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  1. We have to remember the vaccine is to keep people out of hospital not to stop the spread, at the moment. You say about the different groups we rely on, of which there are more than people think about, there are that many that vaccinating all in the first waves would not be possible. If the vaccine does stop the spread then it would pay to do the people who are moving around more.
  2. Notice the bit at the end about protecting doctors from legal action, when I heard that yesterday I said "any lawyer that does that wants to look hard at themselves, to even think about threatening Doctors at the moment unless they make a really bad mistake."
  3. Can you imagine if the ferries did go what would happen if there was a problem in the tunnel, such as the fire. On land if the tunnel is blocked there's always a way around it, even if it is longer. With the chunnel once the ferries are gone we're stuck if something goes wrong, be it militant French Farmers, Terrorist attack or accident.
  4. Is there a limit on possible speeds due to air pressure build up? or is the ventilation system able to take the pressure caused by higher speeds.
  5. Is this the end of open borders? The only way this will work will mean border controls, I'm surprised it hasn't happened before, people have complained that we should've shut borders right from the start here.
  6. By the earlier comments this was an EU decision as well.
  7. What happens if the sandwich is made of Danish Ham? Have they thought that one through.
  8. True but it is a sledgehammer to crack a walnut, our food was safe on 31st Dec but not on the 1st Jan, it's just trying to prove a point and to a lot of people it just reinforces their attitude to the EU. Can you imagine what it will be like if the holiday season gets going? Complete chaos.
  9. That's what they said here and look what happened, things are moving a lot quicker than politicians can think.
  10. Many would say it should've been like that from the start, remember it only spread because people moved around. Here in Cornwall we had virtually no cases before Christmas now it's suddenly taken off why? Was it people coming down here because it was safe? was it locals going to the shops when the November half lockdown ended? The first Wednesday in Dec after the lockdown Truro had late night shopping, I said at the time it's crazy from lockdown to everybody go shopping in 24hr.
  11. The Office for National Statistics recently estimated as many as one in 50 people in England had coronavirus between 27 December and 2 January, while in London it was one in 30. On Friday, mayor Sadiq Khan said the spread of Covid in the capital was "out of control". Official figures from Public Health England showed London had the highest regional case rate in the UK, exceeding 1,000 per 100,000 people. I've just copied this from Ed's BBC link above. They estimate it is one in 30 in London but the regional case rate has London at 1,000 per 100,000, so those figures cont
  12. It all seems a bit over the top, food that was perfectly safe one day is suddenly not allowed, did our standards suddenly disappear on 1st Jan?
  13. What worries me is that everyone thinks the vaccine is the end of it, it's not, you can still catch it you can still spread it, just you shouldn't get ill with it. The vaccines stop people getting ill it doesn't stop the spread, unless I've missed something.
  14. I think it's just the angle of the photo Colin, the ramp to the upper deck is between the funnel and the Starboard side.
  15. Thanks for that Jonno, I'm just getting number fatigue, we get numbers thrown at us every day on the news it just goes over our heads and I always consider myself good with numbers. I wonder how accurate the numbers are, the numbers are higher now than April but we're doing so many more tests and how do they work out the number per 100,000? because obviously those being tested will have a higher percentage of positives than the general population, that's the reason they are being tested. There is some discussion on the death figures, I think the excess deaths figure is surely the most re
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