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  1. Very intersting. I have been in Malta last week, and there are quite a few RO-Ros operating in and out - the Eurocargo Malta and Eurocargo Genova, for Grimaldi Line, the Barbara Krahulik, and as I flew out the Pauline Russ was in.
  2. Very impressive! I'm away for just over a week, in which time the hull is floated out AND superstructure attached! wasn't expecting that! She is looking good.
  3. Merry Christmas Everyone! Heres to a great 2019. So many interesting things to look forward to. Apparently its just called Efficiency Rudder https://www.wartsila.com/encyclopedia/term/efficiency-rudder
  4. Armorique has just arrived at Portsmouth
  5. The Ferry Man

    New Look Revealed

    Same. I think it may have been better with the stripes at the bottom - now it looks a bit random just placed there
  6. That would be my take as well... Of course, the you get the Dover European Freighters - are they sisters? Seaway/Highway/Pathway were, but the Burgundy? she has the same hullform, but modified superstructure. Then with the conversion of Pathway/Highway... Is Seaway still a sistership... That is even more complicated then the Armorique/Cotentin!
  7. Ahh, but there are differences between them two, different upper bow door, different funnel width - A can of worms indeed! Where does the line lie
  8. The Ferry Man

    New Look Revealed

    Is that still the case though so much these days, especially with transport? How many people will just be looking for the cheapest option? I know people who have used the Dover-Calais route to get to Normandy because "it's cheaper" - even driven down to spain despite the convience of a Spanish crossing. Unless you have travelled with BF, you're not going to know the brand, whatever the logo. Even I will admit, if I am looking for flights, I will always use a website to find the cheapest flight options (OK I have a few cheap airlines I won't go with).
  9. see that sounds quite sensible! Oh well. Fratton is going to be the interesting one, since its currently a shared footbridge
  10. Trouble is last minute train changes, if you are on one platform, and they change the platform, then you have a issue, unless everyone waits just "off platform"
  11. Twin loading can still use visors - Fantasia/Fiesta Seafrance Renoir and Manet, and more recently European Causeway are all double deck loading. As already stated, its generally the bow ramp/inner bow door that forms the watertight seal
  12. Can't really blame them - Portsmouth Station was built to be an interchange straight off the train onto the ferry.
  13. Well funding has been raised - who knows what will happen now! Wouldn't have thought she would be structurally sound to be moved myself https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-46385127
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-46389420 Funding is being cut, but Blue Funnel think the ferry should now be "self-sustaining"
  15. Did the WB Yeats get handed over after all? I see she is still at the yard
  16. The Ferry Man

    New Look Revealed

    The new logo isn't too bad, but not a fan of the new font - I like the current font a lot better (then again I also prefer the old P&O font as well, maybe I am just stubborn!) Will miss the stripes on the ferries. Still trying to work out how a new livery will "embody the emotional side of travelling and holidaying with Brittany Ferries" ?
  17. The Ferry Man

    Baie de Seine

    OK thanks - haven't seen the BdS for some time so wasn't sure
  18. The Ferry Man

    Baie de Seine

    Just saw Baie de Seine depart from Portsmouth, looks like some of the paint has come off the bow - looks fairly fresh as still white. Not sure if from the recent rough crossing.
  19. Intriguing - Looks like they are leaving the yellow - I wonder if it will get a new version of Transmanche - I would have thought if it was going to be DFDS it would be full blue repaint
  20. How fast did the Pride of Bilbao go, to do the Spanish run in the day and a half or so? I thought as Zuludelta, the reason BF could move to Portsmouth was that the Pont could do the run in 24 hrs
  21. Afternoon, Anyone know why I he Clipper seemed to swap berths today prior to departing? She moved from her normal berth to the other main single deck berth, stayed for about 10 mins, then left on her way!
  22. https://www.vesselfinder.com/news/13640-Rauma-Marine-Constructions-and-Tallink-sign-letter-of-intent-for-a-new-car-and-passenger-ferry?fbclid=IwAR28KFwFb_T8zR0dIHzUpMIQDz_ZNphVcTqNj2976rxSm3Fb8EY3FJOk7UQ Another possibility is Rauma Marine Constructions (I believe the yard that built the P&O Spirits) who have just announced the construction of another cruise ferry newbuild for Tallink
  23. That is my interpretation. I think it will go in front of the current "end" section at vehicle deck level.
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