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  1. Am slightly wondering though, exactly how many people are booking today? Just because the sailings are online, are there that many people actually booking today? (OK I booked today, but very unsual, normally don;t have plans until few weeks before hand, its just I have part holiday, part event meaning dates are somewhat set)
  2. The Ferry Man

    New Look Revealed

    With the stripe on the bow, NEx really looks like a cat with whiskers!
  3. Wonder though, how many bookings are they losing becasue of it?
  4. Hmm... Never worried them before, especially as i would have thought more people are booking online...?
  5. You get bussed from the terminal to the gangway. Assuming that they keep footies, which is doubtful I fear DFDS don't and P&O at present is only for during the day, then must just be bussed onboard.
  6. This sort of length must require one at each end surely?
  7. Double ended ferries for Dover! Could be quite impressive! To be built in China https://www.shippax.com/en/news/po-ferries-orders-worlds-largest-double-enders-for-dover-calais-service.aspx
  8. If you want a real laugh, I was checked a few weeks back getting on board NEx. The security guy didn;t actually know what to really do - where exactly does one look on a cyclist in full cycling gear, certainly had no bags!
  9. New Poole-Santander-Marseille service? Seriously though, does this mean her charter is up?
  10. Pretty sure the Ryders are slower, although since they can;t get to speed until outside the harbour it is more limited in effect. Something rings a bell of a 18 minute crossing for the FastCats, but could be mistaken
  11. I don't think that the car carrier berth which was hit by the Kent is in use, pretty sure one of the piles is still bent. However there is some new single linkspan berths at the far end of the harbour, where the old Hoverspeed seacat berth is. Not sure if Tilbury would have a double deck link span like Dover-Calais, since Boulogne/Calais/Dunkerque would be pretty much the only destinations for such a vessel. Of course, the European Endeavour would have been perfect - loading ramp aft, bow has Calais fitting.
  12. Not quite that far north, but P&O are stating an intention for a Tilbury to Calais freight service... (Posted on Dover Ferries Forum: http://dfe.boards.net/thread/808/calais-tilbury?page=1&scrollTo=14114, www.facebook.com/groups/223856147984161/permalink/880476475655455/)
  13. Agreed - seems to have taken for them to paint the weld areas
  14. Sorry - meant she was coming into Portsmouth - was onboard whilst posting. But yes, my question was, as Tony said, she will happily cross the channel from Cherbourg at around 32 knots, and then speed up just past the outer anchorage region, before slowing down to the usual ~20 knots approach speed. Last night she left Cherbourg a good 15 mins early as well, so plenty of leeway for arriving on time (arrived fairly early)
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