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  1. I agree the proposed demo's are a bit silly but people are feeling they have to do something, the problem is, as in France, the extremists will eventually take over, just to cause trouble.
  2. Parliament asked the people do you want to leave the EU and the majority said yes. It doesn't matter how we or our MPS voted individually it is their job to carry it out. Instead over half want to remain and a lot more want an agreement that is not really leaving. Personally I think Theresa May, as a remainer is doing the best she can, certainly better than Cameron did, could anybody have done better?
  3. Not sure what press reports you mean. I did mean 'hurt' in the general sense not physically.
  4. I'm on the sailing tomorrow night, if we get hassle as a believer in Brexit I'll give them a mouth full, what good do they think it will do. My daughter said there was talk of protests on the A30 as well, it's not the ordinary people they need to hurt, it's the idiots in Parliament.
  5. Just received the usual welcome e-mail for tomorrow nights crossing travelling with bikes, the e-mail has specific info for cyclist which is new.
  6. Ed, a friend of mine has shared a video of EU flags being burnt and apparently there are calls for Frexit, is this widespread or just an odd instance being shared. The claim is the mainstream media are not showing any of this over here, trust in the media, even the BBC is so low you don't know what to believe.
  7. Just finished another bottle that I got from some place near Roscoff, so all is well.
  8. I don't know what's happening Chris can't get the pictures on PC, Phone, Blackberry or ipad.
  9. Are you up and running in Cherbourg now Chris? For those that don't know you can now get Fine Whine in Cherbourg as well as Roscoff, I'm sure Chris will give you details if you message him, he didn't want to advertise on here.
  10. Your pictures are not there Chris. Was it their turn to win, no doubt Honfleur will win next year when launched.
  11. We regularly go to Brittany, did a 24hr 2 weeks ago and going again this week for a days cycling but our main holiday I was thinking of going south, Dordogne or further but after reading about prices am now thinking about going back to Spain which we did last year. This is in a campervan. Both countries are beautiful with so much to see, so it might come down to how the ferry price works out for Spain.
  12. I think the original post was about using Aberdeen for refits not running a service. I often wonder about Falmouth, which has a history of ferry refits.
  13. That is where the one plus could be, if subsidised crossings can be sold to some who use Dover it could be win win but existing customers might complain if the subsidy went on to long.
  14. They said yesterday that she would depart at 11.00am and arrive 16.30.
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