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  1. Following on from this, it has been confirmed that there's a small outbreak at the Penryn Campus, less than 5 they said. The question yet again is where did the students get it to start with?
  2. I think it would help if people had more details at a local level? Here in Cornwall we're told about outbreaks at a meat plant in Redruth and HMS Raleigh in Torpoint but not told how the outbreaks started, if we knew how they started we would know what to avoid. I saw somewhere that there's an outbreak here in Falmouth but no details, it could be connected to the Uni, as Exeter have had an outbreak. In Plymouth there was an outbreak from a group coming back from Greece, one up for Colin, more information would teach people what they need to avoid and why certain restrictions are brought in.
  3. The trouble these days is the opposite, we are bombarded with information and we have to decide what bits to believe or trust and not everyone believes the same bits.
  4. I've been asking that for a while. The only answers I have is that they still have it and just accept it, they've found a cure but not told anybody else or most likely they control the population that much that any outbreak is jumped on with complete local lockdown and no one complains, unlike here where people think it's their right to do as they want when they want, the Chinese don't have that.
  5. This is getting confusing, the table that Jonno posted is completely different to everything else that's been published, according to that list Devon, Cornwall and Dorset should be locked down and not all the areas up North. Lies damned lies and statistics, don't ask me which is which with the numbers being published.
  6. Tell her she has to Quarantine for two weeks before crossing the bridge.
  7. Ever since you posted this I've been wondering where you got the figures from, the infection rate in Cornwall is still very low and we keep being told there's only one case in Royal Cornwall Hospital, so unless the numbers have jumped without us being told something is wrong with your info.
  8. I was trying to make the point about different variations of basically the same rules leading to confusion, the BBC etc should only give the rules in the areas that they apply. BBC Scotland should give the Scottish rules and BBC England the rules for England. I don't think any politician has got it completely right.
  9. This is one thing where devolution has made things worse, the devolved parliaments have done things differently or at different times to England just because they could. Boris is the Prime minister of the UK not just England, so the rules he sets, rightly or wrongly, should be for everyone no variation of rules in the other parts of the country, take away some of the confusion. Perhaps if the BBC etc just gave us the rules for our parts of the country it would stop some confusion, I'm in Cornwall I don't need to know the rules in Scotland and vice versa.
  10. You do wonder what is wrong with some people. This morning people are asking why the new rules are coming in on Monday instead of immediately, common sense would say you know the new rules so follow them as soon as you can, has it got to be made a crime before you follow the rules?
  11. Knorr Minestrone soup, completely different from over here, tried the Spanish one that is different again. The wife picks up different cooking herbs, there's so much that is different to ours, some better some not but it feels better because it's French.
  12. Could it be to do with having to berth stern in, everything else is bow in. It's easier to make the turn coming in rather than when leaving the berth.
  13. Might be a while before you get the chance again. Funny that a similar thing happened in Falmouth this week, a small tanker rammed an Admiralty tender at the docks, one story is that they started the engines when still in gear.
  14. What everyone is missing is the money BF's customers bring to Brittany and Normandy, if the local Governments subsidise them they are bringing money to the region, ask Chris how much he makes from BF indirectly. It's off topic but an example from the past, on paper Cornish Tin mines did not make any money but the mine owners also supplied the mines with Coal etc and ran the transport of materials in and Tin ore out, so the profit wasn't in mining but owning the subsidiary businesses. Remember BF started to transport the farmers produce, not to make money as a ferry company, the profit was in
  15. I think Nodwad was mainly concerned because he had a pet cabin booked, perhaps they should sort them out quicker with the limited number available.
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