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  1. The Stena Horizon was in the normal berth, not sure why we didn't use Barfleur's usual Berth.
  2. Nice trip over to Cherbourg for the day despite the Weather on the crossing. A lot of expensive looking cars inboard now for the return crossing, looks to be from Le Mans. Interestingly a coach has also boarded! Never new NEx carried coaches. Looks to be a very busy crossing.
  3. Rectangular rolls on the Normandie Express today. Very nice though!
  4. I assume the other two are the Australian TT Vessels?
  5. If they are less/not known, what difference will the funnel make? How many companies will choose a ferry crossing because they recognise the funnel???
  6. That looks a lot more like it - Thanks.
  7. Trains not a problem, booked onto the 10:00 train, so plenty of time, only one train every two hours, so an earlier train would have been somewhat pushing it. It's more the return trip - have an overnight in a hotel by the station, so was hoping to get the free bus from there in the morning
  8. Evening! With the enhanced ferry timetable, does anyone know what time the free bus is to/from the Ferry Terminal to the station in Le Havre? The website still says: https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/ferry-routes/planning/ports/le-havre But seeing as I get in at 07:00 on a Saturday (rather than 08:00, but less of an issue for a 09:10 bus), and more importantly, getting the 09:15 ferry back (again on a Sat - apparently no bus at all) I assume/hope that there is a new timetable?
  9. I reckon the marines heard the restaurant was serving triangular rolls!
  10. Hmm intriguing, must be a glitch somewhere, as showing me different things, mousing over shows Nando, Clicking showing St Cecilia!
  11. I'd guess more for accommodation Brest is too far for a general refit - a lot head for Valletta, and peak season would be a strange time for one
  12. AIS now showing as Nando Murrau and destination Carloforte
  13. It is an interesting point though - it is the same for trains - day returns cheaper than longer returns, despite nothing changing bar the day
  14. Very true. Maybe a freight-only sailing though to get more space on CF?
  15. Better than no ship at all surely?
  16. Better than no ship at all surely?
  17. It really is going from bad to worse
  18. The money spent on the rebranding has probably been wasted now following this issue! The amount of annoyed customers on the internet will have a bigger effect than a new logo
  19. The Ferry Man

    New Look Revealed

    Two logos for the price of one!
  20. The Ferry Man

    New Look Revealed

    Two logos for the price of one!
  21. Round rolls on Normandie this evening!
  22. What options would they have though, if this issue couldn't be fixed before peak season? I always wondered what backup options a ferry company would have for this sort of situation - sadly I appear to be finding out
  23. The Ferry Man

    New Look Revealed

    I think they missed one...
  24. Bit confused with him - he appears to be doing a solo cycle from Roscoff to Santander, and has pictures of him on the Cap on the 21st???
  25. Evening! Probably staring me in the face, but I can't seem to find the link from here to make a booking with BF?
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