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  1. Solo

    Pont Aven 20/04/2018

    Can understand you being upset. It's the one problem with the Thursday night sailing, if there's bad weather coming back from Spain the early boarding and relaxed meal on board is lost. The being told to leave the cabins early on this crossing is not really necessary, as she doesn't sail until the evening, the only reason can be to get the crew change done as early as possible.
  2. Solo

    Poole Harbour Developmement

    But PA has to do Ireland as well. Going back to the old timetable would perfect.
  3. Solo

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    No. The general thinking is Honfleur will be the next one on the production line, they have only just started cutting the steel during March.
  4. Solo

    BF Refits 2017-18

    A lot easier to drive from Roscoff to Brest with supplies than calling in at another port.
  5. Cornwall Council have gone to the event as well, radio phone in has given them a bashing but "No one available to comment". One bloke who has had colleagues go to this before said "It's a glorified P... up".
  6. Solo

    Scoot Ferries - The End?

    You're going to upset the yachties now.
  7. Solo

    Scoot Ferries - The End?

    The basic idea is good but Libby is not the right boat, apart from size, she would get up to speed and then start slowing down again, so would be wasted.
  8. Solo

    BF Refits 2017-18

    Unless you want to go from Plymouth to Brittany! Presumably BF didn't have many booked or they were changed to Thursday or Saturday sailings. With a short turn around at Ouistreham they don't expect to carry many over.
  9. Solo

    French CRIT'Air Certificate

    Another thing to look for is a solid white line in the drivers lane of the side road, if there they should stop if not they have right of way. Difficult to see when on a main road but it's something else to help.
  10. Solo

    Port Border Issues

    So anybody who votes a different way to you is stupid? That's the attitude that lost the vote, the ordinary man in the street was told "Europe is good for you" but they stopped and thought we're sending millions of pounds a year to them, true, Polish workers are coming in and taking our jobs, maybe not completely true but they did help to keep wages down true. Cheap labour from Europe didn't affect the well of working in the city etc. I could go on more but we have to accept the decision and make the best of it, someone has to say to Europe we want to trade with you and you want to trade with us so let's make it work, at the moment they just want to make it difficult and people stirring it up on this side encourages them. I voted to stay in but accept we have to get on with it.
  11. Solo

    Port Border Issues

    You mention the terrorist fraternity Jardinier, there's nothing to stop them now, right across Europe.
  12. Solo

    Port Border Issues

    Typical Boris the way it's put over but why not? Vehicles are always being tracked, if loads are logged online, which isn't a problem these days they already fill the paperwork in. Then it's just question of how many need to be checked. I know that might be simplistic but no reason it can't be made to work.
  13. Solo

    Amorique In Poole

    There is a café on deck 6, forward with the reclining seats, only does drinks, cakes etc. It might not be open at this time of year. They do serve continental breakfast in the bar when busy.
  14. Solo

    Amorique In Poole

    Make the most of it. One thing in the pictures the new foot gangway is nowhere near the Arms passenger access.
  15. Solo

    Amorique In Poole

    Take it easy HF, let the children have a real ship to take pictures of for a week we'll have her back soon.