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  1. I don't think that the car carrier berth which was hit by the Kent is in use, pretty sure one of the piles is still bent. However there is some new single linkspan berths at the far end of the harbour, where the old Hoverspeed seacat berth is. Not sure if Tilbury would have a double deck link span like Dover-Calais, since Boulogne/Calais/Dunkerque would be pretty much the only destinations for such a vessel. Of course, the European Endeavour would have been perfect - loading ramp aft, bow has Calais fitting.
  2. Not quite that far north, but P&O are stating an intention for a Tilbury to Calais freight service... (Posted on Dover Ferries Forum: http://dfe.boards.net/thread/808/calais-tilbury?page=1&scrollTo=14114, www.facebook.com/groups/223856147984161/permalink/880476475655455/)
  3. Agreed - seems to have taken for them to paint the weld areas
  4. Sorry - meant she was coming into Portsmouth - was onboard whilst posting. But yes, my question was, as Tony said, she will happily cross the channel from Cherbourg at around 32 knots, and then speed up just past the outer anchorage region, before slowing down to the usual ~20 knots approach speed. Last night she left Cherbourg a good 15 mins early as well, so plenty of leeway for arriving on time (arrived fairly early)
  5. Done the same again - we have just passed the outer anchorage and have sped up from 32 to 36 knots Edit now 37
  6. That was the reason given that the Cunard Queens were changed to Bermuda. It will be interesting to see then if they come back to being registered in Southampton... I doubt it though...
  7. I always go to a nice Boulangerie in Cherbourg post cycle, called Maison Toulorge. Do a really nice brioche with chocolate chips! The Grande one is rather large!
  8. Any reason why the Cap is on the Le Havre route? Seems strange since its only two midweek calls
  9. Might finally get to go on the Cap then! And Connemara - got to love refit time
  10. https://www.vesselfinder.com/news/15924-Port-of-Muuga-Strengthened-With-New-Ferry-Connection-To-Finland?fbclid=IwAR1XP_uufjdYHgaZYngbbU9IQLw5Uz0W7eAiUcpsUx6m2gLtE1PkjYvCOVE Nice pic included in this article
  11. Update: Very strange - looked very much like she had a tug to help her off the berth, and used the western entrance, but is currently crossing at 33 knots, so no sign of any issues
  12. Any issues with NEx? Seems to have the tug Caen Ouistreham 3 alongside, according to AIS
  13. Hi, Looking at Normandie Express speeds, something I have noticed is that (once past the speed limits) she seems to speed up to around 36 knots sailing past the IoW, but once she hits the open channel, she slows back down to 33 knots (where she remains for the crossing). Not a one off either, as I was on her last week and did the same. Any reason why she does this? My initial thoughts would have been currents, but would have thought then that it would be more date dependent - ie less likely to be two consecutive Sundays
  14. HMS Queen Elizabeth and Bretagne this evening I'm guessing NEx sped up to ensure she arrived before the chaos?
  15. https://www.wightlink.co.uk/go/tickets-prices/vehicle-fares/?utm_content=buffer63f16&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer#priority Well this could get interesting...
  16. Hasn't Pont-Aven been there few years back for a Christmas cruise?
  17. There's a lot less work for the RO-RO Freighter compared to Honfleur though
  18. What is causing the continuing delay? I know W B Yates had her issues, but was she a year late in the end, since this is where Honfleur is heading
  19. Four points judging by the last pic!
  20. Auchan in Calais has this bag at the moment!
  21. There was a tannoy announcement arriving at Portsmouth that the coach pax would disembark as foot pax and then collect the coach sometime afterwards. I assume this was both ways as would explain the somewhat unusally large amount of footies boarding at Cherbourg. (About three bus loads, so would equal a coach I would guess). No gangways onto NEx, everything was over the stern ramp.
  22. The Stena Horizon was in the normal berth, not sure why we didn't use Barfleur's usual Berth.
  23. Nice trip over to Cherbourg for the day despite the Weather on the crossing. A lot of expensive looking cars inboard now for the return crossing, looks to be from Le Mans. Interestingly a coach has also boarded! Never new NEx carried coaches. Looks to be a very busy crossing.
  24. Rectangular rolls on the Normandie Express today. Very nice though!
  25. I assume the other two are the Australian TT Vessels?
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