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  1. It is an outside agency and probably yes as they tend to change staff a fare bit. They are always looking for reliable staff.
  2. There seems to be a problem with Spain and the Gibraltar issue and possible visa situation. read more on travel mole https://www.travelmole.com/news_feature.php?c=setreg&region=2&m_id=s~_r~Amvn&w_id=35817&news_id=2036259
  3. I think you will find that this a new timetable that starts after March 29th (ring any bells) in case there is a NO Deal Brexit to help accommodate the extra crossings for freight as per their subsidy from the British Government you will probably see the Barfleur change as well and possibly other crossings. They can't just leave it to the last minuet ( like the Government) as they have to consider all the rest of the passengers booking their holidays and their other crossings and staffing.
  4. An interesting article https://www.ferryshippingnews.com/ about the ports of Normandie
  5. I just had this in an email from Ferry Summit News (Ferry Shipping Summit <conference@ferryshippingsummit.com>)/www.ferryshippingsummit.com Conferry's Floating Cemetery To Be Transferred To Shipyard Several ferries that are anchored in the Venezuelan municipalities of Anzoátegui and Nueva Esparta will be transferred to the Dianca shipyard (Diques y Astilleros Nacionales Compañía Anónima). The ferries are: MARÍA ROSARIO (former PURBECK), CONCEPCIÓN MARIÑO, HSC LILIA CONC
  6. The new Link span is not well and a whole section has been taken out and put on the quayside all this week so who knows when it will go back together.
  7. Armorique has been charted by the military for maneuvers for a few days. The boys want to play.
  8. Amorique visits Poole on Monday deputising for Barfy whilst she goes for her wash and brush up in Cherbourg Slightly different schedule for the benefit of the freight during the week come the weekend more for the holiday makers.
  9. Of course not it's the slack controls of the UK borders that the problems would be coming from because we have all the bad ones. There are no threats from France the farmers and the truckers see to that. (slight hint of sarcasm with tongue in cheek)
  10. It sailed out this morning. They left it til the last to load and reversed the boat on to deck 3 through the large rear doors. When they get to Cherbourg they will have to let the passengers off via the bow doors and then turn the ship around to off load the boat so it can just drive off. Probably would have been easier if they had just tied a rope on her and towed her behind.
  11. I think it was the introduction of the fast cats that destroyed BCIF because they creamed the passengers off BCIF in the summer and gradually got bigger fast craft and did not sail in the winter so BCIF didn't make the profit in the summer to run through the winter and there was always freight competition with BCIF and Condor.
  12. Looks as though they are spending for the future as per Lloyds load listing are Brittany getting left behind? http://www.lloydsloadinglist.com/freight-directory/news/DFDS-exercises-option-for-ro-pax-vessel/66586.htm#.V2Oy4iMrK0Y
  13. Normandie Scheduled back in service for Friday AM sailing. Probably refits cannot be done in France due to timing and possible size of dry docks and who knows the price as well may not be cheaper in France.
  14. Pont is out and about according to AIS doing sea trials around Gdansk soon to start the long slog back to Roscoff to prepare for the sailing on the 1st April. I would think she would need to leave sometime Tuesday to get to Roscoff for Thursday/ Friday to get everything ready. I am not sure how long it takes to get back from Gadansk. Lets hope all goes well with the sea trilas and trip back and hope Katie has cleared off.
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