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  1. Does anyone know what's happening to the Star Fighter (ex Gardenia / European Endeavour)? AIS shows her anchored in Mumbai bay and she's showing on the last known owner's website under 'former vessels'. Dangerously close to Alang...
  2. Another venerable old stalwart looking like heading for the gas torch. Hengist is lying on her side in Greece after capsizing
  3. If we strip away any emotional involvement with this vessel and step outside then look back in objectively, isn't the bottom line that Condor promoted the Lib to potential customers as being able to sail in weather that the cats couldn't, thus improving the service offered? This clearly hasn't happened and as such people have become disillusioned with the service. My thoughts on the whole thing is Condor saw the Lib for sale at a rock bottom price (as it had been sat around doing nothing for a few years) and then tried to make the operating model fit the vessel instead of purchasing a vessel to fit the operating model. Buy cheap, buy twice
  4. Looks like Starfighter (ex Gardenia) is also on a course to transit Suez. Also Alang bound? With the reported sinking of BSP 3 in Indonesia last July, is that now the demise of all the pre - Darwin P&O / TT Dover Calais vessels?
  5. Pity the NPC won't be cost effective to fit scrubbers. Fastest ship on the straights and a brilliant sea keeper.
  6. Just looking at the lineage of this class, from Julia to the Olau twins & Val via Konigin Beatrix. How many of this 'family' (and it's evolution) were built?
  7. Pic of her on the beach on the Ship Pax Facebook page :-(
  8. AIS is showing her having transited the canal and at anchor in the Red Sea. Looking more and more like she's Alang bound.
  9. Took the Rheingold on a school trip to Stuttgart in 1986, definitely a worthwhile journey. A load of excitable 14 year olds spending 9 hours on a train with a beer trolley going up and down every half hour. went over on the Konigen Beatrix, and back on the St. Nick
  10. Aside from the maintained channel (and not withstanding how sticky the mud on the bottom is), you could walk across Poole Harbour at low tide
  11. Instead of squaring them off, why couldn't they taper the forward section they added to make a similar (but bigger) profile to the origional
  12. Looking at the warping on her plates and ribs I'd imagine total the breakers is the only place for her too. The ribs on the open deck where the heat could dissipate were pretty warped on that video, so I'd shudder to think what the ones below deck that had more intense heat look like.
  13. Re: Brittany Ferries to operate the Norman Voyager to Le Havre & Santander As did I a few times And quoted this very vessel
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