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  1. Solo

    Migrant Issues at BF Ports

    In a similar vein what checks are there between Ireland and the UK? I've never been to Ireland myself. I read last week that the Irish have free movement to the UK and this will continue, how does that sit with the EU?
  2. Solo

    General Discussions on Brexit

    By that time the whole thing could have blown apart, who knows. I don't think that will happen but there may be others that leave or the EU goes back more along the lines of the Common Market we originally joined.
  3. Solo

    General Discussions on Brexit

    Exactly right Ed. Jardinier, you don't trust the figures for jobs being created but you believe it when your told house prices will drop by 30% and the rest of project fear. We need to take everything we are told with a pinch of salt, from both sides. Personally I think it could be hard for a while but in the long term it will balance out, remember the EU countries need to trade with us and us with them, if there is no deal smaller deals will be worked out for each sector over the next few years.
  4. Solo

    Routing to Spain

    If there were more sailings from Plymouth it would bring arrival times 4 hours forward, plus give us more choice in the west country.
  5. Solo

    Euros from BF?

    As a Club Voyage member you get 2 cents extra. I use the service for convenience, as you say it's a pain counting it in the car. I think if you look around you could get a slightly better rate. I also use a Santander credit card for most spending abroad as the rate is normally better.
  6. Solo

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Last week, Fri 4th, we arrived in Roscoff and were stuck on deck 2 for quite a while they got to the point of reversing cars up the other ramp. The locking pins on the forward hatch would not release, we were the first vehicle on the ramp thinking well it won't be to bad getting off, so much for that. Eventually they managed to free the pins but as you say nothing major, but annoying problems which would have been a problem on a Spanish sailing adding nearly an hour to the turn around.
  7. I know of one scalloper near us that has paid substantial fines in the past, Scalloping is one fishery where they can make good money, if other fisheries are closed to them they are prepared to push it. Sadly the days of catching what is there are gone, you need a licence for every fish you catch, hence the Scallops are now getting hammered. Incedently I think Scalloping is a destructive way of fishing.
  8. For years French boats have been working our waters when our boats cannot work because they have no quota. Just look on Marine traffic around Devon and Cornwall a mass of French boats, now it's the other way they don't like it. The only thing the French have right is it should be the same rules for everyone, you would think the EU would make that happen they clamp down on our fishermen on everything else.
  9. Solo

    General Discussions on Brexit

    What happens when a container ship comes in from China or America? Do the containers sit on the quayside waiting for customs clearance? I've never been to a port to see but can guess the answer.
  10. Solo

    General Discussions on Brexit

    Perhaps I should say I voted to remain, although I don't like the way the EU is run, but a democratic decision was made and we have to get on with it. if the EU had just given Cameron something at the start the vote would not have gone the way it did. Jardinier you mention the polls, are they the same polls that said remain would win the referendum. We are where we are and have to make the most of it, at the moment the whole thing is being fudged by both sides and everybody will lose unless they sort it out.
  11. Solo

    General Discussions on Brexit

    That's probably right but if the ferry is going to Antwerp passengers would have to go there as well.
  12. Solo

    General Discussions on Brexit

    I think that just shows why we wanted to get out. The people running the EU can't see what's staring them in the face, if they could just stop and look at obvious things we might not have voted to leave. It's so obvious that trade from Ireland to Europe should go through France, can you imagine being sat on a ferry going past Cherbourg because Brussels said you should go to a Belgium port.
  13. Solo

    Flexible Pricing

    On the Spanish sailings they charge Spanish duty once they leave UK waters I think.
  14. Solo

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Was that a fixed price, if they had bad weather and took a week longer was it the same price and less per day?
  15. Solo

    Flexible Pricing

    I find the prices in the bar on BF comparable to our local pub and that is not 5 star.