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  1. Why didn't they open another booth with a working machine? Or was that above their pay scale to make the decision.
  2. Probably right, it's just that we've been used to appearing cheaper.
  3. I think France is suffering a double whammy to us, the pound is weaker and prices in France seem to have generally gone up, some other countries have not suffered the same inflation, YET.
  4. But BF need to get them off the ship ASAP to start loading again.
  5. They have spent money reorganising the embarkation lanes, perhaps they'll do something about arrivals soon as well.
  6. I was thinking similar Wortley but coming off the Pont I've never been one of the last off, I have off the Arm and just relaxed, it didn't take to long.
  7. It also means priority loading as well, so they will have to guarantee to arrive at the port early.
  8. So why do they do use the same thing with bicycles? Perhaps they don't want smelly cyclists queueing next to them. Some civil servant somewhere must have a reason for the system and not enough brain cells to work out how much it slows the flow down, causing more pollution.
  9. Both films have plenty of spray flying, which looks spectacular but there's no big seas running which would make ships like this jump around.
  10. They built a brand new ship for Ply/Ros, admittedly it's used to cover every other route during winter.
  11. We always go to the top level in the bar, so at least we see the ‘pool’.
  12. Did you get as far as the bar and stop there?
  13. Looks like all the delays with the PA are getting to the sailings updates team. Plymouth to Santander / Santander to Plymouth 05/09/2019 Santander-Plymouth: 18:00: We are sorry to advise that your sailing today from Santander to Plymouth is running approximately 3h45 behind schedule. Latest check-in is now 21:45. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. It must be hard for them to catch up with what day it is and what the delay is, wouldn't like their job at the moment.
  14. It will mean she can unload in Plymouth before the PA arrives from Spain. I just posted on the Pont Aven today thread that it might happen.
  15. Presumably the Armorique will dock first tonight, I did wonder if she could do the overnight crossing to Roscoff but from what's been said the crossing is busy, so not enough capacity.
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