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  1. I think these figures can be misleading, there have been no new cases in Cornwall for a week and I think Devon is the same, so there must be a lot more in the wider SW, remember this includes Bristol etc. If the number of cases is low the R number can be high with just a few extra cases, if one person infects five others the R is five, if a hundred people infect ninety the R is 0.9, now which is worse?
  2. Think positive, they're uploading next years timetables, one can but hope.
  3. And we thought all the idiots coming out of lock down were in this country, turns out they are everywhere.
  4. Thanks Ed, so the normal rubbish when it comes to re-election, it wasn't my fault, it was outside events.
  5. Isn't that how every politician gets elected, because they're the least disliked.
  6. Perhaps when something as obvious as this they don't get paid for that turn around, someone will shake things up then.
  7. Can we have a translation please Ed.
  8. Probably took one look at the weather and pulled a sickie.
  9. Could that be to do with the numbers that they have had to deal with in the UK, I'm sure someone can tell us the percentage of UK bookings compared with France.
  10. I thought we were saying about the advantages of single tickets, if the outbound is cancelled you just change the other ticket to when you can travel.
  11. If the outbound is cancelled you should have time to amend the return online, free of charges.
  12. With the ferries restarting there must be Stevedores of some sort employed but obviously some of them don't want to work.
  13. You could be right but I know Chris does not like to use this site for advertising, so doesn't push the actual place to much.
  14. I had to phone Tesco insurance this week, only on hold for about a minute, spoke to a woman with her child playing in the background, everything done with efficiently even working from home. The only thing is she had a computer system that dealt with what she entered without crashing. So it is possible to work a phone system from home, why can't BF.
  15. Interesting point, is it the website or the servers that are not up to the job?
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