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  1. My favourite restaurant in Plymouth is The Thai House on Notte Street. It is just under 10 minutes walk from the Jurys Inn. It is quite small but the food is excellent.
  2. Haha yes it was! You were on the same crossing too I take it? The return journey was supposed to be on the 8th October but it was cancelled because the route closed so only the one way on this route, got diverted via Ijmuiden.
  3. You can see the black smoke from the funnels where they are starting up the engines to get the ship under control. Looks like they reacted pretty quickly to the situation and averted any potential collisions.
  4. This is one I took in July. Different angle from the picture above of how it is now, but as you say apart from the exhaust tubes it looks exactly the same.
  5. Pont is the only one that makes those kind of noises and I don't think it's just on rougher crossings, it seems to happen every time I sail on her. Not sure what causes it though, can't work it out.
  6. Extensive modifications would have to be made to the hull. Usually deadweight issues are resolved by cutting the hull in two and adding a new section inbetween the two halves to increase the hull capacity. This requires a lot of work and could also cause stability issues. Not an issue that can be resolved easily.
  7. What about the other linkspan, the one LD Lines used. Is this the same as the one BF use because LD used Etretats sister ship without any modifications I believe.
  8. On all ferry companies I have travelled with you can book a cabin onboard so Condor should be the same as long as one is availiable. You could contact Condor now though as ammendment fees dont usually apply if you want to add a cabin to the booking.
  9. She certainly is. I would say better than some of the non economie fleet like Armorique and Normandie.
  10. Thanks for the replies, I found the relevant part in the link skipcool Q3: In the case of a multi-leg itinerary, how is the distance calculated to determine the length of the ‘flight’? A3: The regulation states that the relevant distance is calculated on the basis of the ‘last destination at which the denial of boarding or cancellation will delay the passenger’s arrival after the scheduled time’. In other words, the relevant distance is calculated up to the point where the passenger ‘catches up’ with the original itinerary, if at all. As I booked the two legs as one journey on the same ticket, I should be able to claim for the higher compensaton amount of the combined flights distance.
  11. I know people on here are good with this sort of thing. Last month I had my flight from Budapest to Brussels cancelled due to a fault with the plane just before take off. I was delayed by about 18 hours so am entitled to compensation. The amount of compensation depends on the distance of the flight. Budapest to Brussels is less than 1500km so that means €250. However, I missed my connection from Brussels to Bristol and the total distance from Budapest to Bristol is over 1500km and flights over this amount get €400 compensation. The information does not say if you get compensation for just the flight that was cancelled or for the whole journey. Both flights were with the same airline.
  12. I don't think she is needed during the winter. She is mainly used to provide extra capacity during the busiest months so the extra sailings she provides are not really needed in the winter.
  13. These types of things only emit a small amount of alpha radiation and can only be picked up when the geiger counter is quite close maybe 30cm so I wouldn't have thought these would set off a radiation alarm. Something emitting beta or gamma radiation would be more likely to set off an alarm as these types of radiation can travel futher, beta up to 2 metres and gamma futher again so this would be more likely. I can't think what the source of this radiation could be though.
  14. The Immingham route no longer carries passengers. When my Esbjerg - Harwich crossing was cancelled I tried to change to Esbjerg - Immingham but was told that from September 2014 they would no longer accept passengers on freight routes.
  15. I've got european breakdown with swiftcover for my 13 year old car. They helped get a mechanic to me when I was stuck miles from anywhere in Iceland. The cover was cheaper than what the callout charge would have been so definitely worth it. Also, they were the only company that actually cover Iceland.
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