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  1. Solo

    We need to talk about speed...

    One of my friends said they did it Ros/Ply in about 4hr with bad weather on the way. Didn't the Armorique do a fast crossing a few weeks ago to beat the weather?
  2. Solo

    We need to talk about speed...

    In the write up on the new ships there's a lot of talk of how fuel efficient they are, will this mean they could run virtually flat out all the time with out burning extra fuel? With the Cap and PA fuel consumption sky rockets when going to fast.
  3. Solo

    Route du Rhum 2018

    I was thinking the same thing, think some of the sailing might be cancelled.
  4. And of course it has nothing to do with BF putting the deposit up.
  5. On AIS she entered the harbour started turning to berth and then started to head out again when she turned to starboard and hit the quayside.
  6. This morning on radio5 they had the chap who set up the boarder controls for Sweden with Norway. He said you have a system of trusted freight firms who enter the details of what a truck is carrying and at the port you just need to check it's the right truck, obviously there would be spot checks, any problems and the firm could lose their trusted status. It also comes down to how awkward customs want to be on either side, logically it would be in every bodies interest to keep trade flowing or will it get down to "cutting off your nose to spite your face"?
  7. Just had an e-mail with the latest ferry offer, there's only one week you can use it on Ply/Ros. Most of the period there's no ferry and you can't book for the holiday period.
  8. When it gets down to it G4rth he's a businessman and they always look after No1, whatever their political leanings. As you said in the reply to Jonno I think the article said R and D would continue in this country.
  9. Don't know about the phone call but they are doing away with associate membership, you can upgrade to full member with no joining fee.
  10. I think you miss the point G4rth, Dyson have already moved production to Singapore whilst we're still in the EU nothing to do with Brexit.
  11. Solo

    Brexit effect on BF

    What do you mean off topic, nothing to do with Brexit or BF not far off topic yet.
  12. Solo

    Brexit effect on BF

    Wouldn't you think the French government would be doing everything to ease fears and encourage tourist, all it would take is a few statements that movement for tourist will continue as before or is that off script for the EU. Encouraging tourism is only good for France, if everyone stayed at home it would benefit the UK.
  13. Solo

    (Yet) Another Red funnel crash

    She seems to have been slightly to the east of the normal course, hit the yacht and then turned and gone slowly astern until grounding.
  14. Solo

    (Yet) Another Red funnel crash

    Not just the Radars, they should have a tracker system that tells them exactly where they are and shows if off course.
  15. It was a significant number what ever it was but to say it was in London so people couldn't get there is misleading, London is the centre of the remain voters so half of London should have turned out. Khaines mentioned the EDL in Manchester, perhaps that shows how many extremist there are on the far right, not all who voted for Brexit are extremist.