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  1. I think the PA was designed to fit Plymouth and Roscoff, knowing what they do now with longer ferries fitting both ports, do they wish now that she had a better longer bow. The only possible problem if she was longer would be Cork.
  2. You have to remember, those making the rules always fly first class, normally at our expense and wouldn't even think about us using ferries.
  3. I agree with much of what you say Barry, the only thing when the state ran things service also gradually went, the Workers and the Management all thought I'm alright there was no incentive to improve. With privatisation it's gradually gone the same way, a few mega "services" firms, Serco etc, get all the contracts there's no real competition and they squeeze the smaller firms who actually do the work, like Supermarkets squeeze suppliers. As for the armed forces it's only when something goes wrong that people realise that they need them, example when that dam was collapsing a couple of years ago who was called in? The Army Engineers.
  4. Sad that we say modern ships breakdown more, same as cars, I think it's more a case that when something goes wrong it needs a computer engineer instead of a man with a spanner. Lack of resilience comes from having less larger vessels, which cuts down the frequency of service as well but looks good on paper, less running expenses.
  5. There are three threads on here about services not running as they should be IOW ferries, Condor ferries and Calmac, what is going on with these companies that they can't keep their services running properly? I don't use any of them but I feel sorry for the people and businesses that rely on them. Do they all think they have a captive market, is it bad management or lack of investment, although even where there's been investment there seems to be problems.
  6. Yes he's in hospital but moved to a private room so he can have visitors. Wortley she's had her jabs but even then you still need to isolate, until they dream up new rules next week.
  7. I have a cousin who is in the last stages of Cancer, we're just waiting for the phone call, his sister lives in France and has spend the last week in conversation with the Government to get exemption on compassionate grounds, as is allowed but she's been turned down. The way it's going she needs to start planning to get here for his funeral. As you would expect she's upset and frustrated.
  8. I think that's the point most people miss, by making people have the vaccine in a backhanded way.
  9. To sum up these high speed vessels are not really suitable for a year round service to the islands.
  10. I think we all know that like 90% of films they took a true story and twisted it to make it fit the audience they wanted. They were all very brave men and at least the film makes people remember them. Also remember although only 3 made it, the idea was to cause as big a problem as they could for the Germans.
  11. Did you renew last August? Did you have an extension on last years membership?
  12. We were down there a couple of years ago with our Campervan, parked on the exit ramp, thought that isn't to bad until the hatch wouldn't open when we arrived, the other half was not happy started to feel claustrophobic.
  13. Mine was moved from January to 31st August this year.
  14. There's been a lot of talk on here in the past about when the PA moves to St Malo there could be a later more convenient departure from St Malo, with the slower E-flexer that hope is gone.
  15. I find it interesting that last year people complained Track and Trace wasn't working now it's working to well, it just shows how many contacts we could've had last year and not known. Personally I think people who are pinged should take regular tests and carry on, just how many who are pinged have actually caught it? We don't hear that.
  16. When we had more local Coastguard stations instead of centralized it wasn't a problem, the local Coastguards new most of the nicknames. The same goes for Ambulance, Fire etc.
  17. It drives me mad when everywhere they say use our Ap, I don't want to download an Ap everywhere I go, I'm here to spend money if you don't want it goodbye. Every time you do something online you're asked to rate the experience, it would be better without the questions after. As you say everything we do is recorded if we have an Id card it must do everything Passport, driving licence, health card etc, why pay for separate Id for each one.
  18. Are you saying that Boris knew about the Beta variant before Macron and his ministers who said it wasn't there. How have the figures gone so bad in France when only last week it appeared to be doing okay?
  19. Because she doesn't fit, the new ones are a shorter version.
  20. Because we need the Arm back in Plymouth for when we're allowed to travel freely again.
  21. Come on Ed, that would require joined up thinking, there's been very little of that through out this.
  22. It comes down to Have any politicians told the truth right from the start of this? All of them have slanted things to suit what they want, instead of just being honest and telling us they don't know what to do
  23. That could be an answer, EV for everyday and hire an ICE for long trips.
  24. Yes it gives the generators flexibility and removes meter reading, although for some reason I still have to send ours in, but at what cost to us the consumer who had to pay for the roll out. Flexible tariffs are okay so long as they don't just go up during heavy usage. With the change to EVs there won't be any getting rid of power stations over all.
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