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  1. The highest speed I saw was 17.6 knots.not sure what the carisbrooke castle of red funnel could muster only that she held the record of 36 mins if memory serves me right from Southampton to cowes
  2. Vow is going over 17 knots towards the needles I don’t think I have ever seen an iow ferry go that quick before
  3. st Clare and red falcon going to Falmouth together by the looks of it ..
  4. They are saying 60 breakdowns so far
  5. Ferries are full to their reduced capacity today ....already there is a webcam at red funnel never seen it this busy since summer
  6. First day for a 3 ship timetable is 21st December and don’t forget both vic and Clare will need refit in jan feb
  7. She is on the xmas timetable but at the moment anything can happen
  8. St faith back to Portsmouth tonight
  9. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:share:6736347557133357056.
  10. https://www.islandecho.co.uk/next-stop-ryde-st-johns-new-trains-roll-down-the-line/ I know this is a site for ferries but seems a lot of interest and is sort of linked as they run from Ryde pier
  11. Went to sandown station trains were together and will be moved to Ryde somewhen to make room for the next ones coming
  12. Took about 90 mins to get the train to sandown I was stuck in the traffic jam but a few short cuts and managed to get to the front and see it in lake
  13. https://www.islandecho.co.uk/first-new-train-for-island-line-arrives-on-the-isle-of-wight/
  14. Probably due to loading the new train that came over to the island on it ..but that is a guess
  15. Either way, all three docks are occupied! So she won't be going anywhere until one becomes free. Red eagle supposedly out on thurs
  16. St Faith is going into dock 3 .Red eagle is in dock4
  17. Looks like she is visiting more cruise ships off of Torquay
  18. Factor in less cars less passengers less weight means cheaper crossings ...because less crew ..less fuel ⛽️ faster turnaround ..also I reckon they were knackered and needed money spent on them ..since they got rid of the fuel storage depot over here there is a bigger demand for hazard loads so may be used more as a freight boat like the kestrel but with the advantage that she can be used as both ..
  19. After a sleepover with the cruise ships looks like she is on the move
  20. She appears to of turned round and is heading east
  21. Also I believe she can carry those double deck artics now as well unlike the Clare so when vow is out they still have ferry that can take them
  22. I don’t think they used it as every time I saw her in service she was flat loaded ..
  23. She has had her other mezzanine deck removed last week
  24. St faith only doing 3 knots off Portland so must be rough down there ..on her way to Falmouth
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