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  1. Always buy graces on the island they are very good
  2. Used it yesterday and thought how quick it all was check in was very quick got there 4.25 for 5 pm sailing. ferries all running full turned vow round in 20 mins even tho full of vehicles. loads of seats available .the double deck loading was brilliant ..the vow is a nice ship and I hope they get another one for once I was impressed with the service.
  3. I believe Wight light is Not operational..and hasn’t moved for ages
  4. Noticed she is in service with her sisters
  5. Noticed she is in service with her sisters
  6. eagleeye

    St Anton

    She is back in service for a month in November whilst linkspan is repaired in Yarmouth
  7. Caused the normal gridlock over here lol
  8. If they take the engines out of the light and put in the sun they got two boats ..which they might of done as the sun is running in these very high winds 😂
  9. Paid 62.50 for day return from fishbourne to Pompey day return Monday car and 1 ....work paid for it
  10. We rarely go off the island now as it just isn’t worth the expense .when we go to Gatwick use a taxi at about £120 return as cost of taking car over and airport parking has priced itself out.
  11. Only Monday and Friday are premium days now
  12. Only one out of three running again today
  13. Why are these two ships broken .its prime time on the ferries and all I see all over the media is complaints
  14. Propellor fell off ages ago been an hourly service whilst waiting to go on the ship lift .probaly won’t take long but the waiting was the long bit
  15. Back on the run today and up to speed so looks like all fixed
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