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  1. Solo

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    We're all speculating but could it be with Pont Aven taking up a berth for longer than intended the shipyard asked BF not to send MSM so they could shuffle other ships around, as I said only speculating not much else to do on a miserable afternoon.
  2. Solo

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    Could be as you say Jonno, will mean PA is available right through next winter not needing a refit, just it's so soon after her last dry docking.
  3. Solo

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    Why is she in dry dock? Surely the engine could be done whilst afloat, just with access to the bow or stern doors.
  4. Solo

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    Didn't it work like that the last time Armorique covered MSM.
  5. I can remember it, that was when we had sport on Saturday afternoons and they used this as fillers when there were cancellations or just not much on during the winter.
  6. Solo

    Sky tv

    Come on Nodwad, you know no threads stay on topic for very long.
  7. Been saying that music is too loud in most places for years. As for the environment most of the ferries we travel on are doing the sailing for freight, other than the fast cats, so carrying passengers is not harming the environment so much.
  8. And Poole has a rise that month probably because of this.
  9. What's really needed is a monthly break down for those 2 years, were numbers steady until Libby started? Did they drop right away or after the bad publicity started and obviously the reduction of sailings must have had an effect. What about the figures from France have they stayed steady or have they dropped as well?
  10. Brigette you can't argue with the fact that figures dropped after Libby came in, was in the bad publicity that she got, was it false expectations that were put on her and when she didn't run the service expected people reacted. Perhaps if Condor had started with a more reasonable timetable for her, as they have now, people would have been happier with her and therefore less bad publicity. Slightly off topic, we keep hearing how the youth want to save the World but then we say how they jump on planes to fly every where.
  11. These things can happen with any thing mechanical, last year we were on the Pont down on deck 2, the locking pins wouldn't release to open the hatch, at least they had the ramp at the other end.
  12. Solo

    Pont Cabins

    We once had the forward most 4 berth, virtually under the bridge, quietest cabin we've ever had, just glad it was flat calm wouldn't like to be up there in bad weather.
  13. Sorry if I got the 30% the wrong way around, I had a minor cycling accident and had a bill for part of it when I got home not enough to mess around with claiming on the insurance.
  14. You need to rethink no1, you should have Health Insurance now. The EHIC gives you the basic Health cover of the Country you are in i.e. in France it covers I believe 30% and you pay the rest, in Spain you pay nothing for basic Medical care in other Countries it varies.
  15. If Cornwall live report it it will probably be flat calm, they tend to exaggerate slightly. Seriously all reports say it will be bad over the weekend.
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