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  1. Wight light just went from Pompey to gurnard and back ..wonder if they are testing a new engine or repair
  2. Probably swapping vow for st Clare
  3. Red eagle holding off of cowes 2100
  4. Vow has left fishbourne
  5. Red osprey will run at 9 am from Southampton..captain let people shelter on there all night and have given refreshments to all free so well done captain
  6. Vow still at fishbourne..
  7. No more ferries now apart from Wight Ryder 2 till 8 am Sunday will vow have to stay in fishbourne.?
  8. Vow has pulled out to allow st faith to dock
  9. Docking at fishbourne after waiting for st faith to come out
  10. Seems to be going back to fishbourne
  11. Vow unable to get into Portsmouth and turned round
  12. Vow is out just st faith and Wight Ryder 2 left now
  13. No she gave up first and Red osprey is being pulled out as well and no red jets
  14. Red eagle now struggling at 8 knots.so will she stay in service
  15. Windy Saturday lol ..Yarmouth to lymington suspended ..red jet 1 boat service .hovercraft suspended ....
  16. Red 7 annual maintenance..red 6 blown engine according to person on it ..red 4 had a seal go but think that’s fixed now
  17. All 3 red jets not usable so no service ..red osprey goes back to Southampton to pick up 200 passengers from red jets ..red eagles engines are not powerful enough for her weight so struggling to keep to timetable and gets cancelled when winds are too strong ..so another interesting weekend coming up in what now seems to be normal weather
  18. Red osprey and st faith are running lol and of course the indestructible Wight Ryder 2 .dont know why red eagle isn’t running as she has had refit and a new voith in but the osprey and her toilet issues and overdue drydock is running ....
  19. Cancel last post just had the worst storm through I have ever seen and nothing running lol
  20. Both st faith and red osprey are in service red eagle loading so,looks like only vow.. and w class .and .red jets out of service now
  21. Only wightryder 2 running now .st faith is off service now
  22. No red funnel boats since about 4 this morning they moved the kestrel into empress dock
  23. Wight Ryder 2 is running now
  24. Only boat running today will be st faith ..vow pulled from 7 am and all the other services not running
  25. We do have codes for money off ferries if anyone needs them just ask ..mainly red funnel just paid £39 day return with car and up to 7 people ....Wightlink wanted £56
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