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  1. Just watching this video on youtube of the Queen Elizabeth and spotted about 41 seconds into the video is MN Pelican opposite her on the same quay side, good comparison!
  2. You can get pretty close to them , attached some of my old pics from there.
  3. Here was pretty good , you can see them coming in and out through the main ship channel
  4. There's no reason Cotentin has to stop in Cherbourg every week to take on or offload trucks. Cap Finistere is running a Spanish only timetable so they stop in France for a few hours to crew change. why cant they run a similar system with her.
  5. Why not? If Pelican picks up enough freight, maybe BF will reinstate Cotentin? No reason why she can't do just 2 trips to Spain a week like Pelican.
  6. I wonder if this is an experiment to see if Cotentin can make a comeback?
  7. Her arrival in Poole this morning, was lucky the weather cleared a tad for photo's.
  8. I wonder if there will be the opportunity today to see both Liberation and NEX in Poole together, both crossing to Poole now. Liberation is bit further ahead.
  9. A pic of Liberation from 16th April in Poole. Condor Liberation by Dan Hall 2015, on Flickr
  10. Condor Liberation leaving Poole today. Condor Liberation by Dan Hall 2015, on Flickr
  11. Great pics Khaines, couldn't be bothered to go today lol!
  12. Turns out today was my last chance to see Condor Express. Here she is sailing through the Harbour today. Condor Express by Dan Hall 2015, on Flickr
  13. Tomorrows Liberation sailings are going to be covered by Condor Express again. Repairs not completed in time.
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