going to need a good bottom scrub soon too! She's just been sitting there now for what, year? Even the best antifouling isn't going to be great if she's just sitting around.
  6. Consistency maybe? Keep things simpler?
  7. Pretty hard to get a car from the Channel Islands to Cherbourg I would have thought!
  8. Reported on the Dover Ferries Forum that the Seven Sisters has just left Dunkerque for Odense... for the fitting of Scrubbers... i am sure she will come out looking lovely... http://dfe.boards.net/thread/839/sisters-dunkirk?page=1&scrollTo=14304
  9. Has there been any more news on this? Especially for charter this summer?
  10. When I went on the PoB, it was two 🌃 from Portsmouth to Bilbao, leaving Saturday night (I think) Sunday at sea arriving Monday morning. Coming back left midday arriving following afternoon
  11. CF has berthed at Plymouth before, is there a possibility to fit a Flexer in?
  12. That's the easy bit - reducing the fuel bill quite a bit. But as others have said here, how much longer will people be willing to accept before alternatives become more attractive? People only have so much holiday, are they reallistically going to want to spend what will now amount to nearly three days of it traveling?
  13. Can't see the third e-flexer on the Le Havre route - had 20 people on yesterday's crossing and 7 apparently on one last week. I think all three will be on the Spain routes.
  14. And L'Instagram has a different livery altogether...!
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