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  1. Will we then take part in the elections, that was mentioned on the tv earlier. Yet another unforeseen consequence for those wanting a delay.
  2. Solo

    BF Refits 2018-19

    In the past I've seen the PA being painted in Santander, not seen it recently due to being on the evening sailing, do they still do it when at Santander earlier in the day? I've seen a bloke on the quayside with a roller and some of the outside decks being painted. Going back to when we had the Friday afternoon Plymouth Roscoff sailing, we once had a crew member tied to the railings painting the hinge on the stern ramp, nice job hanging on the back doing 20 knots, who said health and safety.
  3. Solo

    First Run

    We had the same coming back from Canada in 2003, my wife had an emergency op in Canada and although recovering well we thought it advisable to have assistance at Heathrow. Met at the plane by a young chap with a wheelchair, through a few doors and shortcuts had us through immigration in no time, even took us to my uncle's car, who was picking us up.
  4. Solo

    Government charter

    Coming from the other side of the country I'd like to know the real situation at Ramsgate, there appears to be a lot of people fighting the reintroduction of any ferries and whenever one of them say something it is grabbed by the press. What is the truth is there a prospect of Ramsgate reopening at any time in the future, with or without this contract, or is it all Pie in the Sky? I get the feeling this contract was drawn up by some civil servant when the Minister said we need capacity away from Dover, they will have looked at the ports and seen that Ramsgate is not being used and there's a company ready to get it going and not really looked any deeper.
  5. Solo

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    By 2/3rds capacity do you mean passenger numbers or cabin occupancy? Going to Spain we always have a 4 berth for 2 of us, for the extra space, so that's only 50% occupancy.
  6. Correct Neil but it looks as if money and effort have been put into the rebranding, when a few pictures of dirty not cleaned cabins getting into the general press will wipe out any uplift from rebranding, you could say it's thinking about the pounds and forgetting the pennies. Does that make sense? Look after the little things and the rest will fall into place.
  7. Don't want to mix the 2 threads but which is gives the better impression, clean cabins or the rebranding exercise?
  8. Solo

    LATEST: £46,6m BF charter for no-deal Brexit

    Do you really think Chris Grayling has a clue about any of it? Some civil servant, thinking about his knighthood, will have said "We need to do this" and then was sent off to arrange it.
  9. Solo

    Government charter

    Further to the previous post, there was a chap on the news who seemed to be campaigning to stop Ramsgate reopening, has he got local backing or just stirring things up?
  10. Solo

    Government charter

    Were these the people trying to open Ramsgate up as a ferry port again, how far did they get? It would be logical to use Ramsgate to ease Dover and if they have done any serious groundwork it would be sensible to use them, if not it would look suspicious, could just be someone in the Dept of Transport read there publicity and said "they could be useful".
  11. Solo

    Brexit effect on BF

    Exactly Neil, there was no pre-planning for a Leave vote, the establishment and most MPs didn't want to leave and have just made it difficult instead of following the "will of the people". Vince Cable was on Radio Cornwall recently, when he was asked why when Cornwall voted to leave by a wide margin was he ignoring it, he said "We're not ignoring it but" he wants us to vote again until we give the right answer. They keep wanting a peoples vote, as one of our MPs said "So voted last time if it wasn't people?"
  12. Solo

    Brexit effect on BF

    One other thing I missed earlier, the pound is going to crash, so we won't be able to afford any imports. Of course if tourist stop going abroad just think what a bonus for our own tourism. As an ex fisherman the fishing is a difficult one, as it was when we joined the Common market, we need control of our own waters but will they make it difficult to export to the EU, the best answer would be to encourage more people to eat fish in this country, which would be a good thing for our health.
  13. Solo

    Brexit effect on BF

    I still think there is a lot of scare mongering going on. Customs clearance should be a paper exercise, unless the transport firms cannot be trusted to declare what they are carrying, in which case you hammer that firm and make it difficult for them. What would we need vets for? We accept the EU standards for animals now, what will change? We can still use the pet passport scheme. All goods coming in only need to be checked as much as we want them checked, as for the other side it is up to France etc to decide how much checks and hold ups they want on their side, they could be awkward and check every truck or be realistic and just do spot checks.
  14. He did say they contacted BF and did not get an answer. I would have thought as it's just an over size van they could get a price on the bookings site.
  15. Solo

    Brexit effect on BF

    I think that is where the gains could be made, educate the normal traveller they do not have to go East to Dover and then drive west in France to get where they want to go. On Motorhome sites it's surprising how many drive to Dover and then drive southwest right across France to get to Spain and they'll take crossings in the middle of the night to get it when cheaper and not so busy. If they could get all traffic heading for anywhere west of Paris to look at crossings further West it would certainly help. Perhaps they should make it cheaper when unsociable arrivals and departures are involved as they do at Dover.