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  1. https://www.islandecho.co.uk/wightlink-passengers-car-window-smashed-as-firefighting-equipment-breaks-free/
  2. Takes 20 mins each day to check a lorry over to make it safe to drive and fill the paperwork in so I hope they spend an hour on a big boat .if not might explain all the cancellations.if it doesn’t take that long why didn’t they do what addicat said and maintain timetable
  3. Takes more than an hour to get Clare ready to go ..so probably no one wants to extend an already long shift and I doubt any firm will,pay overtime if not needed..
  4. Wight light just went from Pompey to gurnard and back ..wonder if they are testing a new engine or repair
  5. Probably swapping vow for st Clare
  6. Red eagle holding off of cowes 2100
  7. Vow has left fishbourne
  8. Red osprey will run at 9 am from Southampton..captain let people shelter on there all night and have given refreshments to all free so well done captain
  9. Vow still at fishbourne..
  10. No more ferries now apart from Wight Ryder 2 till 8 am Sunday will vow have to stay in fishbourne.?
  11. Vow has pulled out to allow st faith to dock
  12. Docking at fishbourne after waiting for st faith to come out
  13. Seems to be going back to fishbourne
  14. Vow unable to get into Portsmouth and turned round
  15. Vow is out just st faith and Wight Ryder 2 left now
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