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  1. Yes that's the new sailing times, previously she left Plymouth 15.45 and arrive Santander at lunchtime. Just a shame there's not much time to arrange anything.
  2. It means you can sail from a port and return to that port, not face a few hours on a coach.
  3. We used to go Wednesday, now Tuesday evening, and back Monday arriving Tuesday morning giving virtually a week away, at reasonable price if booked early enough.
  4. They want to see the steam coming out the funnels. It would be a good idea but is there a practical way of doing it?
  5. I did say to the boss we could do a short break in Santander like we used to but probably to late to book now or will be expensive.
  6. Solo

    Armorique Making History

    It's not been the whole weekend, just 36hr, from arrival in Roscoff on Saturday morning to departure on Sunday afternoon. Plus of course the loss of the PA sailing on Sunday mornings.
  7. Solo

    BF Refits 2018-19

    When Honfleur arrives is the one thing no one has thought of, it could help the situation.
  8. Solo

    BF Refits 2018-19

    They do but if Armorique has to cover St Malo when Plymouth reopens we do get the chance of going Plymouth to St Malo, which makes a change.
  9. Yes Ed, as I said the wording is a bit funny.
  10. I think that's all as expected. The Ply/Ros sailings are the ones cancelled for the Arm to do Cork, perhaps the explanation is a bit funny. The statement said the PA would start again on the 14th from Plymouth, so obviously the sailing on the 13th is cancelled.
  11. That would virtually rule her out for the summer, 2 months or more doing the work and that's after you've got the new engine, I don't think you'll get one off the shelf. They'll go back to the old Plymouth timetable, without the crossing to Roscoff on the Tuesday, should leave her plenty of time to take it easy.
  12. When you think about it BF have a problem, a ship that needs replacing soon, Bretagne, and the only obvious replacement is to big for the route, unless of course they can grow the route with an improved offering.
  13. What happens with Plymouth Spain then? The only answer would be the Cap, would give me a chance to finally go on her.
  14. She could do her normal trip to Spain from Plymouth and do extra sailings to Cork if BF see trade growing that way post Brexit
  15. I think Gareth got mixed up there. It was the original link span in Plymouth, wasn't there something on here a few years ago saying that the Royal Marines have used it at times? If the PA came to Plymouth full time it would be to service Spain and Cork, not replace Armorique.
  16. I don't understand all the bashing of Grayling, do you really think he has anything to do with this farce? He might have said we need extra cover in case Dover gets grid locked but after that it was the civil servants who set things up, of course they never account for their actions and if they do just leave with their guaranteed pensions. Ministers might set policies but civil servants actually do all the running of the country.
  17. Coming through Plymouth last month on bikes there was a bloke making us go to the kiosk one at a time instead of all queueing at the kiosk. So that was nothing to do with air pollution, just slowing things down for no reason.
  18. Solo

    Armorique Making History

    Last couple of times I've been over she has been stern in at Plymouth and Roscoff, turning vehicles onboard, so no need to berth bow in for loading for Cork.
  19. They fly planes across the Atlantic with only 2 engines now.
  20. Solo

    Armorique Making History

    Wasn't it designed with that in mind, the starboard side could be divided off.
  21. Isn't Bretagne due a refit or at least a docking this year?
  22. It made my day, the flagship has a knackered engine and is out of service, so the hot topic is bread rolls. Can't say we don't cover everything on here.
  23. No don't know anything as a fact, just looking over the stern you can see when one or both props are being used.
  24. Jonno, they asked about Ouistreham.
  25. When going at normal speed both props are used but some times at slower speeds looking over the stern it seems only one is being used.
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