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  1. When two of us travelled in a Deluxe a few years ago we only had Breakfast for two.
  2. Solo

    CF vs PA

    Never been on the CF but wouldn't that mean moving the kitchens, so a major redesign.
  3. Presumably Stena make money from leasing them with the hope of getting their money back if it is eventually sold to the leaser and BF get a new ship without the initial cost, if things look good they can purchase in five years time. Also there's the economy of scale, by buying 8 ships of basically the same design Stena get the ships a bit cheaper.
  4. Normally in bad weather it's not the Bread rolls but the whole plate that hits the deck.
  5. I should have said one of the worse ones was going over Friday afternoons, when it ran, with our bikes. At least we were able to keep the bikes upright but good job we weren't breathalysed.
  6. Following the discussion on the incident at Poole, it was mentioned perhaps they'd had a drink on board. What is peoples attitude to drinking on the ferry before driving? Personally I always travel Roscoff/Plymouth, so a 6hr plus crossing, I will have a couple of pints after boarding and then only soft drinks for the rest of the crossing and of course a meal on board as well, so no empty stomach. Just thought do others do the same or not drink at all?
  7. They've got a lot of sympathy in the comments, not. You do wonder about some drivers on the road, we all make mistakes but some times it's just plain stupid.
  8. You could be right Gunwharf, I think many high speed boats suffer a similar thing, at higher speed the hull lifts more creating less wash.
  9. You could say the same about Boeing, they have taken a hit but no question of them going under, after the recent crashes.
  10. That was my understanding as well and last night he was saying she speeded up in bound around the IOW.
  11. Perhaps Ferry man will clarify, when I looked at Ais she was coming along side in Portsmouth.
  12. He means coming into Portsmouth Gareth.
  13. I suffered when younger but several years fishing cured me. I always advise make sure you eat, sensible things, and get outside in the sea air, not easy when they close the outside decks in bad weather I often wonder why they don't open one section where it's sheltered and have a crew member there if necessary.
  14. You have to remember that when the cats were running there were two of them most the time, now there is no second boat to fall back on. As for the spray, salt spray will get anywhere, there are enough complaints about spray on the open decks on some BF ships and they are a lot higher out of the water.
  15. I was going to comment on all the "Nationalistic shenanigans" on ships not registered here but it seems it would be okay on this one.
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