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  1. Not much you can do until it changes I'm afraid. Just keep your fingers crossed. BF should in theory refund / voucher you if it doesn't change - hopefully should know by the 29th, when the quarantine is reviewed (scrapped I think)
  2. At a guess the Cap on the Port-LH route would be my guess. Can;t see it being anything other then the Connemara for quite a while
  3. With no Honfleur in sight now likely to be Connemara. Have to say surprised Etretat is not returning
  4. If she's lucky, someone else may move in to buy her. Otherwise will likely just sit around at the yard
  5. Who's going to finance the finishing off? The yard has no money, no contracts. I doubt they will just finish Honfleur "just in case", sadly. Only hope for her is someone comes along wanting the vessel, otherwise she's likely to just be a rusting hulk awaiting her fate
  6. Not the most enlightening of press releases. So just it won't get completed in a reasonable time then. What is a reasonable time? Considering the situation at the moment, even a delay of a year should mean she's in service for next summer? Not so urgent at the moment would have thought next June would have been ok
  7. Trouble is we're being told not to use public transport - I'd love to go back on a train, it's the only way I can get to anywhere! You look on the NRE website and all that flashes up are messages basically telling you not to use them.
  8. Lets just hope the Honfleur doesn't become another Viking ADCC and just sits in the shipyard for a good few years
  9. So the second of BFs LNG projects bites the dust... Real shame So where does BF go from here? Normandie will neeed replacing eventually - she'll be 31 next year, and (another) new build will be what, 3 years if they started now? Will Portsmouth-Caen be reduced to a one ship service? The other possibility would be Armorique replacing Normandie...
  10. I was thinking similar for Dover Zeebrugge - wasn't that freight only by then with the Seaways trio?
  11. What have you heard regarding the Dover routes? Was looking at a getaway in September if possible
  12. For 24hrs though? I know the Visentini's don't have much onboard, but still better than essentially locked in for 24 hrs (+)
  13. I'd be happy confined to the outside deck!
  14. Well unless you wipe out the virus completely (which you won't do), always going to be a risk of reimporting it. Other countries don't seem so concerned now though...
  15. Biggest fear for me at the moment is the prediction that we are going to have a second wave over winter - end up in back in lockdown all over again for next winter, and have everything like this all over again
  16. Weymouth must be full and moving on to the next nice spot!
  17. At least it might mean she is coming back into service
  18. When this finally clears away, do you think things will return as was, or are things like masks, social distancing and queuing to get into one way shops and supermarkets here to stay?
  19. They might as well though - We are now looking at two months July - August if, IF, things are allowed back then. Even then you will have a lot of people (assuming most poeple will want to travel) trying to get on to reduced sailings with limited capacity... Not exactly good...
  20. OK one last ponder I've been thinking on this subject. What's the difference between, say Portsmouth Ferry Port and an Airport, for foot pax Arrive - Same for Airport/PIP Check in - Same again, use of screens/e-check in to reduce contact Wait for Boarding - Same again for Airports/PIP (and to be fair most shopping centres) Security/Passport control - Well PIP's just wasted money on thermal cameras so, but again, similar process between Airports/PIP Boarding - Bus to Ferry - well buses are still running, with social distancing, and I think some airports bus pax around (I know Malta Airport certainly does, and that is opening up) Boarding Stage 2 - Linkspan/Plane walkway - Same again, maintaining social distancing Thats it, on the ferry/plane So where is this major difference? Apologies, I know, but it just a bit frustrating for me, I love travelling, and now, can't go on ferries, trains, coach, I'm stuck to a 50 mile cycling radius! I can't even get to the IoW! I was looking forward to getting on the first BF ferry I could!
  21. Well that just sucks big time Still can't see the issue with cyclists - we still use the same way onboard as motorists at all terminals - whats the difference? Well I'm depressed now. What exactly am I supposed to do now with my BF credit voucher? Its now worthless for me. Very sad here...
  22. Certainly my concern as well. ☹️
  23. Construction to resume in the second half of June https://www.motorship.com/news101/ships-and-shipyards/fsg-honfleur-construction-restart-next-month?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTldFek5tWTJORE15TWpFMiIsInQiOiJlNHo1Qmh3WVkxQzhqbWJNR1JHWHhjeXJwcUdpbkhWYzVHa0M1UGNGT3NjWUk0cUhyZmg2ZDJpa1dGbHBcL2VnUklzZkpQOHE3U0dsK0I0S2hLXC84elkzVnRTd21iUEVROFBSdjQwQmRDSTZmcUt0K2VrVmQ2TXE1S1JKNFpTajZ0In0%3D
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