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  1. But the arrival time is later than when the PA did it previously, not leaving much time to get very far Friday evening.
  2. Perhaps it's turned out that BF have got the Cabin ratio better for these longer sailings.
  3. The worrying bit is the Armorique showing just the one sailing in March, does that mean the route will not open as early as usual? Normally in March before the PA starts we can get in 24 hr trips at the weekend, very popular with Cyclist.
  4. There's one sailing each way for the Armorique at the end on March, I assume they would hope to have her sailing the route before that but why just show the one sailing or was not supposed to be shown yet.
  5. Looking at the times including Santander they are all an hour or more later than when the PA ran only from Plymouth before. The biggest change is the Tuesday crossing is overnight, in the past in was Afternoon from Plymouth and overnight from Roscoff, even the Sunday morning from Roscoff is later.
  6. I think Pont Aven's normal roster isn't bad Plymouth, Roscoff, Cork and Santander, plus St Malo in the Winter. You could include Portsmouth if you're interested in the Navy.
  7. I think we all know this is complete Bull...t, unless as we have said there's something afoot at Plymouth, unlikely. Many years ago when the film A Bridge to far was being filmed they put a temporary linkspan in at Falmouth to load vehicles from a local Military vehicle museum, so not impossible, just no logic to it with Plymouth only 90 minutes away. I think there's been a lot of lost in translation and poor reporting on this, the obvious thing is to get Plymouth open again.
  8. Didn't BF sign a new contract with ABP recently? Last Year?
  9. But would the French reallocate the slots on the French side, maybe the Spanish ports would. The other thing with all the development around Millbay developers could look at all that lovely flat land in the check in lanes and start making offers to ABP who could keep the actual berth for cruise ships etc. Just a thought if services are cut to much.
  10. I don't know which is worse the reporting of it or the fact that our council leaders think there could be a ferry service from Falmouth to France. 50 years ago this was an idea but once BF started running to Plymouth it was a dead Duck, the only way it could happen is if BF were kicked out of Plymouth for some reason.
  11. Some cruise ships are having their own labs installed to test crew and passengers.
  12. They did and called it Pont Aven, only trouble they used the wrong design for the hull.
  13. I voted for him but I didn't see any alternative, I have never understood why he's so popular, he seems to joke his way through and people think there's a serious person behind it but I'm not sure.
  14. Colin I respect your input on many things on here but I think everyone realises that the EU and the French Government have dropped the ball on the vaccines, to slow getting orders in, saying they don't work and then complaining they aren't getting enough of them. Don't worry it won't be long before we're back to knocking Boris.
  15. Just like we had here last year, from next Monday no one can come here from "X" leading to a rush for everyone to get home, if it's that bad bans should be immediate or they become pointless.
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