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  1. Certainly seems to have been given a bit of attention since 2016 - was it nearly 4 years ago that I used it? Time flys!
  2. Pont Aven last weekend - a deck hand was explaining to each driver exactly how to turn off interior motion sensor & lift/jack alarm (2 separate buttons on my car). Impressive knowledge.
  3. The food selection will depend on how busy the sailing is. If it is very quiet, they won't put on the buffet, there'll be a bistro menu of starters, mains and desserts.s That's not very likely, though, during summer. the next possibility is buffet plus mains (with options to have just the starter & dessert buffets, or starter buffet + main, or main + dessert buffet, as well as the full 4 courses). Finally, you may get the full menu, with buffet and chef-prepared starters & desserts, which will be very similar to Pont-Aven or Bretagne evening sailings. It's almost always very good, the
  4. Makes sense - look at what happened to BF after Sterling plunged in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis. Whichever side one takes in the referendum, it is clear that the effects will spread far beyond the shores of the UK.
  5. There is (or at least was) a link to click on in the "Enjoy your crossing..." email which is sent out a few days before departure for Spanish crossings, for club members as well as those making inclusive holiday bookings.
  6. If you're a club member, you should get an email enabling you to pre-book the restaurant on Cap Finistere and Pont-Aven.
  7. The Cafe at the terminal in Ouistreham opens at 06:45.
  8. It's actually horrendous. The worst BF conversion, visually, by far. But, c'est la vie, it's not a real problem, in the general scheme of things. And like being inside a very ugly building, less of a problem when you're on board.
  9. The cabin was fine in all respects. It made quite an impression on my companions.
  10. The cost of installing scrubbers versus running of diesel or even converting to LNG is, of course, a judgement to be made by operators. If the decision is not so clear-cut now, due to currently low fuel prices, it's a new lease of life for Bretagne, at least. But cutting sulphur emissions is unarguably a good thing, for both the environment and the future of the ferry industry.
  11. Was travelling with family this week, so we treated ourselves to a daytime Commodore cabin on Bretagne. I showed my companions the Commodore lounge, we were alone in there. It's a forgotten facility, it seems, not least by BF. Not advertised, and could do with a little wash and brush up (particularly the ceiling tiles). My party weren't particularly concerned about providing refreshments in there (after all, they're provided in the actual cabins), but suggested more could be made of it - a library, games (Scrabble, etc), newspapers, for example.
  12. 10€ per day, if I remember correctly. Come off the roundabout as if you're heading for the vehicle check-in, then take an immediate sharp right turn.
  13. There is a waiting period, when your post is checked, after first joining Trip Advisor.
  14. You'd thing that fixing toilets, replacing light bulbs, dealing with broken curtain fittings, keeping things clean, etc, would be essential, and seen as necessary running costs, for any company which saw itself as providing a "premium" service. These problems can have an extremely detrimental effect of perceptions of the service. One summer season would be enough to taint substantially BF's hard-won reputation as a high quality operator. They really do need to keep on top of these things. BF, you would seem to have lost an opportunity (during Bretagne's winter break) to address the proble
  15. It's a shame that this is happening to her at the end of her life, but also short-sighted by BF, in my opinion. Passenger numbers are growing, and will likely grow more this year due to the weakness of the Euro - these new and returning passengers should get a service which persuades them to become regulars, join the travel club, etc.
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