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  1. She is off Santander at the moment ..
  2. Any idea of how many crew are needed for this journey.and where do they sleep etc
  3. And she is off bang on time 10.00 am
  4. eagleeye

    Wight sun

    It’s Wight light that’s not moved for ages ..most people won’t pay £200 + for a crossing with a car so extra ferry not needed ..even I don’t go to England if I can help it and the odd time I do go I have red funnel .ferry companies need to remember that wages are minimum over here
  5. Just keep the life jackets on around the bay of biscay....
  6. Thurs 10.00 am is the latest
  7. Must be cheaper to do the work here
  8. One of the routes is between Cozumel and playa del carmen ..quite funny as they have a brass band playing on their crossings which are quite rough ..so you need good sea legs
  9. She was in service Sunday as lots of extra trailers for festival coming over
  10. And hey presto ..here they are
  11. Only 3 boats running festival weekend so she may still go ..festival not so busy this year
  12. Apparently she is not built with ballast tanks .so loadinghas to be done right ..
  13. She is on the timetable and had vehicles on earlier
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