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  1. The crew / on board cleaners strip the beds and put fresh bedding in each cabin, then cleaners come on board and clean cabins and make beds , and clean rest of boat . Obviously there is a fast turnaround so cabins are being done whilst the boat is loading so cabins might not be ready until the boat departs , the cleaners get off before the boat leaves !
  2. Not this side of summer she’s very busy some crossings are fully booked !
  3. Barfleur last night 24/07/17 just docking !
  4. The seats are very comfortable and have a built in reading light and the coffee is good , they are also very popular and are booked up! This area can only be entered by using you're ticket to enter ( if you've paid )
  5. Barfleur docking and self - service pictures including new seating area Barfleur Club Lounge.
  6. We had to wait outside St. Peter port on Saturday until the tide came in a bit .
  7. Happy Christmas and New Year , hope you have many crossings next year ! Our Christmas is special this year as our first Grand child was born in September ! A few pictures from my ferry adventures in 2015
  8. Looks very nice ! I will be at haven on Friday night and on the 1st Poole cherbourg crossing on Saturday as I was on the last one a few months back ! I will post some pictures to the BFE Twitter feed on Saturday !!
  9. Re: Vegetarian food in France Yum yum !
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