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  1. Not quite confirmation, but there is no sign of NEx/CV on the Portsmouth - Cherbourg route in 2022 yet... *or Poole-Cherbourg
  2. If Rapide is off, then BF won't be getting NEx I think. Possibly the end of the High Speed service from Portsmouth too, which is a shame
  3. Other side Possibly? Pics I have seen it is on her port side. She now has a pink bridge though!
  4. Trouble is no one is knows what the situation is going to be like in September (or even 2022). We still don't even know if there are going to be any sailings in May!
  5. I fell for Condors advertising of the overseas vacation in Jersey. Booked for a campign trip in June. Unfortunetly whats not mentioned is Jersey will still want you to have at least one PCR test on arrival (and day 5... and day 10) and you have to isolate untio you get the results. Unfortunatley the campsites are now stating they can;t be used for self isolating... I;ve now moved the booking until September, but not holding out hope...
  6. Probably to do with the accuracy. the lateral flow tests are not the most accurate...
  7. Our good friend @TonyMWeaver Has found this great webcam of Trelleborg (currently) featuring a very familiar ferry...
  8. She has now left Cherbourg, bound for Trelleborg
  9. I just want to know when they painted it red! it's been very quiet ferry-wise, but would have thought someone would have noticeed before the 1st!
  10. Couple of shots from this evening of Etretat's final arrival into Portsmouth.
  11. Still sending out adverts on FB and email to book your summer 2021 travel though...
  12. Can confirm funnel is red...
  13. Not sure if anything new here: https://www.falmouthpacket.co.uk/news/19195380.brittan-ferry-falmouth-docks-shellfish-export-proposal/
  14. https://www.shippax.com/en/news/irish-ferries-to-enter-the-dover-calais-arena-in-june.aspx My first thought was to check the date... A bold move!
  15. OK slightly off topic... but email through from Condor about a an "abroad staycation"... What are the chances that Guernsey/Jersey will be accepting visitors for summer? (OK I know and accept planning the future is currently impossible!)
  16. Cunard are proposing the same with the Queen Elizabeth. Both though are requiring both jabs (and a week post second jab), so a lot of disappointed people I would think.
  17. Interesting thought, what would have happened if BF realised just how popular the Spanish route would be and built the Bretagne to a slightly higher capacity...?
  18. She was designed for the Spanish routes (Originally Plym-Santander)
  19. Fully Agree! So away from Politics... Where does BF go from here? As it looks increasing likely that a return to France (at least, not sure what teh siatuation is in Spain) in the short- medium term is unlikely? I know they said they was positive, but two years of extreme down turn in passengers? Two years now of no NEx service, St Malo...
  20. Looking at the news today unlikely that there will be any foreign holidays this year, really bad news for BF! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56475666 Bit strange, as last year we could over the summer???
  21. Well it ended up going for nearly £27! Expensive key ring!
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