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  1. They have said nothing has been decided about re-registering any of the UK flagged fleet but it is subject to constant review
  2. Superfast X replaced Nordica in 2015. Superfast VII and Superfast VIII operate Belfast-Cairnryan and have done since 2011. Superfast X will be replaced by E-Flexer no1, Stena Estrid, in 2020.
  3. A selection of photos here https://flickr.com/photos/94604171@N00/sets/72157676771367707
  4. No prescriptions I'm afraid :-) If you want to look at photos of both Stena Adventurer and Stena Nordica (currently Malo Seaways but likely to be renamed soon again) and many more please see http://www.flickr.com/photos/scottmackey - click on the albums link to view the selection of ships.
  5. Well she might just fit in Rosslare at a push but definitely not Fishguard. I double checked with the ship and they've never been to Rosslare or Fishguard. It was Stena Nordica that covered there in 2012. There would never be any requirement for a ship that holds 4,400 lane metres of freight on that route either. Jonno, if it was a ship with bar at forward end and restaurant just aft of that with a long narrow corridor past Stena Plus lounge on starboard side to shop and lobby area you were on then it was Stena Nordica. She has her passenger facilities on one deck while Adventurer has hers on three decks.
  6. I work for Stena and I can assure you Stena Adventurer has not ever covered at Rosslare-Fishguard. At 211 metres long she wouldn't even fit either port.
  7. Just been browsing various ferry forums and came across this. No offence but you need to check your facts. Stena Adventurer has never been to Fishguard or Rosslare, infact she has only ever operated Holyhead-Dublin. The significantly smaller Stena Nordica has covered for Stena Europe at Fishguard-Rosslare on a couple of occasions. I appreciate this post now has no relevance given the news Superfast VI is now going to Grimaldi, but it would be better if facts were checked before posting.
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