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  1. Pelican is due back on run next week she's to Bilbao now. Her ais just hasn't been entered correctly! (currently states Gabon but wrong way for that!)
  2. Been having some work done on them while in Poole lately seen lots of engineer vans on quayside Think sailing pictured the other day was also a see trial. Lots of weather cancellations so plenty of time to do it! Good excuse for a Berthing trial. Never know a C I to cherbourg run en route back to UK? Who knows. Usual sea trails only around the Dorset coast.
  3. Looks like Pont Aven is sheltering in Poole Bay.
  4. DorsetWillsy

    New Look Revealed

    If Green represents the environment, I wonder if they will put the new logo on the funnel of the smoky MN Pelican! More white always looks smart after a overhaul, but it starts to show the rust soonest. Seeing the Barfleur everyday at work, she definitely looks more rusty this season that past seasons, I wonder if paint applied in the low minus temperatures in Gdansk last winter stopped it bonding properly?
  5. DorsetWillsy

    New Look Revealed

    I just won a pen and cards and notepad winning the quiz on the Cap Finistre the other day ... ๐Ÿ˜‚ now il have to buy a new set or try another quiz ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Must say do prefer the old but itโ€™s not too dramatic change . Better than condors circus ribbions anyways ....
  6. I suppose in theory it would take traffic out of the city centre , but on my first visit there a few weeks ago looked like a good central spot , although the roads in looked a tad busy .
  7. Yes . Although looks like a few new buses have been brought . One is still Bournemouth yellow buses yellow !
  8. I know one signed off work until heโ€™s able to go back not sure which one
  9. For Poole a new captain must do at least 40 trips with a pilot before they are able to do a PEC . However not all captains do this if they are only here for short periods or covering other captains on the route , which is happening at the moment .
  10. Yes that fine . Thought I replied ages ago but must have forgotten to submit reply !
  11. https://www.facebook.com/groups/218502134981852/permalink/1069002193265171/ A few photos I took this morning of dolphins playing with the Barfleur ! Put a video on the Poole harbour port and history group on Facebook if anyone wants to see , too large to upload onto here apparently !
  12. Good Morning Few of the Barfleurs morning arrivial at Poole pilot boarding station . Hopefully sun is here to stay !
  13. Ok , il probably be wrapped up in my parka !
  14. Cheers ๐Ÿ‘ il wave tomorrow from if I see you in the binoโ€™s !
  15. A few of the Armorique In Poole from the pilot boat this morning . Off on her for a day trip tomorrow . Certainly looks big through the harbour
  16. Surprised they never had a route sooner , would imagine it would be a good freight route
  17. Try working at sea you get those showers for months on end personally I believe the brand should be kept and even increased , if you can attract more people better for business . For those of us who can't always afford full brand fare all the time is a nice alternative
  18. Interesting seeing the Ovation of the seas in sunny Cherbourg today . Busy with Barfleur , Oscar Wilde , NEX and her in . Interesting size comparison between NEX and the Ovatation....
  19. Sounds interesting , probably not that complicated a job and saves on steel
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