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  1. PA is covering St Malo Nov and Dec, leaving only 10 or 11 weeks for the engine work. Also of interest there are some night sailings from Roscoff to Plymouth in early March, these are popular for dat trips.
  2. She's been doing it for years. Two sailings to Bilbao and one to Santander.
  3. Think she went there a couple of times, 2 or 3 years ago. People said about the stern ramp being down with a walkway to get ashore.
  4. Every little helps. If it encourages some extra bookings it's a winner for BF.
  5. Is that not just showing the different value in different routes? You have to compare the cost of living etc of the customers you are attracting.
  6. The last comment said they should have cancelled the sailings whilst the ship was repaired, so she was happy to have no sailings for 3 months rather than drive to Plymouth.
  7. Surely BF will get some sort of recompense for the delays. Another point Honfleur is costing more than the Yates did, is that showing in the comments that are being made about the Yates, were corners cut in the quality?
  8. Is this not a similar situation to when the Vdl left and the Pont le'Abbe came in until the new build arrived?
  9. But has anyone got an iron and ironing board?
  10. Yes and how much wine Chris has not sold to his Irish customers, it's not just the ferry company that looses out.
  11. If looking at short breaks it might pay to book the hotel with BF as well, as a package this can work out cheaper.
  12. I think it depends more on when Pont Aven's engine is replaced, they have to work out a timetable for that.
  13. Will they use this time to start stripping down the engine that has to be removed?
  14. I think being Winter season is the big point with that, try getting a ferry at short notice during the Summer.
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