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  1. The latest Irish Ferries has arrived in Cherbourg en route to Dublin as this article in La Presse de la Manche https://actu.fr/normandie/cherbourg-en-cotentin_50129/premiere-escale-cherbourg-w-b-yeats-dirish-ferries_20379048.html
  2. Thursday evening's NEX from Cherbourg to Portsmouth had to return to port when a migrant was found on board. Article at http://www.lamanchelibre.fr/actualite-185707-manche-un-migrant-decouvert-sur-ferry-a-cherbourg.html
  3. There appears to be a strike scheduled for 28th April but not 30th. Follow all French planned strikes at http://www.cestlagreve.fr/calendrier/?secteur=157
  4. :I think BF are very sensible. This translation (Bing) from an article in the Normandy Press is quite clear:- "Winds of 100 km/h with gusts reaching 140 km/h are planned from February 6 on the sleeve. The maritime prefect of the channel and the North Sea appeals to the utmost caution to the attention of all users of the sea taking into account particularly difficult weather conditions that lie ahead from February 6. Across the English Channel-North Sea area will be under the influence of winds ranging from 60 to 80 km/h on Saturday, February 6. According to the coastguard, the l
  5. You are probably spot on! The locals in Cherbourg are saying the same thing and the BF French website today still has all sailings to Poole running to timetable. We also have an interest as tomorrow, Monday we do not still know whether we are sailing from Cherbourg or driving for nearly 2 hours to Ouistreham'.
  6. This incident on Wednesday 16th December was reported in Cotentin press. Translation by Bing has usual discrepancies. Cap Finistère Wednesday, December 16 at 5.30 p.m., the ferry "Cape Finisterre" company Brittany Ferries, which carried out the connection Portsmouth (United Kingdom) - Bilbao (Spain) reported to Cross Jobourg found a suspicious package on board. 375 passengers put away Without delay, the master of the vessel decided to evacuate 375 passengers in a secure area and diverted to move closer to the coast. The crew of the ferry proceeded to a fuller investigation
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