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  1. Assuming red kestrel is still attached to the tug they have arrived at red funnel
  2. Vts Now has red kestrel at 7.30 and willpower at 8.00 through needles
  3. Ah yes but the red kestrel is coming in at 2 am so that should be interesting 😂
  4. Cheers Tony. I have been too busy to look lately 😀
  5. They won’t waste the valuable freight space on cars they will just stick them on car ferries ..
  6. There are problems with her just wondered what they were
  7. Does anyone know what is wrong with Wight Ryder 2 as she is now out till May 1st
  8. Watched a artic petrol tanker go on the last lymington sailing last night ..so the freight boat will be a godsend for these and other hazardous loads as passengers are extremely limited on these sailings and means that hazardous loads can go on many sailings instead of being restricted to one overnight
  9. eagleeye

    St Faith

    Might be testing a repair
  10. Having been on overnight sailings I can see why they need it..also turnarounds on the raptors could be reduced if they don’t have to mess about dropping trailers which has to done one at a time (h+s) also only 5 crew instead of up to 20 .so instead of 2 raptors running overnight with empty car decks one raptor and freight boat .
  11. This ship will make a huge difference to mon and fri car ferries and early morning freight runs by taking 12 trailers off of a raptor means they can potentially carry 60 plus more cars as they could use mezzanine decks ..also freight boat only need 5 crew whereas a raptor has up to 20 crew .so night time freight runs could get a raptor tied up at night .
  12. She will be departing Birkenhead this week for Southampton..
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