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  1. As expected red eagle pulled from service and to go into dry dock ..winter service coming in 3 weeks early so a 2 boat service till next March .apart from Xmas ..lucky they have red kestrel to take the pressure off
  2. Well it looks like the red eagles gear linkage in one of her voith props has been damaged when the anchor came off so she is out of service now for repairs which could be quite a while
  3. It says that Wight light is going back to yarmouth at 00.01 hours ..on vts but probably not right
  4. She has returned to service
  5. Wightlink have more boats in Southampton than red funnel both the light and the sky are there
  6. I wonder if the environment charge to drive through Portsmouth has brought this idea about as I was thinking myself to go this way if it comes in
  7. Hopefully will have fixed the problems by then because there is only 1 boat running at times because of various issues .
  8. 18 mins for the fast cats ..22 mins for the Ryder’s ..obviously Ryder’s use a lot less fuel .
  9. Always buy graces on the island they are very good
  10. Used it yesterday and thought how quick it all was check in was very quick got there 4.25 for 5 pm sailing. ferries all running full turned vow round in 20 mins even tho full of vehicles. loads of seats available .the double deck loading was brilliant ..the vow is a nice ship and I hope they get another one for once I was impressed with the service.
  11. I believe Wight light is Not operational..and hasn’t moved for ages
  12. Noticed she is in service with her sisters
  13. Noticed she is in service with her sisters
  14. eagleeye

    St Anton

    She is back in service for a month in November whilst linkspan is repaired in Yarmouth
  15. Caused the normal gridlock over here lol
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