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  1. She's finally got a full white hull like promised (and advertised) .so many years ago by Irish Ferries then!
  2. Indeed - just had a look and you can still see the name fairly clearly on the bow!
  3. Just had a look - a return train from Portsmouth to Plymouth is around £70, quite an extra cost to the trip
  4. Interesting video of Red Kestrel trials. Interestingly, there is a comment which states it will only take 9 drivers.
  5. Saw Nando Murrau today from the Red Funnel ferry - on the return trip she was smoking from her funnel so assume generators were switched on (wasn't smoking on the outbound trip few hours earlier). Interestingly there is still a remnant of her former name on her bow!
  6. It is indeed the ex Midnight Merchant - Must be one of the few ferries that has gone to the Mediterranean and returned! (She was sold to Acciona between Norfolk Line and P&O ownership)
  7. Anyone know what Red Kestral is up to at the moment? Looking at AIS seems to have been moored up past few days.
  8. My First thought actually came back to this with NEx... she is, what 19 years now - that is fairly old for a HSC; Could it be a final season for her? She was alongside Bretagne when she was painted, and NEx would be somewhat simpler to repaint I would have thought. (*I know, that is the extreme end of the scale...*)
  9. Or make new wavy bead rolls... Shame, loved the triangular rolls!
  10. P&O and Eurotunnel didn't seem that bothered though...
  11. Well P&O are suing the government now over Eurotunnel getting money... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48063672
  12. So is it coming in via Needles? If it comes via NAB should be able to see it from Southsea (assuming around 1hr and a bit from Ryde region to Southampton) so 6-ish
  13. Cap Finistere arriving in Portsmouth
  14. Maybe, although the Cowes Chain ferry was towed in via the Needles
  15. Interesting - I wonder why via the NAB channel and not the Needles?
  16. See that was my thoughts - lower bookings combined with extra crossings don't sound good.
  17. What does this all mean for the "No-deal Brexit" ferry crossings? Since nothing is likely to happen soon, there is less need for them any time soon.
  18. The Ferry Man

    New Look Revealed

    Is the other berth not used anymore?
  19. I know my booking got changed, and I saw i online looking at amendments before having a "official notification" a good few days later. On the other hand they did give compensation to make up for the changes.
  20. It didn't even need to be a new branding though - just change the font and the wave logo to the new versions - leave the rest as is (ie blue wavy hull). Spend all that money developing the new money, to not implement it. Very strange
  21. Can't see why they couldn't at least have updated the logo to the new one? Even if they kept the font the same
  22. BBC reporting how the no-deal ferry services have now started: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-47749732 Is the two crossing Port-LH service Now confirmed until October, when the timetable is showing a single service once again?
  23. Um.. I do £5 for a chair compared to £60+ for a cabin, as a single footie/cyclist traveller, a cabin makes a trip a lot more expensive, usually more than doubling the fare, especially fora day trip. For example this year I am planning to go to Grenoble, via LH ang TGV, which I can get cheaper than a plane (and less hassle with a bike and luggage), but If I then add on cabins, it works out more than the plane.
  24. A few pictures of Bretagnes arrival this morning. Have to say... the new livery didn't look anywhere near as bad on her as I was expecting (bar the dodgy paintjob). If this was her first BF livery (ie not the previous stripey ones), It would be perfectly fine, I think.
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