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  1. they have added an extra 1/2 hour to the arrival time into Roscoff on Sunday to cater for the slower operating speed . Customers will be happy at the later arrival time of 7:30 !!
  2. Gives us a break - we need our holidays too ! I am a seasoned traveller on the Pont Aven several times a year Always wear my muzzle for the transfer from car to kennel and don't bark at night to keep those nice humans in Commodore cabins awake
  3. W. B Yeats finally went into service this morning leaving Dublin at 9:26 for Holyhead
  4. Extract from trading update published today The W.B. Yeats, currently under construction by Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesselschaft & Co. KG (“FSG”) completed its sea-trials in early November and is undergoing final delivery adjustments. FSG have advised ICG that the W.B. Yeats will be ready for delivery during early December. ICG would like to apologise once again for any disruption caused to our tourism and freight customers due to the delay in FSG delivering the ship, a delay that was an extraordinary event totally outside the control of ICG. FSG are contracted to deliver a second new vessel during 2020.
  5. There is a trading update due from IF on Thursday so maybe they want to be finally able to say that she has been released to them. They are getting a lot of bad press by not putting up the 2019 sailing schedules to France yet . Customers that were caught last summer with her cancellation & who got a €150 voucher for this year are complaining that they can't use it to make their booking for next summer.
  6. She will undergo around 3-5 days sea trials off the island of Bornholm. She will then briefly return to FSG before heading to Fayard in Odense presumably to have scrubbers fitted. Then back to FSG for handover and delivery voyage to Dublin via Cherbourg in mid-November. The above is what the Irish site was reporting with the sea trials to start tomorrow 26th - don't know if this latest news affects this but there does seem to be a lot of shipyard activity on her this week as though they are getting her ready to go....
  7. Here is the latest suggestion according to the Irish media - seems that there is a genuine attempt to find a workable solution - however still not enough for the DUP ! European Union officials are considering a dual certification system so that goods produced in Northern Ireland will be able to circulate freely in both the EU and UK markets, Another proposal is that goods moving from Britain to Northern Ireland could be checked at Dublin Port for EU customs and regulatory compliance before continuing on northwards, as a way of limiting checks and controls at British ports. Both ideas are among a range of possibilities that the EU Task Force is considering as part of the ongoing effort to "de-dramatise" the backstop. If the Irish backstop to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland comes into effect, then customs and regulatory checks would have to be carried out on goods moving from Britain to Northern Ireland, because those goods would then be able to circulate freely throughout the EU’s single market, due to the lack of land border. Sources close to the negotiations have confirmed that Task Force officials have been exploring such ideas as they redraft the Irish Protocol within the Withdrawal Agreement. Under a dual certification scheme, goods produced in Northern Ireland would be deemed compliant with both EU and UK standards, so that they could move freely through the island of Ireland and beyond to the single market, and throughout the UK. The scheme could be implemented by private operators and would be similar to the CE marking that affirms that goods circulating throughout the European Economic Area comply with high safety, health and environmental protection standards. Under the backstop, Northern Ireland would remain within the single market for goods, so manufacturers there would be complying with EU standards. A dual system that makes the products certified for both EU and UK markets would, according to sources, help draw the political tension out of the backstop. Another suggestion is that goods moving between Britain and Northern Ireland could undergo regulatory and customs checks in Dublin Port before travelling onwards to the North. The Government believes that up to 60% of goods consignments moving from the UK to Northern Ireland, and vice versa, go through Dublin. If customs and regulatory checks were carried out there, it would further erode the notion of a border between UK and Northern Ireland, according to sources.Officials point out that Dublin Port will be undergoing infrastructural changes anyway in order to anticipate a possible future Free Trade Agreement between the EU and UK, in which case checks would be needed on goods moving from the UK to Ireland. "What de-dramatisation tries to do is to recognise the nature and type of trade that happens between GB and NI, and to find ways of minimising any checks and controls that would need to be put on that trade," says one source familiar with the negotiations. It is understood Irish officials have worked closely on the redrafted text. In a speech to the European Parliament this week, the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier spelled out further de-dramatisation proposals. These would include using existing customs transit procedures to avoid doing checks at a physical border point on goods moving between the UK and Northern Ireland. Companies in the rest of the UK could fill in their customs declarations online and in advance when shipping to Northern Ireland. "The only visible systematic checks between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK would involve scanning barcodes on lorries or containers, which could be done on ferries or in transit ports," he said. This latter idea suggests that Dublin Port is one of the transit points in mind. A dual certification scheme is also seen as a way of winning Northern Irish businesses over to the backstop.
