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  1. Then that's the government they should go to for aid, you make the choice of where you register and take the consequences.
  2. I agree Jim the companies are taking the p... but as usual it will be the poor worker at the bottom who gets hit the hardest, any government money should go to the workers not the bosses.
  3. From what P&O have said they do not make a profit on freight but need the passengers as well, perhaps the belief we have that freight is the Bread and Butter and passengers the Jam on top is wrong, we passengers make up more of the Bread and Butter than thought. I can see this for the likes of Ply Ros but for Dover ferries to rely so much on passengers is surprising.
  4. I think John has got it right, hopefully BF will come out of this in one piece ready to serve us again. Gareth, what exactly have you lost at the moment? You've lost a holiday you paid for, not BF's fault, if they refunded you today you couldn't rebook another holiday, they have given you the opportunity to travel in the next 12 or 24 months, if that is not possible then you can push for a refund. I don't know what work you do but I expect there are a lot on here who have bosses running around in circles not knowing what to do, BF are the same, they started in a panic with thousands of passengers to contact and the easiest thing was give vouchers for now and then sort things out later.
  5. I know it's difficult at the moment but I think people have got to step back and see what develops. BF had this thrown at them out of nowhere and the first reaction was give vouchers for 12 months, as time as gone on this has been changed to 24 months, as time goes on hopefully the refund of money will become more wide spread but I think we've got to give them time. Things should hopefully get better when the French government starts to bale them out and they have some cash in the coffers. Perhaps I should add we've not booked for our summer trip yet, luckily I had just done my first 24hr trip the weekend before the shutdown, so I am not affected at the moment.
  6. That's the first thing I have when I get aboard going to Spain.
  7. My thoughts as well Gareth, Sole Lundy Fasnet. It helps some times to have these minor things to think about.
  8. It doesn't take an expert to tell you what happened in China and is happening in Italy and Spain now. I think as has been said the Government put to much faith in the British public to realise what was happening.
  9. Very true Neil but people have been told and can see the evidence from other countries but still carry on, they don't get it.
  10. No I think Chris is trying to use up his excess stock.
  11. Can't you stop it from your either the bank or card provider, which ever you used.
  12. Because of human nature they couldn't bring in to many measures earlier, just look what happened in France and Italy people just ignored the measures until it was to late. Even in this country people were still ignoring the advice last night.
  13. Is it time we were given more details? Here in Cornwall the number of cases has been as far as I know 10 for the last week, yesterday it went up to 16, so were they people who had come back from other places or been in contact with the previous cases. I only said yesterday that the number here had stayed the same for a while, if we knew why the jump perhaps we would know more about where the danger is.
  14. She is stern loading only and the Caen ships all berth bow in, presumably to save turning as they leave the berth.
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