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  1. eagleeye

    Fire on Wight Sky

    The engine was only 16 days old a brand new one installed by the engine manufacturers
  2. eagleeye

    St Faith

    Looks like it’s gone ..makes sense to get rid of it ..as vow and Clare can take a lot of cars without mezz decks ..
  3. eagleeye

    St Faith

    There has to be something in the pipeline to match red funnel s new freight ship .there are an increasing number of double deck lorries on the island.not sure which of Wightlink’s ships can accommodate these .
  4. eagleeye

    St Faith

    The only way to increase the height of the car deck is to remove one of the mezzanine decks completely..
  5. eagleeye

    St Faith

    And to increase height for bigger lorries .so the faith lives on for a while ....she should be able to take the double deck lorries that vow can take which would of caused problems when vow is out of service..
  6. eagleeye

    Portsmouth Harbour - Barriers Installed

    They only way of doing this is too split the platform with a fence .right hand for ferries and left for trains as a lot of people that use the cat have multilink or season tickets
  7. eagleeye

    (Yet) Another Red funnel crash

  8. eagleeye

    HOVERTRAVEL: New Hovercraft

    They are at Southampton and not usable by hover travel
  9. eagleeye

    St Helen

    That was where the anchor was
  10. eagleeye

    St Helen

  11. eagleeye

    (Yet) Another Red funnel crash

    Red falcon leaving for Falmouth shortly
  12. eagleeye

    Fire reported on Wight sky

    I think they are swapping sky for light this morning
  13. eagleeye

    St Helen

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5bfeOAwUCQI&feature=youtu.be. One of the old girls battling big waves.. never saw that in the Solent ..think gb conte ex st Catherine has been holed and anchor ripped off a few days ago with a collision with the sea wall ....
  14. eagleeye

    Fire reported on Wight sky

    Engine problems on Wight light so only Wight sun left to run the route as Wight sky still in Southampton
  15. eagleeye

    New cowes floating bridge

    Floating bridge out of service with a broke prow wire till next week