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  1. So just 2 boats running again Clare and sky totally unacceptable
  2. What is hard to understand is the sun sat around doing nothing whilst two ferries are broken and one in dock ..people of the iow are sick to death of this incompetence as it impacts into no fresh product in supermarkets to missed hospital appointment s .missed flights .school colleges and the list goes on and on .maybe Wightlink are in favour of a fixed link as they are doing a great job so far of promoting it
  3. 2 hour delays to people’s sailings hope she is in tomorrow
  4. Lol no on way back to Southampton as only one required for dead tow
  5. Red eagle off to Falmouth with two tugs at the moment so finally she is going to be fixed ..
  6. Thanks Tony info on there is good .
  7. Notice Prince of Wales is off the Isle of Wight..is she coming into Portsmouth.?
  8. Also no 3 rd boat over Xmas now ..don’t know why could be related to the problems or just making use of red kestrel
  9. Next departure listed is 18 November that is a big delay as it’s been going on weeks now
  10. Linkspan failure at fishbourne..so nothing moving for last 2 hours
  11. eagleeye

    St Faith

    See she is off bembridge so must be on her way
  12. They could tow it behind vow 😂😂
  13. No Wight sun tomorrow as not enough crew to man her
  14. If you type in Isle of Wight observer in google it tells you in there why the vow was out of service I struggle to paste a link but it is easy to find
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