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  1. There’s a very useful rapid in Morrisons car park in Portsmouth. (Geniepoint IIRC.) The easiest way to get a card that works for most networks in France is to get a Chargemap card: Chargemap.com
  2. Just had a quick weekend on the Island, going out on Red Falcon and back on Red Osprey. Although both crossings were busy the new South Lounge on the promenade deck was very pleasant indeed (I commented that they could easily turn it into a Club class lounge with a supplement) and in general the refit has made these ships fee brand new. The contrast with Wightlink could not be more marked - although the refitted St Clare is smart, it feels much more like a floating motorway services compared to the classy feel of the Raptors. It's just a shame that Southampton feels so much further from South London.
  3. The proportions are a bit weird but they look decent enough from the right angle. The colours don't help though.
  4. From Twitter: TRAVEL: Due to very high winds ferry movements have been temporarily suspended. The Port remains open see more - http://www.doverport.co.uk/about/news/adverse-weather/13246/ I don't think I've ever known them to close the port completely!
  5. That makes me really sad. I always thought that design-wise the HSS craft were way ahead of any of the standard Incat designs. Several happy Christmas trips to Hamburg via Harwich and Hoek, and I recall them handling the North Sea in winter surprisingly well.
  6. Travelled on the Clare for the first time in a year today. The refit is pretty impressive on Deck 4 - though I don't know what it says about Wightlink's standards that the addition of Greggs has vastly improved the quality of their catering... Unfortunately it all looks very much like window dressing as there's still dripping rust on pretty much every visible surface on the car deck and some pretty bad vibration on the passenger decks even on a very calm day. My outward crossing was on the Cecilia which is in a shocking state, particularly the outside deck where there is more rust than metal in many places. The PA system didn't seem to be working properly on either ship so we were asked to return to our vehicles by a bellowing member of Wightlink maintenance staff. Took a fun route around the forts because of very low tide:
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