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  1. The bigger garage will account for some of it, two full height vehicle decks, but it should still leave a lot more public space.
  2. Don't you remember when they were talking about parity, then it went up to 1.40 and people started to think that was normal.
  3. Electric vehicles will improve by 2035, hopefully with a universal socket but wouldn't manufacturers have improved normal engines to be really clean by that time if they were told to, instead they are being told don't do any more research we're banning them. Joined up thinking would help, a universal battery that can be removed and replaced with a charged up one, hopefully they will be smaller by then that an attendant could remove and replace, Service stations would be covered in Solar panels with wind turbines next to them to charge the batteries, that's the ideal, will it happen?
  4. The Tat has a grate on the bow and the right colour.
  5. Perhaps that will win the sustainable business award.
  6. What nobody foresaw was the drop in oil prices just after, they could've kept them going on higher grade fuel.
  7. Don't forget the dam at the north of the North sea as well, so the Channel and North Sea would become a massive lake. They would have to leave some sort of tidal flow, perhaps it would work like the Thames barrier, just closing the locks on high tides.
  8. How do these "experts" get paid for coming up with this stuff? Further east in might work but the cost I think is just for the planning, if he can build it for 500 million we'd better get him looking at all our infrastructure. Not sure how deep the channel is but Falmouth bay is 40 fathom a few miles off.
  9. Solo

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    There are still 8 bars around the cage, they've lifted the Logo a bit for some reason.
  10. Is that the same film that was posted on here a few months ago? A lot of white tops but not a big sea running.
  11. The PA was built to the maximum size for Plymouth and Roscoff, at the time, and then get as much into it as possible. As you say the space aboard is the main thing with her.
  12. Plus not signalling. I found it worse in Spain, I can normally tell where the French are going but in Spain not a clue.
  13. Someone will have to go digging but wasn't it a 5year charter and the option to buy then, BF may have to pay a bit more that way but have 5 years to finance it.
  14. How many charging points would they need to charge every car in a few minutes, one of the selling points of the tunnel is turn up and go not turn up and sit for an hour charging. Unless the price of Electric car come down a lot it will only be the rich driving and the same for flying, flying taxes will have to go up to stop people flying, so yet again only the rich will fly. The other thing is the Electric infrastructure will need replacing and how many Nuclear power stations, don't say green energy unless you cover the whole Country with Solar panels and wind farms. I agree we have to change but nobody has really come up with an answer that will work.
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