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  1. This surely is just going to mean higher fares - must need higher capacity than that to be profitable, especially to cover the less busy times Going back to NEx, can anyone seriously see her returning? Certainly won't be this year I would have thought
  2. The transport minister today implied that Ireland was doing it's own quarantine lockdown anyway?
  3. Valid point I had been thinking along similar(ish) lines - if I'm running late and cycle a bit harder to get to the port in time, I'm going set thermal scanners off all over the place!
  4. Where exactly are they planning on finding these foot passengers...? 🧐
  5. FSG have secured a short term loan which should help deliver Honfleur https://www.maritimejournal.com/news101/vessel-build-and-maintenance/ship-and-boatbuilding/short-term-loan-steadies-troubled-fsg?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWWpNM016VTVaakE0Wm1VdyIsInQiOiJtQmhURk8xbitTaDdHTFwvN1VCMlF4dExNeW5TXC9rU1h3TG05MXYzUWUzYXFTbG1LOFZcL2FCTzdVYWdVSEIwOVM0OWplQ1hIVHFEaHc5RFI4N1hEbnNkbCtFK0tCOWRVaGxhV0ZkTjBXT2xFZ1BXZHBEdXB6TVhGbmQwT3BtNFwvWnMifQ%3D%3D
  6. Sadly I have found that page under my recommendations, as well. Edit: and no, not a member of it. Might be as I am in some (positive) ferry groups
  7. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158523102318117&id=25821818116 Certainly afloat now!
  8. I feel a bit of a cheat - all of my modelling is virtual!
  9. My issue would also be I have a recliner for the overnight trip - so two issues for me. But since my holiday reason has been cancelled anyway, I'm just leaving it to see what happens.
  10. Final payment for my (essentially cancelled) July trip comes out in 10 days... Not sure what exactly to do!
  11. Can't find where the link is - is the Caen area now gone to green?
  12. Have to admit I didn't think about it that way, but if that is the reason (admittedly I am looking at a trip slap bang in July/August it may be fully booked, though not sure if the Le Havre routes get that busy) then will be interesting to see what happens...
  13. Interesting little thing just saw. I just looked at my booking, of course the July 2021 sailings are not showing so I can;t advance it on a year (this could be an issue if te crossing gets cancelled before the crossings come online). But now also showing my crossing as being full, as is the next days. I basically tried to amend my crossing to the same day, bringing that up, wonder if that is related to BF no longer carrying footies...
  14. For me at least, it's the convenience of being in the door step - no need to travel anywhere. It's a good Four-five hours to get to Dover by train. *Not that the tunnel would take me anyway bar Eurostar an getting bike on there is a faff!*. Trouble is, and I think someone has mentioned it before, if you are paying BF prices to be essentially locked in a cabin for the crossing, you're missing out on the BF experience, then what is the point for some of paying extra?
  15. I suppose NEx will end up being balancing between will she lose more money tied up in Le Havre doing nothing or in service with an uneconimcal service. One positive with that is with fuel prices being reasonablly low at the moment it might help tip the balance
  16. I very rarely book a cabin - even on overnight crossings I tend to go for recliners - as a single pax getting a cabin boosts the price of a crossing quite a bit
  17. Certainly going to make passport control interesting - I assume that you have to remove them for that, t which point I believe they become useless?...
  18. I like your thinking! But, looking at the average crossing, and assuming you can treat a car as a household unit: Person will: Go up the stairs to pax deck, touching railings, doors; Nice crossing? Go out on deck, touch door handles, railings Visits shop, touches items in shop Has something to eat touchs cutlary, trays, etc. SIts in bar/lounge Goes to bathroom Back to car That is a lot of things to clean...
  19. Makes sense - BF's going to need a lot of extra crew though! How do you get from the car deck to the pax decks without everyone holdign on to the stair railings!
  20. Same as Rapide, generally put bikes in a section, sometimes a compartment off the car deck. Crew will normally tie them up. Pretty sure with regards to touching, there isn;t going to be soemone following every person onboard wiping /disinfecting everything they touch, door handles, toilets etc So no trips with BF for me in the forseeable
  21. But cyclists use the car lanes? What would be the issue no different to motorbikes?
  22. What about by bike? Whilst my holiday is cancelled in July, my booking (as a footie) is currently still live, so might find out soon...
  23. I believe I saw something onthe BBC that said a government official confirmed it to be sea and trains as well
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