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  1. Just going back to this slightly, so she is the first new ship to use the extended berth, but the berth is only partly extended with more extension to come?
  2. And his able assistant Han MeDaruler
  3. Makes sense! It just looked like a construction site last week! Anyone seen the finished article yet? An end to the ship shuffle hopefully now three ferries can berth
  4. Both Baie de Seine and Pont-Aven off the Isle of Wight today to allow the CF and MSM in
  5. The old logo survives to live another year!
  6. Piano Land??? Seriously? What is the point of extending the berth then if the only ships that can berth there are ones that have been before?
  7. My last trip of the year should be on the Liberation - Black Friday deal (in fact costing more to get to Poole). Just hoping the weather is... kind!
  8. Do they always bus you? With the Cancelled LH crossing, I was told I could be transferred onto the Caen sailing, but had to make my own way there (not sure how when the trains were on strike but anyway!)
  9. Defintley - Thursday morning - My Thurs overnight from LH was cancelled because of the strike. I know PA left Wed after CF arrived lunchtime, allowing MSM to berth, as Tony said. we left followed by MSM, and PA passed us going back into PIP. Following morning we passed PA in the entrance channel off Southsea. So couldn't have been a St Malo crossing Wed night - not enough time.
  10. Well something Pont-Aven-like passed us off Portsmouth Thursday morning though it may have been strike related maybe?
  11. Cap Finistere at Le Havre
  12. The Ferry Man

    Pont-Aven Sunset

    Pont-Aven returning to Portsmouth from St Helen's Anchorage after allowing the MSM and Cap Finistere to berth, due to berth extension works on berth 2
  13. Certainly giving the PA some work - she had to leave PIP both Wed and Thurs to allow the Cap to berth. Looked like they were preparing to put in a pile as we left
  14. Cap Finistere at Le Havre
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