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  1. But the figures started going up a couple of weeks ago more related to Half Term visitors. Any G7 affect will show next week.
  2. I agree with you there, if every new build had to have panels installed, especially factories warehouses etc, it would make more sense than covering fields with panels.
  3. Basically the EU has said France was allowed to give aid to shipping companies and BF are the main company involved.
  4. Isn't that the big problem with all this dash for Electric, the infrastructure and clean generating capacity. We can only cover the country with so many Solar panels and Wind farms, we need the land to grow food or we end up importing even more than we do now, which isn't very green. The only answer would be more Nuclear power but the Greens don't want them.
  5. There's a long way to go getting the system running efficiently for EV's to really take off, to get enough charging points that will charge every car will take a lot of investment, it's no good saying "Oh this charger doesn't do your vehicle" they all have to do every vehicle.
  6. No, there's no linkspan to connect to.
  7. Lies, damned lies and statistics. Although the infection rate seems to be going up here as Jonno says it's not reflected in Hospital figures, is that because of the Vaccine and the fact that the younger generation are the ones getting infected. In the video posted earlier of Theresa May she made the point we have to live with Covid at a certain level and rely on the Vaccine.
  8. One thing that is hidden is the regional varriation in numbers, in the South West there were less than fives cases of Delta strain in each of the Council areas. It seems to be concentrated mostly in some cities in the North of England, the same as Portugal where they say Lisbon is bad but every where else is okay. Should we go back to regional tiers with a real effort to stop people travelling between?
  9. Love to see her in Falmouth.
  10. Says enough about Galicia that the discussion is about what breakfast you get.
  11. The open top deck, if it's to bad to be up there you'll not see much from the cabin. As you can see there are different thoughts on which side has the best views.
  12. We normally have an outside cabin going to Spain, one trip we said "do we really need a window?" never again, the inside cabins are where they put the School groups, we had a group of noisy boys next to us, she who must be obeyed went to reception, the boys had a knock on the door from a 6'6" steward. Which side? Going out port side, starboard side coming back, get the Sun in the morning but best view of Santander is Starboard side, although we normally go on deck or the public areas when entering port.
  13. Just need the tests coming home, it is all a mess, they want as many visitors as they can get and lots want to go but it's weighing up the risk all round.
  14. There is video of this on the Cornwall Live Facebook page. It's just leaving Mounts Bay before getting in to open seas.
  15. Which way do we want it? Boris is in trouble for letting people travel to India, when the Indians said they could now he's wrong to stop people travelling to Spain. I know he's made mistakes but when he's in trouble for doing to little and for doing to much at the same time, what should he do?
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