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  1. They do look amazing! Even the old Seafrance Nord Pas-de-Calais and Commodore Goodwill gets some love!
  2. Hmm maybe, but again, what is the difference between her and Etretat? Shame as it is only her and Kerry left and this would have been the perfect opportunity.
  3. Hi all, Trying to book a Daytrip to Le Havre on the Connemara, but comes up as being booked for foot pax (and cyclists), but testing for a car has spaces. This is both the daytrip offer and normal booking! Are BF foiling my plan to travel on her but not doing footies? Seems strange as Etretat was fine in the summer, and its not like the route is overflowing
  4. Looks too dark to be on the berth?
  5. Normandie has it on the same deck as MSM, although strangley CF has it a deck above... so MSM and Normandie have it on the Lifeboat deck, and CF on the deck above
  6. I think a lot of people would be pleased if that was the Burgundy!
  7. Let's hope it's not start the year as you mean to go on...
  8. The Bretagne? Indeed she was, abit just Santander as Bilbao was P&O at the time (actually,she must predate the Pride of Bilbao 1993 I believe for PoB).
  9. The internal ramp on the Commodore Clipper has broke, to be fixed after Christmas. Cars onboard are trapped and customers have been given hire cars. https://www.itv.com/news/channel/2019-12-23/cars-trapped-on-condor-s-clipper/
  10. A merry Christmas to everyone,and here's hoping for a great 2020!
  11. The shipyard has already gone bust and now nationalised (if I remember right)!
  12. That could be it, though, Boxing Day? there are no services on Christmas Day, so?
  13. very early too! Lots of time for the weather to change...
  14. Khaines just called Barfleur wierd... the end of the universe is here! The three windows don't do her justice with that livery, though at least the upper vehicle door has been painted. Still think BF shouldn't have gone for the one livery fits all approach.
  15. Not quite BF, but the Condor Liberation's sailing today was cancelled due to the weather. On her tomorrow, hope it's not too rough!
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