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  1. Hi everyone, Now that NEx has become the Condor Voyager, do people think if there is any chance at all of a High Speed Ports-Cherbourg service next year? Currently just showing as two Galicia/Salamanca sailings, which are on Wed/Thurs evening. Thanks!
  2. I think since BF announced they were getting a mini-Flexer to replace the Normandie, any chance of Honfleur coming to BF is minimal to nil. Not quite sure what will happen to her
  3. three month dry dock? What are they planning to do to her!
  4. I've never seen it that dirty before Edit: It's not from the funnels either...?
  5. When the testing is lifted I'll be on the first BF crossing I can get on to! I've been bored and landlocked too long!
  6. Well everything else is now!
  7. OK I have to ask... Have been wondering... How do you fit in a three day test if you go over for a daytrip?
  8. That's annoying. As a single traveller, the cost of a cabin is a lot Compared to the rest of the crossing.
  9. BF aren't the only ones taking up a eFlexer https://www.vesselfinder.com/news/21409-Stena-RoRo-orders-its-tenth-E-Flexer-RoPax-ferry How long before every ferry is a variant??
  10. Wow, bit of a shock. It's going to be sad to see the Normandie and Bretagne go, to be replaced by a off the shelf ship. Five of the same ships!
  11. So now possiblity that Spain will be added to the "Amber Plus" list https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/07/19/fears-spain-could-added-amber-plus-list-beta-variant-rates-outstrip/ How much more can BF actually take?
  12. Most likely be the end for marginal routes - Newhaven-Dieppe most likely possibly Poole-Cherbourg (ducks) 10 years though, lot can change, and fleet replacement, Bretagne, Normandie Barfleur will likely all be gone/replaced. Certainly expensive infrastructure improvements, which, whilst good, certainly going to boost prices.
  13. Heard rumour that Macron has agreed with this.. anyone confirm?
  14. Official BF video. Appears to be starting services from Gosport...! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHJS6-PGQh4
  15. Apologies if I missed this - QHM is showing Armorique on (what I assume) is the Cotentin's LH slot at Portsmouth?
  16. You seem to have to for Jersey though? I booked thinking this, but if you read up, Jersey requires three PCR tests throught the stay, and you have to self isolate until the frst result arrives - not good if you are camping, as campsites don't let/want you self isolate
  17. Seems like nothing is going green, but possibly some going the other way. Considering that the virus isn't going away, and there will always be new variants, when will we be able to go abroad...?
  18. Maybe cut out the middle and just do a direct route from Portsmouth to Plymouth - catch all the motorhomers driving to Devon and Cornwall!
  19. NI Ferry reporting that it won't be happening after all https://www.niferry.co.uk/brittany-ferries-says-no-to-uk-portugal-ferry-at-least-for-now/?fbclid=IwAR1wwl5fTrr6VUTDZZNqs4LBLsAeG2uyLvkWJBBWYof2s3bI7LyH6yT0auQ
  20. I don't know, cyclists and foot passengers generally get treated the same in terms of being the first to be stopped
  21. I've looked but can't see, whats the rules if stay aboard?
  22. Well the light is finally getting such Cotentin is no longer arriving in Portsmouth in the dark! (Picture mildly adjusted in Photoshop to improve colouring and brightness)
  23. Talking of the Liberation, anyone know what she was doing in Portsmouth today? Nothing in the QHM online schedule
  24. Not quite confirmation, but there is no sign of NEx/CV on the Portsmouth - Cherbourg route in 2022 yet... *or Poole-Cherbourg
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