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  1. Saw her in Bari in a sorry state doesn't look as she will be back in service any time soon.
  2. Very little doubt that both the Standards are slipping and the costs are rising over and above what would be considered the norm in this day and age of austerity. We too have had cabins with broken towel rails and other fittings. With no competition on the Western Channel there can be little doubt that this will continue. Most of us will have to grin and bear it to save driving time to get to the South and Western France but the company must be careful not to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.
  3. I am told MFL have closed the port again
  4. I agree Paul W H The more information passed on the better
  5. My biggest gripe is the cabin prices these seem to have increased by some margin. Also the cabin prices on the economy ferries hardly make the use of these services worthwhile.
  6. Lets all lobby for Bristol excellent motorway links albeit a bit congested in the Summer. The tidal conditions might be a problem as a local I know a little about tides but would be interested in expert opinion as to whether the Bristol Channel would be a possibility for these types of services.
  7. I was wondering where the Transmanche sisters fit into the equation re the new fuel regulations as nothing seems to have been mentioned re these two vessels. Could BF make use of these when they become available if the Newhaven service closes or are there other newer ships that could be transferred into BF service. I have never heard mention of any other types of the ships around these shores and the possibility of them being converted, these regulations must apply to them all.
  8. My main worry would be the engines rather than comfort and state of the ships themselves. The ships are well maintained and having refits regularly will help keep them in good order. However not replacing the engines now only delays this so in a few years time the costs are multiplied scrubbers now, new engines down the line at a more expensive price because of inflation and the suppliers knowing full well that BF have their hands forced. As a matter of interest what is the life of these engines the time must come when repairs are not ecconomic.
  9. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne It will all be down to price and service in the end. One thing going for it is Boulogne sur Mer,
  10. Re: My Ferry Link Updates That sounds quite encouraging I hope they do well
  11. Re: My Ferry Link Updates With very low loading their fuel consumption and speed would increase perhaps
  12. My Ferry Link Updates I was wondering how the new ferry is progressing, are their passenger numbers increasing because of the sad situation at BF. What is the experience of travelling with them like now. The more competition the better for the customer.
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