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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47206303 Government now being sued...
  2. The Ferry Man

    New Look Revealed

    Agreed, I think the logo has been placed very high up
  3. Looks like the Normandie may have issues? Currently still only in between the shipping lanes. Running at 17 knots though
  4. The Metacentre is based on both displacement, centre of buoyancy and centre of gravity. A weight below the ships CoG will lower it, increasing stability, and vice versa. hence weight above will require a corresponding increase in weight below the CoG to balance things out.
  5. Fuel will be a bit more though, and the added complexity of a free surface. As an example, for the Pont-Aven, which has a heavy fuel oil capacity of 955 m3, assuming same capacity for LNG, which has density of around 410-500 kg/m3 (https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/liquefied-natural-gas-lng-d_1092.html), Gives a weight of about 400 to 475 te. That's a lot of weight to have that high up.
  6. I really wouldn't want that much weight that high on a vessel - especially with free surface. Eventually there must be a way for internal storage - look at the (infamous) Glen Sannox - she has internal tanks I believe.
  7. Very true. I would use Ouistreham, but as a footie with suitcases Le Havre station is closer to the terminal
  8. Has there been any news on sailings post 12 May yet? I'm looking at Le Havre in September (Early for meI know, but just planning ferries and connecting trains), so would be good to get a idea of the crossings.
  9. It doesn't look too bad on MSM
  10. I saw this article. My thoughts re cruise liners are how soon before Portsmouth becomes overcrowded? Unlike say Dover or Southampton, Portsmouth doesn't have a dedicated cruise berth, and there are times when berths 2,3 and 4 are all in use.
  11. Is there going to be a 4 boat timetable anymore? I thought the plan was two ship service (VoW and Clare) with the Faith doing third boat duties?
  12. Do we know yet what she will be renamed for the Med? Usually are renamed in Marchwood
  13. Ouch - that could be one last nail for FSG if Irish Ferries can make them pay for the compensation. Does show though the issue of putting a new schedule up for a Newbuild before receiving it, although I doubt anyone could have foreseen all what did happen!
  14. Hmm - not so good if everytime there is a bit of wind the VIctoria has to be replaced by much smaller vessel.
  15. How would that work with Normandie taking over the Letter Havre route? That's the summer season essentially missed.
  16. Farewell to the Isle of Wight
  17. Well last crossing nearing Fishbourne.
  18. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-46916755 It was somewhat inevitable...
  19. Any idea of what sailings she will be doing? what time is her last crossing?
  20. Was she in drydock for the entirety of her stay? She may have been inclined to get her new Vertical Centre of Gravity. It was one of the first things I thought of - with the deck removed that is a reasonable weight removed from her port side - was it compensated for (ie solid ballast), or just extra water ballast. Lowering the VCG should make her more stable - will be interesting to see how her seakeeping is now!
  21. Might be because LD Lines was a French Company though?
  22. St Faith at the Wightlink terminal this morning. Port mezzanine deck removed.
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