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  1. I have seen porpoises / dolphins in Portsmouth Harbour. Real ones. Perhaps the port could offer cheaper parking to visit as the car park is extortionate...
  2. We have had very few winter storms so far".......... looks fairly chunky!!
  3. The Cap is the better sea boat and probably feels less busy. I also think the berths on the Pont (unless you are paying for deluxe or better) - are poor. The Baie was a popular boat on her runs to Denmark. As a good night's sleep is my preference to listening to a band for a few hours or playing bingo...
  4. Arrival time in port and the resultant travel time left? So if you arrive in Caen at 6.30 am you can share the driving and push on, similarly arriving in St.Malo around 8.30 you have all day to get somewhere? Many Gites don't want you turning up past 6pm from my experience,... also Portsmouth doesn't allow arrivals much before 6am so the earliest you are going to get a ferry away is 7.30 if it has arrived from somewhere else. With a realistic local arrival time of 14.00 that doesn't leave very long. If you ran a night boat to Cherbourg what would be the point, you could be that much furthe
  5. Not a BA aircraft, but a South African 737 of Comair operating as a BA Franchise.... I am sur Martin Louw would not be very happy with you describing him as not having a clue.... clip here Landing aborted due to wind sheer being experienced....
  6. So the Mail ship has further reprieve, too. I wonder if Comair (The BA franchise) will go for it or not. I am guessing it is a long diversion if there is wind sheer...
  7. Well we tend to turn up around 30 mins before departure at the checkin booth and have always had an easy time. Only time we have to hang around is when we turn up early.....
  8. ac freeman. You have to keep an eye out on the Virgin trains web site. There is a flash sale on at the moment and it was offering me 1st class from King's cross to Aberdeen..... you have to click the sale fares link otherwise it does not always show you the sale fares.... This link will work until tonight...https://www.virgintrainseastcoast.com/special-offers/deals/new-year-offer/
  9. Includes an engine room visit of a cruise ship?? Did they mean a cruise ferry?
  10. BF did offer one last year and I posted about it. The advert was in French..... http://bfenthusiasts.com/forum/forum/brittany-ferries-forums/the-news-board/261957-possibility-of-behind-the-scenes-on-the-mighty-mont-st-michael
  11. Yes, but a long time ago now. 1991 on the Duc. They do still happen tho' as I have a French friend who lives near St. Malo and he has posted recent pictures of a bridge and Engine room visit on the Bretagne.... might be worth a letter to Customer Services...
  12. The PO ferry pride of Kent was fitted with scrubbers...... not sure if they were removed? As regards the Bretagne, as long as she is safe Then long may she continue tho' her loading and unloading can be painful....
  13. Oban, particularly in good light and dolphins playing around - as it was in October! Dieppe -inner harbour, St. Malo, and St. Mary's on the Isles of Scilly.
  14. I was in Mull in October. Fabulous!! Tried all the ferries out too! Found the Isle of Mull like a mini old fashioned cross channel ship in many ways. Glad to see she was built here! One important thing to note is the introduction of the RET -Road equivalent tariff, which has seen the cost on many routes halve. Thanks for posting
  15. http://www.mdlmarinas.co.uk/events/st-malo Yes a steak should be available in the self service but my experience of it has been very mixed, from excellent to not good at all. Gammon was good recently.
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