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  1. Have a very dodgy old picture I took of Commodore Goodwill on (I think) Berth 1, taken from PoB
  2. Was on her yesterday - she seemed to ground to a halt as she turned out of the main channel before speeding up again.
  3. From top: Commodore Clipper Mont St Michel Connermara Cap Finistere Hebridean Sky
  4. It's sad to see how she's just been left to decay.
  5. Few pictures of the Ryde from today, aurprised she is still standing at all!
  6. The Ferry Man

    Mont St Michel

    The Mont St Michel evening arrival into Portsmouth
  7. The Ferry Man

    Mont St Michel

    The Mont St Michel evening arrival into Portsmouth
  8. The Ferry Man


    Evening arrival of the Connemara in Portsmouth
  9. The Ferry Man


    Evening Arrival of the Connemara at Portsmouth
  10. Ended up planning a trip to the Mendips in July for my break, cycling there and back, so should mean no reliance on public transport. Hoping (fingers crossed) things have calmed down enough for a quick mini break to France (via Calais/Dunkerque!) in September.
  11. Well no one saw that coming.. 🤫
  12. Just have to wait for it to flow down to the BF site.
  13. Had heard nothing from BF card - I only found out when I went to check the balance. Thankfully for me, I dont have much on there. Bad for all those that do
  14. And she has arrived! Very breezy for her though!
  15. I'm more intrigued where she's got the zoom quality WiFi from!
  16. Good point! But going back, will me wearing a buff over mouth and nose be acceptable in France (mainly for public transport - trains and buses) be acceptable?
  17. So when in France, where are face masks required now? And by masks, us it the same as here where you can wear essentially anything as long as it covers your mouth? Any other Covid rules?
  18. Went to have a look at my Eurocard Balance and found they currently are not accepting payments: https://eurocard.brittany-ferries.co.uk/bf Something to do with Wirecard? https://www.fca.org.uk/news/news-stories/requirements-imposed-wirecard-authorisation
  19. Has anyone heard if/when the Calais Seaways will be returning?
  20. Agreed. I was going to Grenoble this year, and hopefully should have the air corridor in place. I was going overnight to Le Havre, then train to Grenoble. However, now I am taking Eurostar / TGV. It pains me to say it, but it's easier as well as quicker. So next year seriously considering that way again. I'dmuch rather go by ferry, but there is advantages, and people who are less bothered by how they get there...
  21. Looks like Eurostar us getting my money this year and next ☹️
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