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  1. By the looks of the bow she'll need a repaint before hand over.
  2. I was just thinking this could be tempting fate.
  3. Solo

    Breton Flag on Bretagne

    The Breton boats all fly the flag in port and drop it after they leave, don't know which flag the Normandy boats fly.
  4. That's a question that needs answering in the wider rush for paperless, who needs paper anything and who would really prefer it? I use the internet a lot but there are times I want to read things on paper.
  5. Depends what is available and what you want to pay, presumably you could get a Deluxe if you want to pay for it.
  6. That's probably part of it, making it easier for Mobiles etc. We had the same with our cycling club website, we've got to make it more user friendly, personally I think we lost a lot from it as well.
  7. The one thing I find with this layout is that this time of year if you want to look at next October you have to scroll right through and the same for the return sailing, instead of just clicking on the month.
  8. And then you click the month you want.
  9. I didn't explain very well, I was thinking more about storage tanks etc down in the depths of the ship and the capacity of the electrical system, which would all have been built to handle a certain number of cabins and people on board. As has been said it's all possible but it's not just a case of putting some cabins on top, it's a major job.
  10. No one is talking about the basics, the whole plumbing and electrical systems would have to be replaced. You don't just add a load of cabins they all need services water and waste tanks etc would all need replacing above what was designed, would it be easy?
  11. Everyone is saying how many trucks she can carry plus adding extra passenger space but if most of them have cars that is taking space away from the Freight.
  12. I think Millsy was making the point it puts you off before you start plus it's just more unnecessary clutter on a website that's not up to the job, cut out the clutter and just get the basic job done.
  13. He claimed to be a regular traveller and spent thousands with BF, if so why not join Club Voyage and get 30% instead of the 5% he was talking of.
  14. Not the best of times to use the PA to advertise your engines.
  15. Would that work in with crew hours, at the moment they work from 2 until roughly Midnight, 10 or 11 hr, if they leave Roscoff before lunch that would mean crew starting work at about 11, leading to a 13hr day. This could lead possibly to needing two crew shifts each day. It would be interesting to see the figures for the PA Thursday nights in the restaurant, I know the crossing is popular but would it work every night of the week. I know the Sunday morning sailing the restaurant is used but not that busy. For us the later sailing works well, we can visit the supermarket and Chris to stock up and then have lunch before boarding.
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