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  1. Hasn't that been the problem right through this? We are stopping travel from country x on Friday week, so thousands rush back before they are stopped. I see Israel is stopping non Israelis from entering the country, so don't their own residents bring it with them? I know there's probably a legal reason you can't stop your own residents from returning but it makes no sense.
  2. It's very hard Elaine, you have to think of yourselves and those that you look after, they are more at risk than the rest of the family. Our daughter and family were coming to stay this weekend but her son tested positive on Friday, she could still come because she has had the Vaccine but thought it would be foolish, like you I have parents to run after, so try to be cautious whilst still trying to get on with things. She was also due to go to a concert with her sister tomorrow but has cancelled that. With the amount of public transport they are using to get to you you will have to be very cautious, it will be hard not giving them a hug.
  3. The figures might be true but have to be taken in context, 80% are vaccinated and 20% not, so the four out of ten is from 80% of the population and the six out of ten from 20%. You know what they say about statistics.
  4. We were misled, if they just told the truth it would have helped. The vaccine was to stop us getting seriously ill, with the effect that would have on health services, they hoped that it would lead to less spread as has been seen this has not happened to the extent hoped for. Because we were told the Vaccine was the answer people have let their guard down.
  5. Interesting figures, France with less than a tenth of our cases has more serious cases. Are their figures for cases right?
  6. Surely the time is coming that they wake up to the real world or don't they care? We've just renewed our passports, do it online take your own pictures, that should be easier. My picture loaded okay the wife's file not big enough, tried different devices, different backgrounds and several swear words until we got one that would load.
  7. Running at a higher speed costs more yes but it saves upsetting passengers and potentially paying compensation if sailings end up being cancelled. As you say crew change involves a handover and it's a chance to catch up on jobs that cannot be done at sea.
  8. Perhaps you should ask all the Londoners moving down here. It isn't until they move that they realise it's not a bed of roses, no bus stop at the end of every road, no underground, no motorway and most of all only one Hospital to cover most of Cornwall.
  9. I had the e-mail on the 7th Oct but not a lot of good when sailings from Plymouth only start the week before the offer ends.
  10. We've had to supply advance passenger details for some time or are they asking for extra Covid details?
  11. Looking hopefully, if the Arm ends the St Malo run 8th Feb does it give us a chance of getting her back in Plymouth for Feb half term?
  12. No difference weather wise between the two. I think Bilbao normally closes for a period in the Winter.
  13. Basically all down to build quality and some funny design points, have BF jumped in too quick before seeing the quality? What are the other Stena ships like? Are they the same?
  14. They are due to start on the other side on Tuesday. The opening up as also been put back to today instead of yesterday.
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