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  1. Ah ok. Who’s sub was it, the French?! I see they were discounting the claims.....
  2. I know nothing about sinking ships... but could the crack be from impact with the sea bed? If she went down that suddenly there is a fair chance she descended to the bottom with quite a bump either stern, bow or inverted, whatever.. causing massive stresses on the hull? Or are they suggesting an underwater ‘object’ struck the vessel whilst making way? Or are they suggesting a weakness in the hull compromised the ship? Design fault? sorry for the questions but I have not seen the video, do not have discovery.
  3. Jonno, that is a good point.. I am led to believe shore power will not provide the grunt for electric motors to run the pods of most big ships? Whilst not Portsmouth, I believe ABP Southampton require above a certain wind strength that ships both at anchor and on berth keep their engines running, or at least a proportion of them? Often heard VTS asking some bridge due to conditions do they have an engine on line etc.
  4. And I should add, admittedly it is using Pods but i know the QM2 sometimes uses one of her pods to stay on Ocean Terminal with a strong westerly blow, including bow thrusters.. indeed I think either her or one of the other Cunard ships lost a bow line a few months ago on Ocean Terminal berth but her drift off the berth was limited as the engines were already in use. They got away with it as they were prepared.........
  5. Guys I wish I had never mentioned using engines whilst at anchor as it caused a thread drift.. interestingly I totally understand reversing when deploying the anchor,, the reason I mentioned anchoring with engines it seems some big ship skippers prefer to power against the prevailing wind and tide conditions whereas others reverse... which I thought odd given it could help the other forces now in unison, drag the anchor more.. Anyway, my question was avoided by those more knowledgeable than me.... The point of my enquiry is they hail the quick thinking crew.., well, I am thinking we
  6. Would they have run say the port screw astern to help minimise the effects of the wind and those stern lines? My mate on the ship/s at anchor he crews on have been constantly turning screws whilst at anchor in different wind and tide conditions to keep the stern in preferred aspect to bow/anchor. Indeed he sad the QM2 often goes astern in a strong Gale to keep the anchor held in same position and no chain snatching. Which went against my limited knowledge as I would have assumed they want less drag on the anchor with wind and engine both pulling in same direction. But apparently this can he
  7. Thanks Ian, sorry been thankfully busy last few days getting people out the country on the ‘Great Escape’.! Re looking up, I was lucky with a friend in high places at another outfit, so have air under my wings again no rather than operating a bus, I am operating a pocket rocket!
  8. On the electric front, does anyone know what the standard Voltage/Hz most ferries run on? Surely that will be the sticking point? My knowledge of charging and electric differences is limited but I just wonder without the standard 240v we have on land, will these chargers be compatible with varying voltages etc?
  9. cva - fair and good for you! And agree it is the best way to deal with it, as you are making decisions based on your own informed logic. I am amazed how as a nation, we need to rely on others to tell us how to deal with this. Given information, some duff, some accurate, as adults we make reasoned and hopefully balanced decision based on OUR situations. I am so saddened we are knackering what we have come to expect in life, I have many friends in the Merchant Navy, in the ferry/cruise and oil, they are all 'at risk' with pay cuts, loss of terms and potential redundancies. Death is on
  10. Neilcvx, I assume to be likened to Trump is not ideal. Personally I see as much good in trump as I see bad, so I will take the comment in good spirit! I respect his willingness to say what he thinks... And yes, I do not trust the WHO. They are only interested in their field. Based on what the WHO say along with others, our leaders then make a balanced decision based on all other factors... to suggest decisions of this nature are purely based on one side of an argument scare the hell out of me....
  11. Cvabishop, i am in an age group of little to no risk.. what are you expecting me to do for you? Do I have to wrap myself in cotton wool also? I can then not earn money that goes into the system to keep those in need of being wrapped up the financial support needed to provide that. I am not expecting or willing to waltz into an old people’s home! I have no need to and it would be putting those at most risk, more so. However if you and I pass each other in the shopping aisle, I am masked and tend not to sneeze on people anyway, he way I was brought up! If I go to a bar, I am not shaking h
  12. I agree with Jonno. As my folks in their late 70’s said to me the other day. Life HAS to go on, it is here and there is little they can do, accept be clean living, which as a rule they are. Life is there to be enjoyed, we are all in the mixing pot for the unlucky number. Those that wanna lock themselves up until a vaccine is developed, good for them. Those that wish to carry on with life or rather need to carry on, let them too. i never trust ‘authorities’ that have to cover their backsides.... WHO and such like are only interested in their word. Not my interests.
  13. To lighten the mood (for some but not many I suspect) I was in a pub last night and it was nearly back to normal (hurrah!). Anyone not willing to 'risk it' stayed out, the others had smiles on their faces.... it made me feel better, although the hangover today has given me second thought!
  14. Jonno, hear hear! I am sick of how we are causing continual self harm to ourselves for something that really, is not worth the pain for. Many people I know in the travel industry that harped on at the beginning, “we as a country need to do more blah blah blah”, have all gone somewhat quiet, as they realise the poo storm that has now developed because of the hysteria that was peddled from the start.. one reaps what one sows comes to mind.... and before anyone says, I have been shafted (lost my job) due the decimation of this industry.
  15. Cvabishop, agreed and the sooner we get this thing out there and done the rounds before the winter kicks in the better! We are just kicking the can down the road imho. In the meantime, whilst the can gets kicked, we kick many other facets on the way!
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