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  1. The passengers and some freight drivers were put on the red jet and taken
  2. Seen the kestrel full of scooters and cars over the bank holiday weekend recently when 2 raptors were out with faults surprising how much they could get on her
  3. Just noticed Wight sky is in Falmouth
  4. Had to go Wightlink Yarmouth yesterday even tho I wanted Southampton but all on time to the minute and a nice drive through the new forest
  5. Went on Clare and vow last week very efficient loading and unloading amazing how quick it is with the upper loading .noticed faith was flat loading then ..went on red funnel and there was a notice stating capacity at 73% so that could be the reason faith is flat loading
  6. 2 boat service next week as well don’t know which 2 tho
  7. I think you are right ..also freight only = minimum crew
  8. It has been confirmed that she is doing freight sailings to back up st Clare whilst vow is out
  9. She went into Pompey then fishbourne then Pompey..and the question is did she do a run with traffic.?
  10. Hi I was looking at posts on shearwater hydrofoils... I have attached a picture of NORTH OWL I believe the Ex Shearwater 2 after conversion to a crew boat.... I worked on her on the Clyde for Offshore Workboats Ltd.. Sometime mid 78 (IF MY MEMORY IS WORKING) She was loaded onto a ship(Ramagie shipping Caroline!!?) as deck Cargo for Gib and then sailed to Greece where she was wrecked on a reef........She was refitted with 2 x Cummins engines..Her party trick was when going from full ahead to slow astern anyone up forward and not holding on went over the side..Mainly used at Kishorn and Ardyne Oil Construction Yards as crew transfer...She also done a bit of Pilot Launch work at Liverpool..

    Unfortunately thats the only picture I have of her now. Best regards Kevan.


  11. The service operated at the moment is the minimum needed to maintain a lifeline service there are subsidies in place to pay for it
  12. Rest assured that if you see our Island ferries out and about on the Solent – they are maintaining ONLY lifeline supply routes to and from the Isle of Wight – but all three ferry operators do need to ensure that their vessels and staff remain in tip top condition. So, you might see a number of movements of all vessels from Hovertravel Ltd, Red Funnel Isle of Wight Ferry or Wightlink Isle of Wight Ferries, in the coming days and weeks performing training for their colleagues, drills and as part of maintenance regimes. Our ferries are ensuring that we get essential supplies, medicatio
  13. In the news it says we are short of firefighters on the island because of self isolating and they are doing 24 hour shifts instead of 12 hour ones so not so much moving around of people to minimise risk ..so they could do that ....
  14. Now Wight Ryder 1 is getting the same treatment
  15. Wight Ryder 2 out today for a battery charge amongst other things
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