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  1. Re: Hythe Ferry There was the uncomplete "Portsmouth Queen" still at David Abels Shipyard in Bristol when I was there last year.
  2. Re: Wight Sun Minor Accident I really doubt that is the case and with the "Wight Sun" it was a broken VSP Prop Pump Shaft which would result in a loss of Oil Pressure and no Propeller.
  3. Re: Cuthred (Mira Praia) Lots of photos I was interested in reading these postings on this subject and wondered if the "Mira Praia" (ex Cuthred) is still laid up at that location?. Have tried to contact the owners, but so far no reply.
  4. Re: Cuthred (Mira Praia) Lots of photos I have just found this interesting Forum and this topic on the former Sealink "Cuthred" and I too can remember when in service in the Solent. Earlier this year I did try to make contact with the owners to enquire about her future, but so far no responce from them. Can anyone comfirm the "Mira Praia" is still laid up at Setubal at the present?. Interestingly, there is to be feature on the "Mira Praia/Cuthred" in the next issue of EF&CS publication.
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