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  1. Looks like I won't be going to Le Mans this year then. I had an economy ticket so no refund either. 😞
  2. https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/offers/ferry/pay-now-save-231219 Certainly interesting if it does.
  3. Personally, I'm not concerned so much about dury frees and such like as actually entering and leavig EU countries such as France. What are the new rules and procedures going to be? Will people need visas, ETIAS waivers etc?
  4. `Do you think they'll have the passenger tower replaced by June? Might be headed out via PIP that month.
  5. I'd better check before I book, then.
  6. If I remember rightly you only pay the cost of one occupant instead of the full rate. Certainly makes a higher-end cabin more attractive.
  7. Quick question. If I was going to get an upgrade to a single berth after boarding is there any choice of cabins, or is it just whatever they allocate?
  8. It doesn't look dissimilar to the structure used by SNCF which is easy enough to navigate. Affordability might be an issue for people having to stump up full economy fares in advance. Does this mean economy fares will be cheaper than they currently are?
  9. It's a workable solution, granted. It does the job and that's fine as far as it goes. But the gangway is often a cause for complaint among us footies.
  10. It's the foot passenger gangway that bothers me. It looks awful, it's a nightmare with heavy luggage (going up or down) and looks like it should have been removed twenty years ago.
  11. Lucky for me I'm going over to Ouistreham on the morning of the 7th.
  12. I'll grab one in the bar and one in the cafe then. That should last me the twelve days or so that I'm over there.
  13. Just a quick question about baccy and ciggies on sailings. Are cigarettes and tobacco still sold cheaper in the bars and cafes? And how much for a pouch or pack of smokes?
  14. Do we have any idea when the new one will open?
  15. Pilgrim

    New Premier Inn

    Edifice? Orifice, more like. Anyway, the Premier Inn beside Portsmouth and Southsea railway station is a nice enough place for a night as well.
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