  8. The most sensible suggestion I have seen this week is from our Irish Foreign Minister - Get the EU & British negotiators looked into a room for 10 days or however long it takes to hammer out a deal. The sniping from both sides at each other in public does not achieve anything . It is important to agree on something & then move forward as time is running out & the prospect of a no deal scenario would certainly do the Irish economy a severe blow .
  9. I have travelled on PA three times this year & I would not fault her condition. What people are maybe talking about are small items that are not attended to - such as lights not working in the cabins or cabins not being properly cleaned but that is an operational matter with the cleaning staff. I can't understand why BF dont leave " fault cards" in the cabins so staff can be aware of issues when they come to clean the cabins. On busy sailings they obviously can miss things & this can annoy the next occupant who may post a bad review
  10. Thats exactly what it is BF are happy with the load factors they get on the Pont Aven and don't need to compete on price. This year they will have done well because of the problems IF have had with the W. B Yeats and next year people will be reluctant to book on it because of the way they were treated & also the reliability of the ferry when it does enter service IF have also got very bad reaction/press coverage for the problems they have had generally with their fleet with Ulysses, Dublin Swift,Epsilon all having multiple sailings cancelled . Whatever else you say about BF they do put money into their fleet and unless it is weather related few sailings are cancelled
  11. As someone who lives in the Republic of Ireland can I say we are aghast at what is going on & the ill informed commentary on the UK's exit from the EU Firstly if & when the UK leaves the EU the border between the north & south becomes an EU border and has to be controlled. There are 142 crossing points between the North & South & the IRA before they "gave up" the armed struggle used this to move goods, launder fuel , carry out vat fraud etc & you can be sure that if there are tariffs introduced following the UK leaving then they will be rubbing their hands at the new possibilities that will open up to them to carry out fraudalent activity .Controls will have to be in place & the UK may face facts & accept this . The problem is that even if some deal were to be hammered out the Conservative Government [ relying on the DUP for support] don't have the necessary majority to bring it through Parliament ? It would appear to me & I will probably be attacked for saying it is that the British Public were sold a pup before the vote with memorable items like the £350 million extra that would be available for the NHS which probably had a big impact on how people voted. Would the vote be different now - hard to tell but both Ireland & the UK are hurtling to March next year with little possibility of a resolution & the impact on both economies will be very severe with a no deal scenario.
  12. Irish ferries results published today - shows the effects of the delay on delivery of W. B Yeats & Ulysses problems. No confirmed delivery date for W. B Yeats - just late 2018 but does give interesting details of their plans for 2019 icg.pdf
  13. In the terminal building they did the scanning . at the boarding gate they gave the scanner to us to do it. With a large German Sheperd - I think that might influence the staff member !
  14. Came back from Roscoff to Cork on the Pont Aven on Friday 24th August. The normal procedure in Roscoff is to go to the terminal building first & get the dog scanned & the pet on board sticker for the vehicle. Did this & then arrived at the boarding gates to be told that we had to take the animal out of the vehicle to be scanned again. We enquired why & were told That it was because of the level of animal trafficing & that BF had to be more careful. Just wondering is this procedure being used in other ports or is it only Roscoff. Seems pointless to have to go to the bother of going to the terminal building first -join a queue to have the dog scanned when it is going to be done anyway at the boarding gates
  15. kgst


    Is there any feedback on the loadings on Connemara - there are rumours that they are poor but it surely must be given a proper amount of time to evaluate the viability of a new route
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