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  1. Makes sense now as st faith is going to Portsmouth in 5 days time and if she has a engine out then will take longer to cross ..I think st Clare is going for refit
  2. You can’t book the freight ferry as tried so had to use the 7 am but wasn’t full ..think they just want to get the light out of the way of the bigger boats so load a few lorries and go ..guess traffic is busy from Portsmouth early morning
  3. Have to wait and see which vessels they use as Yarmouth has a 2 boat timetable in operation..seems to take a long time to rebuild engines red eagle has been out over 2 months.and the faith not far behind
  4. They will have to adhere to the regs ..Limited number of crew or hazard load means no more than 12 passengers
  5. It says freight only so I guess it means no cars
  6. Noticed they are running freight only sailings as well ..must be a reason
  7. Think they use the launch normally
  8. Goes lopsided think they need to train someone over here to fix it as soon as someone comes from Portsmouth it’s quickly fixed
  9. Vow stuck at fishbourne link span not working
  10. Crew work from lymington and ferries are not busy today and you can’t make people work overtime so that could be a good reason
  11. Wight light going to Portsmouth and probaly sun going to lymington
  12. eagleeye

    St Faith

    And only 8 knots ..destination Southampton so must be something to keep her out of service over xmas and new year as Wight sun is in service during Xmas and new year on Portsmouth route
  13. eagleeye

    St Faith

    She appears to have a Southampton tug with her on the journey not sure why
  14. So just 2 boats running again Clare and sky totally unacceptable
  15. What is hard to understand is the sun sat around doing nothing whilst two ferries are broken and one in dock ..people of the iow are sick to death of this incompetence as it impacts into no fresh product in supermarkets to missed hospital appointment s .missed flights .school colleges and the list goes on and on .maybe Wightlink are in favour of a fixed link as they are doing a great job so far of promoting it
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