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  1. Some interesting photos / history of the conversion on the attached! Darwin was P&O's 'project name' for the conversion. http://www.doverferryphotosforums.co.uk/mv-pride-of-canterbury-past-and-present/
  2. Just saw on Twitter that she has diverted to Brest due to propeller damage.
  3. That's the old Hoverspeed livery on the ex Norman Arrow - a strange combination!
  4. Khaines, may I suggest you contact Apple and make a claim to exercise your rights under the UK consumer law - see this link http://www.apple.com/uk/legal/statutory-warranty/ . These are, for obvious reasons, not particularly prominent amongst manufacturers but are valid for 6 years after purchase of the product. My brother claimed for what would have been an expensive MacBook repair at an Apple store which was well out of warranty under these and did not have to pay a penny. I am not 100% sure of the conditions of the above though, but like I say, worth a try.
  5. She definitely seems to be a level up from Etretat in terms of onboard standards. No doubt she will be choc a bloc for tonight's crossing with all of the issues in Caen!
  6. BF have stated on their sailing updates that Normandie is heading to Roscoff. Are Le Havre and Cherbourg no longer options during this industrial action then?
  7. Perhaps you saw Baie de Seine during her first call at the port. I guess she's still being 'bedded in' so could have been having some adjustments carried out?
  8. And here she is on the berth, I guess waiting to be moved over to Astander shipyard. http://www.puertosantander.es/cas/camara_detalle.aspx?camara=2
  9. Looks like Armorique is in for a fair few Biscay trips this summer so anything could happen fleetwise!
  10. I am sure BF will be trying to find a replacement ship now... I wonder if she will operate for BF again?
  11. I hope BF receive suitable compensation from Etretat's owner (Stena Roro?) for these extensive issues.
  12. Yep, NEX is spending time in Poole while Barf is away.
  13. Re: Brittany Ferries to operate the Norman Voyager to Le Havre & Santander Are they regretting losing Cotentin? Or does the Norman Voyager have different specifications making her more suitable? Very interesting, and not a move anyone would have expected!
  14. Re: Today I... That's a shame they're closing it down. At least one of the major banks has a pledge to not close a branch when it's the last remaining bank in town - obviously not HSBC.
  15. Re: Today I... Glad to hear, Rich. I do like what Seat have produced over the last few years so hope you enjoy.
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