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  1. On friday afternoon, there were certainly quite a few groups of (presumably) potential migrants (maybe about 50 men? hard to estimate) milling about on the square by the approach roads/car park. Lots of gendarmes. nothing Particuarly threatening for us in a smallish passenger car, though one man did try and open the tailgate of a VW people carrier in front of us.
  2. It astonishes me that something so large and complex to build will go from that state to "in service" in under a year.
  3. Re: Normandie's missing a bit I saw this very thing on the monday 21st/tuesday 22nd overnight crossing - was surprised to see lorries that high up and reckoned it must have been scary for the drivers being so far forward on embarking that they must have lost sight of the deck before being stopped....
  4. Re: The cost of changing fuel from 2015 The automotive sector has been subject to several rounds of mandatory emissions quality improvements via the "Euro" series of specifications over the last 20 years, Leading up to the recent proposal to ban cars that don't meet Euro 4(petrol) or Euro 6(Diesel) or better from central London. (Lorries that don't comply are already banned). If you're not happy about restrictions being placed on the shipping sector then fine, but don't pretend that it's being scapegoated over other transport sectors.
  5. Re: Barfleur new season (2014) Shutdown and restart on each engine in turn, I would think. or possibly testing each engine at wide-open-throttle. both startup and (for lack of knowing the nautical term) flooring diesel engines tend to give off a lot of soot.
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