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  1. Trouble is once lost, it will be hard to get back I fear
  2. Very sad day if true (sounds more likely) Loved doing trips over, have good memories fo a few non-landing day trips when I was younger. Loking at the new ships... probably should have been easier to guess I suppose. So at the moment, the only route still accepting footies to France is Newhaven-Dieppe (with BF (fingers crossed) once this is over).
  3. I can see it, the bulbous bow marker is in a slightly different place - the bigger of the two "plate lines" ends on the bow bulb marker on the Estrid
  4. Well Condor are suspending the Poole service until December: Quote: Having reviewed our schedule, we are left sadly with no option but to suspend Poole-CI services between Friday 06 November and Thursday 03 December as we are simply unable to run ships at a fraction of normal capacity. For those of you affected, you will be contacted and offered alternative services on Clipper to/from Portsmouth. From Condor Email https://email.condorferries.com/4Z68-EX7B-BF48C84A23AE497042746Y66357644B2683FDC/cr.aspx
  5. The upper stern ramp talking about earlier - its a considerable chunk of metal!
  6. I thought it might be an extension for the upper vehicle deck, so that a linkspan ramp can be lowered onto it? Not sure if the Edda/Estrid have one?
  7. The Ferry Man

    Galicia and Marksman

    Galcia Maiden Arrival in Portsmouth - Marksman providing water cannon salute
  8. Finally catching the sun!
  9. Passing Old Portsmouth
  10. Passing the Round Tower
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