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  1. Ferry wise all routes to mainland Europe now arrive at quarantined ports
  2. As has Northern England https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53602362
  3. My very first holiday on my own when I started work was a weekend in Le Havre. (With LD on Seven Sisters)
  4. Considering we are on the verge of European lockdowns, this isn't going to be pretty...
  5. Who would have been a suitable operator though? You would have needed one/two suitable vessels and a company with big enough pockets to manage the cost of setting up the route again, bringing back customers and going up against BF, other than Stena, would there have been any likely candidates to take the challenge (other than "mix, match and shuffle" ferries)
  6. It is looking more and more unlikely for a LH service...
  7. It's not looking promising...
  8. Well this combined with Covid and possibility of borders closing at the the drop of a hat, BF must really be feeling they are up the Biscay without an engine!
  9. The Ferry Man


    Normandie departing Portsmouth
  10. The Ferry Man

    2021 Timetables

    I remeber it being discussed, Didn't realise (or remember) it had been confirmed though. A year ago though things looked a lot different for BF...
  11. The Ferry Man

    2021 Timetables

    It does seem a very Stena thing to do though...
  12. The Ferry Man

    2021 Timetables

    Is BF paying for the conversion?
  13. The Ferry Man

    2021 Timetables

    Has it changed since the Costa incident though?
  14. You can be a flagship, and you can be a flagship, everyone can be a flagship!
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